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  1. Hammer

    Star Trek Online

    My original toon was Klingon (I played STO on release just for the month I think), I am enjoying STO again so I'm in for a KDF fleet, he's 33 now I think.
  2. I doubt any of you will be familiar with MÃ¥negarm from Sweden, basically they fuse folk and metal (in this case blackened death metal) and the video is kinda cool.
  3. Supak@vargstenen - Fed Science Jhorel@vargstenen - Rom Tactical
  4. I never got to know you very well man, but take care and hope to see you around in future in SC at least.
  5. I went for the ghost world but I hope (and suspect it will happen) they all make it into the game universe.
  6. I took it to mean that it won't change any characteristics inasmuch as there are no enhancements in regards to weapon hardpoints, thrusters or power plant, only that the fuselage would be "stylistically" military. I think this gives them some wiggle-room in that they can either make it so that it is in effect military standard armour or just some add ons that are made of inferior materials and are little more than cosmetic but could give a small boost to base armour - or not. The ship profile will be different and I think they said the placement of some thrusters will (need to) be different. So I am thinking that the upgraded Hornet should (in theory at least) handle a little bit differently. Interestingly it was not stated whether the Hornet could be upgraded to nigh on full military specs in the PU.
  7. Every pirate in the universe will be making a bee-line for these, it will be like the new carribean aharr!
  8. You have no idea how helpful that is, my rig was built for me by a local company around 6 years ago, it was my first gaming rig, it has been a bloody nightmare to be honest! It runs stable during gaming but is as slow as hell (and it has been checked clear of malware/viruses etc - I have spent significant cash getting it independently checked too) so I will be looking for a new one for when SC comes out myself (alas being in the UK is going to prevent me from being a part of Payton's cool initiative). I have always had NVidia cards and I have definitely experienced weird sound issues last one was when my headset (which had happily worked for months on end) suddenly stopped working and nothing will work on front/rear ports, I had to buy a separate mini-sound thingie which uses a USB port and my headset works off of that quite happily. So I wonder if what you mention is responsible! Here:
  9. Thanks for that Striker, very interesting. So I am going to guess that a lot of the "reported issues" with new games really just boil down to outdated graphics cards then?
  10. I know I dodged a bullet with ME3, I loved the first 2 but much preferred the resource gathering of the 1st one, Great post Srtriker, not any surprise however, a massive amount of PC's are all but unique so attempting to cater for all of them is going to be way too expensive (in time alone) for any of the major (lets call them profit driven) companies, console games are much easier in that regard. The future for great PC games is almost certainly going to be via crowdfunding a la SC. However I do fear what will happen when the inevitable happens and some con artist just walks off with a boatload of free cash - hopefully I am just too cynical. We definitely need for the big boys to get a wake-up call instead of just forever trying to recreate what has gone before, I don't believe most folks actually want a "WOW killer" just something innovative, playable and fun. On that note it is such a shame about Defiance because that game has so much potential but it is doomed to remain unfulfilled.
  11. I think this is quite appropriate: