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  1. Space Engineers server is stable and doing great! Join us and let the Clang begin!

  2. Pick up Space Engineers and Medieval Engineers for 60% off over on @IndieGala this weekend! https://www.indiegala.com/store/product/medieval-engineers-and-space-engineers/59400
  3. The following link is a way to directly pay towards the cost of the server. Please help out if you can but we will try to maintain the server even without support. https://serverblend.com/my/grouppay.php?hash=11e46-f2318-a33fe-cfe98-fe082-097ca-1c
  4. Longfellow

    Support the Server

    So far its better and loaded. Will try it out and see how it preforms.
  5. Space Engineers server updated! Come join us and compete for prizes!


  6. Longfellow

    Current Dedicated Server

    The server is having issues with CPU overload. Currently looking for another server host to replace it to avoid this issue.
  7. 47th Legion Space Engineers Dedicated Server 24/7 @ Ip Updated 09/28/2017 -New World File
  8. This is GNN, bringing you today's headlines from across the galaxy. A new faction has been seen across Legion space and called Corruption. It is unknown if they will be hostile but it is recommended to rearm and prepare for defense of Imperial assets. In other news the Emperor has raised taxes on outlaying worlds again to support war efforts.
  9. 47th Legion Space Engineers Dedicated Server  24/7 @ Ip

    Don't own the game? We will supply select members in good standing to get a free copy!

  10. Longfellow

    47th Legion on Steam

    It's really just a mess without direct support. I can keep an eye on it to reply to questions if that is whats needed.
  11. Longfellow

    47th Legion on Steam

    Start using this again!
  12. Longfellow

    Smart Watches

    It's always chilly where ever the 47th marches on.
  13. Just got back from Northern Europe...damn it i want to stay home for a minute :P

    1. Stickman


      NO! No stopping! GO GO GO. Take it all in while you can haha

  14. Been to the US and back to Europe. Round trip of around 8k miles...

    1. Stickman


      Sounds like an awesome trip!

    2. ishKiia


      I agree with stickman.. I love to travel all over.. miss it so much.

  15. Longfellow

    Chronicles of Elyria

    Upgraded to Bloodlines!
  16. Longfellow

    Cat Humor

  17. Longfellow

    Cat Humor

  18. Longfellow

    The Skies - Post-Apocalyptic Sandbox MMO

    I checked it out again today, it has gotten a slight bit better and i just need clan members to play with to make it worth it.
  19. Longfellow

    Chronicles of Elyria

    I've pledged my arm and 90 USD
  20. Shame really seeing as the hackers will just avoid using ladders anyways. Watching the world burn around this game every patch....
  21. Longfellow

    Tom Clancy's The Division

    Well guess we know why its a 4 player co op and not a open world sandbox. Guess we picked a dud of a game to follow unless they really revamp the games netcode but knowing them i bet they just split it into PC only and the others play like they always have.
  22. Longfellow

    Chronicles of Elyria

    Already started to post on the forums. It has a possible future and i'd love to get into it sooner than later.
  23. Longfellow

    Chronicles of Elyria

    Looks like what i'd spend way too much time playing.
  24. Check it out today and its ***** *** *** **** *** know what i mean?