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Status Updates posted by Longfellow

  1. Space Engineers server is stable and doing great! Join us and let the Clang begin!

  2. Space Engineers server updated! Come join us and compete for prizes!


  3. 47th Legion Space Engineers Dedicated Server  24/7 @ Ip

    Don't own the game? We will supply select members in good standing to get a free copy!

  4. Just got back from Northern Europe...damn it i want to stay home for a minute :P

    1. Stickman


      NO! No stopping! GO GO GO. Take it all in while you can haha

  5. Been to the US and back to Europe. Round trip of around 8k miles...

    1. Stickman


      Sounds like an awesome trip!

    2. ishKiia


      I agree with stickman.. I love to travel all over.. miss it so much.

  6. Space Engineers Live Stream

  7. Space Engineers server rollback, corrupted files. Anything lost please inform me for admin support.

  8. Just rented a beefy Dedicated Server for the 47th Legion for around 70 USD a month. Assuming funding is coming in or not it will be paid to maintain the services it will grant us.

  9. Space Engineers & Ark servers are now online!

  10. 3rd Vex Attention! Now click and get ready for battle.

  11. Space Engineers & Ark Server are being installed and going online today!

  12. Only have until the 3rd for the Gear Up! raffle so make sure you get in touch with your leadership.

  13. Free Computer hardware: April = Solid State Drive!

  14. I've created a Patreon account to help support the dedicated servers. https://www.patreon.com/Longfellow

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    2. Campbell


      Unless he has extras going, the SE and Rust servers are ~5 euros each.

    3. Longfellow


      Arma 3 20, SE 5, Rust 5

    4. Striker


      I will cover the cost of the servers. I will get the first monthly installment tossed your way later this afternoon/evening.

  15. Space Engineers & Rust dedicated servers are currently online and ready for fun time!

  16. We have another 24/7 Dedicated Space Engineers Server! Just search for 47th Legion and join in the fun!

    1. Campbell


      Space or planets? As far as I know they haven't fixed the solar issues on planets, nor the vehicles/players falling through ice issues yet.

    2. Longfellow


      Planets and we tested a Car on Ice with no issues. Solar seems to work a this time.. :)


  17. I'll be broadcasting Sword Coast Legends on steam! Feel free to look me up as Ubersaint

    1. Destroy


      I am waiting for the story mode to release on the 29th. The DM building tools are pretty sweet.

  18. I demand 47th Legion Swag! What else am i to wear to CitizenCon?

  19. The Heathen Star: Faith and Credits - Danger lurks around every star system, and the crew is creeping ever forward towards destiny...

  20. The Heathen Star: Faith and Credits - Alternity RPG System - Campaign starting soon so join now!

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    2. Dragonsoul
    3. Longfellow


      Yup, working on flushing out the setting now for the website i use. But its ready to play whenever i get all the players who want to join done.


    4. Longfellow
  21. EmployBit - A Bitcoin employment system

  22. I now own Elite Dangerous!

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    2. Dralzen


      also wondering is it single player or online multiplayer.

    3. Striker


      From what I have heard from a friend it is pretty awesome. It is mainly singleplayer, but has an online co-op portion to it that actually works now.

    4. Lightfoot


      I do like it a lot.