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  1. Nadar

    War Thunder

    Hey Stickman - I'll see about getting my copy up-to-date....haven't played since last spring. This is a good weekend to play though as it is one of their golden eagle events http://warthunder.com/en/news/3502-special-golden-battles-this-sunday-en Good luck with grinding out a jet....unless things have changed dramatically, going thru tier 4 to get to tier 5 was the textbook definition of grind...surpassed only by the grind needed to actually get the enhancement modules for those tier 5 jets to make them competitive. But once upgraded, the jets are a lot of fun.
  2. I don't understand the belief that LEOs live under a different set of laws than the rest of us. Sure there are a few things specific to them due to the work they do and legislation the outlines their duties but in the vast majority of cases they are under the same laws as everyone else. And I really don't understand linking anything about the drug war or hyper-criminalization of low level drug offenses to them....as their name states, they enforce the law, they do not create it. Blame the drug war and hyper-criminalization on the <anti> leaders in DC...starting with Nixon and mishandled ever since. As for all of the cases recently in the news, I don't know what happened...and neither do you. I imagine some of the officers involved were in the wrong and I imagine some were in the right. I do know that every single news story that I have ever actually independently known the facts for has contained factual errors. And I have zero belief that the reporting for any of these incidents is any better - especially considering how mainstream media is more entertainment than news in many cases. As for the OP, keep in mind having an interaction on video is a two way street. In may help keep a 'bad' officer in line but it is also going to keep the 'citizen' from lodging false complaints since it is no longer merely a he said/she said situation. An a the article mentions, these 'upstanding citizens' are likely to be better behaved when they know they are on film so they are less likely to do something that requires the use of force. wrt BWCs, I think they are a great idea...primarily for the protection they'll afford the LEO. I'm actually working with BWC now...adding analytics to improve the value of the video captured for investigative purposes. So hopefully in the future, the captured video will be more than just a cya tool.
  3. The Imperial City DLC was released for PC. I haven't bought it yet as I'm still wrapping up the original content. Nice thing about it is that most of the dedicated PVP'rs seem to have moved to it which means I can get finish up the delves/skyshards in Cyrodiil without getting jumped.
  4. I'm not minding the vet level progression too much...am partway thru Caldwell's Gold and actually finding the progression too fast for the mobs I face. I like to complete everything in a zone and thus end up being a level or 2 above the mobs (e.g. am now v9 in the second main zone of Gold where the mobs are v7). The only real challenge is when I solo the public dungeons...while the mobs are still lower level than I, at least they make up for it in quantity....and the bosses are a bit more difficult. And I often go out of my way to avoid fighting world mobs unless I need to as part of the current quest (definitely no grinding). Also have only done 2 of the group dungeons in either Caldwell's....difficult to find anyone to group with. I'll periodically go thru each of the zones doing a zonal LFG but usually just get crickets for response. So for me at least, the progression is too fast for the zones. Does tend to make the action in Caldwell's a bit boring although I enjoy the storyline (and is great for crafters as there is little competition for resources - makes it a bit tough when you are slightly OCD and feel the need to harvest everything you come across). But a lot of people have complained about the vet progression so that is changing with the DLC coming out the end of Aug... 15% decrease in the amount of XP it takes to gain a Veteran Rank (will be 850K / level) 100% more XP for all public dungeons 50% more XP for all Veteran Rank quests 20% more XP in Craglorn
  5. Is anyone in the 47th still playing eso?
  6. Finally have a release time frame set for Oculus Rift..... http://www.pcworld.com/article/2918988/the-oculus-rift-consumer-model-will-launch-in-early-2016-after-valves-vr-headset.html
  7. I see Campbell received a reply from them...did everyone else that signed up get a response (as my question may imply, I haven't heard anything so wondering if my application actually made it to them)
  8. OK, thanks for the info. I signed up for the alpha as well
  9. Looks like it might be interesting. Were you able to find out how to actually buy early access? I go to the early access page but it appears to be a work in progress and doesn't have details on how much early access is nor how to actually buy it.
  10. Nadar

    War Thunder

    Winter events starting with WT. If you're interested in earning a free plane and/or tank, they'll be having daily tasks to complete. The event starts on the 25th of Dec (they don't specify time zone so that might be sometime today for those in NA). Details at: http://warthunder.com/en/news/2736-winter-holiday-special-number-one-en
  11. Nadar

    War Thunder

    Bump. Offer still stands concerning providing training and/or tips for flying in WT. Also on News, Gaijin announced that US tanks will be introduced with the next major patch (no ETA on that release though). Some info on the included tanks can be found at: http://warthunder.com/en/news/2588-steel-generals-premiere-ground-forces-of-the-usa-en NOTE: I won't be able to provide any useful tips/training for ground forces...haven't played them since the closed beta as I never really got hooked with them...strictly a flyboy in WT.
  12. I agree with Bealin. I backed at the Baron level and have access. Only played for about 30 minutes so far but was very happy with how well it ran considering it was pre-alpha. The graphics are excellent. Haven't tried any weapons yet as you don't start with anything and need to pay the archery master to use his bow at the range. You are supposed to be able to get a simple mission that will provide a bit of coin but I haven't gotten to that yet.
  13. Nadar

    War Thunder

    WT released the 1.43 patch. It added a number of new vehicles (gnd and air), a new air mode (racing), several new maps and a lot of fixes. The full list of changes is at http://devblog.warthunder.com/2014/10/09/1690/ I don't play gnd forces so I don't know how the patch really affected it. Air doesn't seem too much different. If anyone wants to give WT a try and hasn't played before (or has and wants some tips), ping me and I'll walk you thru the interface and provide some tips for getting started. I'd also be happy to squad up and fly some with you.
  14. Nadar

    War Thunder

    War Thunder ground forces are OBT! http://warthunder.com/en/news/587-Update-141---Ground-Forces-OBT-en
  15. Nadar

    War Thunder

    Access to the tanks closed beta is available....they are running an event this weekend - 10 wins & 50 kills (arcade) will grant you access to the CBT. The official notice is at http://warthunder.com/en/news/557-Ground-Forces-HQ-decisive-battle-en

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