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  1. What is your ubisoft handle again?
  2. If anyone is interested I can invite (3) Friends to the For Honor Closed Alpha. It starts tomorrow, and goes through the 18th. Let me know if you are interested.
  3. Can we use the Normandy to transfer into the new server? I thought at some point someone mentioned that accessing other servers is possible. If so, we could scrap that beast for materials.
  4. Oh, and they probably used a wall hack to find the core. It appears that the EAC anti cheat is a pretty crappy one.
  5. What kind of defense can he use? We were offline, with offline protection up. Seems pretty cut and dry.
  6. LDM has just destroyed the FOB. Not sure who they are, or where they are, but I feel like eliminating them would bee a good idea.
  7. The issue goes deeper than this. It's great that they are finally taking strong actions against current exploiters/cheaters/hackers. The problem is that they probably won't go back and punish people that have cheated in the past. Unless they do something about the extreme differences in gear level, acquired materials, credits, and DZ rank, the people that exploited in the past, while always be able to dominate the DZ over people that played the game normally...
  8. There is also a glitch that allows you to retrieve unlimited items from the rewards vendor... People are using it for crafting materials, and unlimited Phoenix Credits...
  9. So... I think I am going to just work on the PVE side with my alt character for a while... I am getting completely frustrated in what the state of this game is like.
  10. Read about a exploit that allows one to cheat their way through the incursion. Apparently one can beat it in 30 min or so on challenging without any spawns occurring...
  11. It would have been nice if the sets had a group bonus.
  12. Per the patch notes, all the recipes from the DZ6 vendor will be moved to the BoO, and sold for Phoenix credits. The Division Tech requirement will be removed for crafting. The DZ6 vendor will get new Blueprints that will be purchasable with DZ credits. These blueprints will be DZ level locked. I think they will be levels 50, 75, and 99.
  13. Note that the crafting costs will be doubled, the breakdown halved. Also note they are fixing an issue that occurs with "Logitech Peripherals" That may fix Cav's mouse issues.