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  1. If theres gonna be a group of us playing this game, then count me in, ive been excited for this game since it was anounced at E3.
  2. Hey Kotsuumo,happy birthday!

    1. Kotsuumo


      Thanks very much sir. :)

  3. Snowed and hailed earlier. Still had the A/C in the window...so I guess its time to remove it :P

  4. Wow, just wow. Ive seem a much less complete version of that...and just wow. I don't even think I could wrap my head around all those ships.
  5. 100+ fever the past 5 days...hasnt been to fun.

  6. I've been thinking and thinking, and with this being pretty much what everyone talks about anymore, I may way to be getting into this. But, being a poor person, I getta get into it at the cheapest price possible. But i also like having thins that i like the look of. And the only ship I like the look of is the Hornet, and there is no way I can sink that much money into a game just for a ship thats gonna get blown up. That being said, is there a cheaper way of getting the Hornet, or any ships? As it is Im still not sure I wanna pay 30 for the game for the base ship you get with it, but Im still no 100%. But the way things are going the days of Defiance are limited, and i don't wanna be left alone
  7. Im enjoying it. Its very nice.
  8. Thank you very much, Sir

  9. Hey Kotsuumo,


    Got your app and approved it. Stay tuned for more info; should have it out to you shortly!


    Welcome to the 47th :)