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  1. That's it folks! Trion has done it again! Time to bring out the tractor for these people to get their heads out of their asses! ArcheAge is/was a FLOP!

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    2. Nekuzar


      Archeage was on steam, and now is not anymore. Anybody who preordered on steam got screwed. I read the archeage forums.. A LOT of people are really angry for more reasons than that.

    3. Cavadus


      Dang, so all of the peeps who bought Archeage on Steam got completely hosed?

    4. Nekuzar


      One guy says that he bought a backer pack for 150 dollars more than 3 months before release or something like that. There has been some major discrepancies in the steam vs no steam, and the slow response from developers. He wanted a refund because he didn't get what he paid for. Well Triom said, "Well it's more than 3 months so... Yeah, you aren't getting your money back."