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  1. Long time no see guys. I’m hoping Defiance 2050 brings good things to the table. (I also signed up for the beta) 

  2. Come on with more racing!!! Woooo!!!

    1. Stickman


      I am right there with you.

  3. That's it folks! Trion has done it again! Time to bring out the tractor for these people to get their heads out of their asses! ArcheAge is/was a FLOP!

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    2. Nekuzar


      Archeage was on steam, and now is not anymore. Anybody who preordered on steam got screwed. I read the archeage forums.. A LOT of people are really angry for more reasons than that.

    3. Cavadus


      Dang, so all of the peeps who bought Archeage on Steam got completely hosed?

    4. Nekuzar


      One guy says that he bought a backer pack for 150 dollars more than 3 months before release or something like that. There has been some major discrepancies in the steam vs no steam, and the slow response from developers. He wanted a refund because he didn't get what he paid for. Well Triom said, "Well it's more than 3 months so... Yeah, you aren't getting your money back."

  4. I can't wait for Arena Commander to get patched up. Soon we can do private servers with friends only! Get prepared for training!

  5. Check out the 3rd vex discussion on SC in the Century Barracks. Tactical discussion!

  6. Please check out the century barracks for a new topic!

  7. I was just employed to work as an electrician in applied technology for PAE under the contract of NASA. I am going to be working at the Johnson Space Center. I am so excited!

    1. Destroy


      Congrats! That would be a cool place to work.

    2. Dragonsoul


      grats nek and that does sound like fun

  8. Im sharpening up on Arena Commander. Razuken is Reloaded baby! BRING IT ON!!!

    1. Jones


      damn Kamikaze Vanduul


    2. Shogun


      it is a learning curve thats for sure. Ton of fun though.


    3. Jones


      gonna need a joystick im thinking, bind a few things off it back to keyboard when thats allowable

  9. Did some storm chasing and got some SWEET photos!

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    2. Destroy


      Yup, I was a Skywarn spotter in Abilene and in Colorado Springs, CO. Are you a HAM operator?

    3. Nekuzar


      Not yet, I still have to take the test at our local club.

    4. Destroy


      Well, good luck! I grabbed mine in 2008 and have enjoyed it so far.

  10. I officially hate my Internet... Somebody shoot me please.

    1. Bealin


      I will shoot you right in the internets! If I can manage to hit such a wee little target...

  11. 47th Legion, where anything is possible, because we are F***IN AWESOME!!

  12. Lets give em hell boys! Fallen Earth will belong to the Legion!

    1. Shogun


      Hell yeah! We dominate!

  13. Glad to see we have some new recruits from FE. Let's keep it up!

    1. Cavadus


      Yes, indeed. We've definitely been having a lot of fun with it. I think we really need to start hammering recruiting in-game.

    2. Shogun
  14. Grinding on Fallen Earth... gotta love it

    1. Cavadus


      Next Sunday I think we're going to raid it up and hit either Kingston Prison or the Dump down in S1. Should be some good fun :)

    2. Dragonsoul


      nek this gives me flash backs of wow when I had to go from 85 to 90 it sucked

    3. Cavadus


      Nah, leveling in FE is really easy. Heck, simply wandering around will give you travel AP, discovering locations gives you AP, crafting gives you AP; even idling in the game and doing nothing gives you (random) AP :P

  15. I made a topic in the Other Games section called "Strategy and Tactics in Planetside 2 (Please Read!) It is a good source of info. Please take advantage of it!

  16. Max FINALLY got his certification. Check out the gallery. LOL

  17. Awesome OPS tonight!

    1. Cavadus


      Yeah, went perfectly. Even I was learning new shit :)

    2. Jones


      quite a few youtubers have PS2 videos, Wrel being one of my favorites. He does alot of weapon breakdowns

  18. Awesome OPS tonight!

  19. Awesome OPS tonight guys. Well done.

    1. Kotsuumo


      Sorry i wasnt there, my pc bsod and ive been spending the last few hours finding out i have a dead hdd. on a backup one now thats tiny. Sorry for the no call no show, but i figure youd understand

  20. Over my cold. READY TO ROCK!!

    1. Jungels


      Good to hear it!

  21. Starting to get sick. I hope it goes away.

  22. I'm ready for OPS!

  23. I got the hotz for tomorrow's Ops Night!! WOOT!

  24. I am looking forward to a great weekend with the 47th! Feeling awesome.