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    Hey All, I will be live streaming an RP Event on the Conan Exiles server I play on, this is going to be a Gladiator style battle event in the Colosseum we built, it should have epic battles and nice loot prizes, feel free to drop by the stream and check it out! https://www.twitch.tv/thebealin Event starts at 9:00pm EST
  2. Soooo I had hurt my shoulder awhile back, like 3-4 months ago, and took all that time off the gym, now in my 3rd week back, feels great to be back at it again, I was starting to feel like such a lazy piece of crap, and my belly got bigger.....gonna have to do extra ab workouts now to work on losing this belly, I hate taking such long breaks....so good to be back! Deadlifted 275lbs yesterday, working my way back up!
  3. You should really look at using 1 crafted set, and 1 dropped set, this way you can get 2 full 5 piece set bonuses out of it.
  4. Hey Rojnaar!! I got a pie momento thingy from the festival that gives 100% xp boost for 2 hours, can use it anytime! And if you have a tank, I know 2 others that would love to rock out dungeons for xp. I will be on tonight to see what's going down!
  5. Well I would not want to limit myself to 1 weapon type with 1 ammo pool for 1 extra talent....seems like a waste to me, you won't be able to get a good talent mix with that set now to make it any good, the way I was using it with my LMG required all 6 talents for it to work.....guess I'm switching to deadeye now!
  6. Sounds like they just made AlphaBridge completely uesless.....who cares about 1 extra talent, the whole point in using it was for the 3 extra talents.....such a waste of a set now.
  7. Take care of yourself Stickman! Do good in school!
  8. Best of luck to you Dragon, I hope everything goes well with you and your daughter man!
  9. Just toss a message into Discord, if anyone is on they will hook you up
  10. Hey Ribsauce, if you become a subscriber you will get a lvl 65 boost token already, probably don't need to buy another one, and if you use a friend referral code you can get a free character transfer, so if you have any toons on other servers or anything, you can get a free transfer.
  11. I also got Baron level package for this one
  12. I already purchased my upgrades, got them cheaper than listed previously, from a different online Canadian retailer (Newegg) and I must say....she be blazing fast!
  13. I was also wondering about the water cooling, does that kit that I picked come with everything I need? Does it need an additional reservoir or anything?
  14. I think I do want to get 16GB sticks though, to leave room for expansion at least, so perhaps I will get 1 or 2 sticks to start with........
  15. Hey All, So I really need to start thinking about upgrading a few parts of my PC that are extremely out-dated, mainly the motherboard, CPU and RAM. Here is my 1st pass at what I might want to get, hit me with your thoughts!
  16. So it is multiplayer? Steam page doesn't really specify or anything.....
  17. Looks interesting, early access though.......I am trying to avoid everything early access......the industry needs to get away from that I think, since it keeps dropping garbage early access games and never improving them.
  18. Looks interesting, let me know how it is, I won't have any time to try it out myself.
  19. Soooo I kind of hate that the Dark vs Light packs you get from the event are bound.......cuz I got a Tulak Hord's Supplementary armor pack, which could sell for about 40mill credits from it....and its bound....so I can't sell it......FAK! lol
  20. Well I managed to farm enough rep tokens with the Gree last week/weekend to cap out my rep, now its going to take a few weeks to actually use them all up to max the rep, stupid weekly rep cap, haha
  21. So the Gree event on Ilum is going down this week, I did the 16man Operation last night on both Story Mode and Hard Mode, I won the mount drop from Hard Mode, can't use it until I max rep with the gree, but.....I figured I would probably never use the mount anyway, so I sold it to a guy from the Op group for 4 million credits, cuz I'm cool like that! Was a fun fight though, probably the first time I've ever won the roll for something neat haha.
  22. Well I got my 5th new Dark vs Light character to 50 last night, and starting on number 6! Also working on the final crew skill to 550 for the Dark vs Light Legendary, once these are done I will then turn my focus to the hard mode flashpoints, then after that, world bosses, and then operation bosses. Slowly but surely making my way through all the achievements, will be nice when its all done so I can then go back and get all these characters to 65 lol
  23. I posted a new Cantina Code in the swtor thread, even if you don't play right now, you should grab it!

  24. Cantina Code, get it while its hot!! CelebrationCantina16
  25. Ya I'm working on the Legendary achievement for it now, got lots to do for that one! I wish I could work on crewskills while at work hahaha

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