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  1. Strydor

    Elder Scrolls Online?

    Cavadus is the man to talk to about that then
  2. Strydor

    Elder Scrolls Online?

    um.... one guild exists. (i.e. the 47th) I was just offering another solutions if they were not wanting to join the 47th.
  3. Strydor

    Elder Scrolls Online?

    Many of us will be in the beta playing with ppl from multiple guilds/clans. We will be using the Outcasts teamspeak 3 server so all can get on together to talk. You all are more than welcome to join us there. Info is: TS3 server Outcasts T325.DARKSTARLLC.COM:10159 PW: Ronin
  4. Strydor

    SUN troopers reporting for duty!

    Nice. Welcome and Lock & Load!
  5. Check it out! Free to Play, uses Crytex 3 engine: (Ops Night Contender??)

    1. Strydor
    2. Pyromaniac


      sweet game free to play and on the crytex 3 engine cant beat that

    3. Ralino
  6. Strydor

    [SC] TNGS Poll: Pick the Competition Ship!

    ..... o.o ..... Stealth Recon baaaaby!!
  7. Strydor

    KBob's retirement

    wtf u talking about Willis??? This is unacceptable KBob! u r not allowed to leave! (so says the Strydor ) Seriously though, fps' are not the only type of game being played by many of us and dam it u r a part of the 47th man. Regardless of ur decision, may u continued to be blessed and u will be missed friend if u leave us.
  8. Strydor

    The Repopulation Beta Impressions

    Thanks for the update... I still hold out some hope for the game.. many of the things they are trying to do sound kool.
  9. Strydor

    [PS2] Customer Service Announcement: Premium Membership

    I have to agree.. i had premium for the holiday sales and bought soooo many 1 SC items that would have costs many multiples over the 2000 SC with the 500 SC I got with my premium.
  10. 0.0 Frankies RUST adventure continues!

  11. FrankieonPC playing the new DayZ -

    1. Shogun


      Me too. It's gonna be a few months. The cutlas is now in the hanger if you own one as is weapons testing rig. Something to mess with while we wait.

  12. Strydor

    Strife Closed Beta Live!

    I don't play MOBA's much anymore but am lvl 30 on LoL so would like to try a new take on the genre. The site is not letting me submit my email for beta chance.
  13. Sooo many new crafting survival games coming out! o.O Check out FrankieonPC playing RUST. :)

  14. Strydor

    DayZ Standalone

    Soooooo been waiting for DayZ to come out. Still early alpha but looking good nonetheless.