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  1. Bikerb12


    Size does matter?
  2. Bikerb12

    Next Build in Ark

    and Drum roll plz..
  3. Bikerb12

    Sleepwalking Bikerb12

    yep, those narcotics will get ya every time.. So my advice is, don't eat when your half awake, never know what ya will get..
  4. Bikerb12

    Need a few votes.

  5. Bikerb12

    Need a few votes.

    voted + 9,
  6. Bikerb12

    Need a few votes.

    Got my vote, nice job, u up 7 points.
  7. Bikerb12

    Need a few votes.

    awesome job.
  8. Bikerb12

    biker's work stuff

    what I do for work
  9. Bikerb12

    Elder Scrolls Online

    I tried playing a bit last night, until I realized all my points had been reset, got to figure out were to put them again, another long process I'm guessing, after the huge update 4.5gb it was late, so didn't get much time in, after trying to remember all my key configs. lol
  10. Bikerb12

    Elder Scrolls Online

    gonna try to get back into it a bit.
  11. Bikerb12

    Need a few votes.

    Registered and voted, cool stuff shogun.
  12. Bikerb12

    Recommend me an android tablet

    just wanted to say, android does do mobile hotspot and blue tooth, and most versions lately will have it now.
  13. Bikerb12

    [SC] Cargo Interaction

    very cool..
  14. Bikerb12

    Me at the coast with my chillin's

    Astoria, oregon coast
  15. Bikerb12

    Elder Scrolls Online

    I plan on getting back in when it goes f2p, got my vet rank toon