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  1. Speaking of Final Fantasy Cable and myself will be playing as well we should try and join on the same server if anyone is interested.
  2. Fei

    10 worst businesses

    I knew Time Warner Cable would be on there..... Worst cable company I have every dealt with.
  3. On a hot summers eve while Shado was trying to locate Von Boch Cass directed her attention an Arkfall about to make land fall. She jumped on her quad and made a mad dash north of Bloodbath Gorge. A massive mature hellion sprung out of the ground knocking everyone back and consuming any vehicles that rested in it's path. Unloading magazine after magazine into it, it spring out a monarch. Massive in size and hungry for blood it rolls right at Shado, diving away she tosses a grenade right inside it's mouth. With the Monarch still standing she unloads her FRC Saw into its back while vulnerable. Thinking that was the last of the hellbugs, the Hellion pops back out and launches right at another group of Ark Hunters. The BMG she had stored on her back came in handy with it's healing capabilities. Burning through the energy the VOT Spanner has, her group get healed up. Looking around for loose ammo the Hellion retreats back to it's hideout. Two more Monarchs come running out. Bullets flying, grenades exploding, people screaming, and yet the Hellion is still alive. How much more could it take? Well round 3 has begun. The Hellion jumps around like a rabbit knocking back anyone it can trying to stay alive but it still wasn't enough to best the Ark Hunters. Searching for a group to form up with and try to make sense of whats going on Shado starts asking around for a "clan" as they call it. After days of asking around someone by the name of Dragonsoul tells her about a group of people who call themselves "47th Legion". Asking about how to get in, she fills out all the paperwork and waits for her approval. Finally she gets her invite and starts running with people to learn more about the Terraformed San Francisco. Accumulating different armors, titles, weapons, and what not she slowly becomes better equipped. Still searching for "The Bleeding Dogs" she follows anyone group of people she can to try to find any info there might be on their where abouts. So far as unsuccessful as she has been, she proceeded to find Von Bach to shut the EGO that had been implanted up. Though many times where Von Bach needed a square punch to the face, Shado runs around like a chicken with it's head cut off. Searching for some "Ark tech" Shado completes mission after mission trying to get as far away for Von Bach as possible. Disapearing for days on end she searches for any information that she can leading her to the killers of her parents. Arkfall after arkfall she informs people of the 47th and attempt to get them to join trying to get as many people in the clan to try to get as many bodies to find information. And her story continues......
  4. Miles Gregarius Fei, you have been promoted to the rank and grade indicated:


    Decanus (E4)



    You will be taking command of 4rd Platoon's Alpha Section.


    In recognition of your promotion into the NCO corps you are being presented with:


    NCO Development Ribbon


  5. Miles Gregarius Fei, for your efforts in recruiting for the 47th Legion you are being presented with the Recruiter Ribbon.




  6. Miles Fei, due to successfully recruiting a Legionary into the 47th you have been promoted to the rank and grade indicated: Miles Gregarius (E3).


    Miles Gregarius (E3)


  7. Shado Fei just turned 16 when her town go hit by raiders. Her father gave his life to save his family, sadly it wasn't enough. Her mother was tortured ans beaten to death while Shado had hid in a false wall. She could see what was going on through a peep hole that was created to make sure it was safe before anyone left. She held her hand over her mouth as she watched each raider peel a piece of skin from her mothers body. With every scream Shado wanted to go to her mothers aid but she knew if she had she would have had the same thing done to her. Hours passed then the raiders finally finished with their fun they killed her mother then ransacked the place. Shado waited an extra hour before leaving the safe room. When she finally go the courage to get up she opened the door and let out a long wheep. As she was crying she grabbed the shovel off the front porch and started digging. Her mother and father finally lying in peace she made a promise..... To kill the raiders that did this to her family. Six months had passed and Fei finally got to an area where she could group up with some mercs and learn to kill the way her parents were killed. Years had passed and eventually everything the mercs knew she had known. Although there were a few things she knew that they didn't. Fei used the merc contacts to find out the raiderd that did this. Bleeding Dogs is what they called themselves, the name stuck in her mind so easily she'd never forget it. Simon Nakaroth was the leaders name and it was his name she would say every night before she would go to sleep. After doing multiple jobs with the mercs regardless of how distasteful it was she began to come accustomed to the feel of blood on her hands,in her hair,and in her mouth. She could kill in her sleep if she had to and wouldn't even think twice. She was preparing for her next job when she was hit upside the head by the butt of a stock. As she came to she could see that she was surrounded by 25 military personnel. As she tried to stand up she was dropped to her knees again. Lt. colonel Patterson had made his way through the crowed, pulls out his gun and places it to her head. "Does the name Rick mean anything to you?" "Yeah," she replied. "Means that's the moron I decided to drop from a space craft to watch him splat across the road." He pulls back the hammer starts to squeeze the trigger when a bullet passes through his chest. "SNIPER!" was yelled so loudly that it could have been heard a mile away. Fei grabs the gun and attempts to make for the hills when she get hit in the leg. "Sniper down" can be heard over the ComNet as she gets surrounded again. While sitting in the interrogation room Fei rubs the spot on her leg where she had been shot. Major Cornel enters the room with a strange smirk on his face. "well Fei I see it that you have two options." "Really what might those possibly be?" She replied with the same smirk on her face. "Well either face a bullet or you can help us." Fei bursts out laughing. "Why the fuck would i help you?" "you know those raiders that killed your parents?" Fei gives him a dreadful look. "Yeah we know all about the Bleeding Dogs and what they did to your parents. We need your help finding them and eliminating them. After all that's what you were trying to accomplish wasn't it?" She slid her hands across the table and with one mean look replies "Where do I sign up?" Although she didn't realize the Major wasn't fully truthful she ended up being trained as an Ark Hunter. She also found out that she would have a boss, which she didn't like at all. Soon after her training and being top in her class she received orders. Unfortunately the orders took her to where the raiders weren't. This mission (in her eyes) was a wild goose chase in search for some Ark tech the Von Bach was after. And so her story continues.........
  8. Tiro Fei, due to your successful enlistment into the 47th Legion you have been awarded with the following:


    Defiance Deployment Ribbon



    Legionary Service Ribbon



    These ribbons have been placed on your ribbon rack in your forum signature which you can view in your "About Me" page in your profile.