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  1. Miles Mark, you have been promoted to the rank and grade indicated: Miles Gregarius (E3).


    Miles Gregarius (E3)


  2. still a nice chance to breakdown loads of gear and purchase those nice Tier 4 boxes!
  3. _____--INFO--______

    Character name: Darth Mark

    47th user ID: 1729

    47th account name: Mark

    Defiance account name: Darth Mark

    -Pursuits -

    Mount Tam 6/6

    Madera 6/6

    Marin 7/7

    Sausalito 6/6

    San Francisco 1/6

    Co-op maps 2/7

    Arkfalls 0/3

    Enemy Groups 6/6

    Comp Multi 1/5

    Ego Evolution 2/6

    Combat 5/17

    Vehicles 2/9

    Reputation 0/4

    Social 0/4

    Episodes 4/4

  4. Tiro Mark, due to your successful enlistment into the 47th Legion you have been awarded with the following:


    Defiance Deployment Ribbon



    Legionary Service Ribbon



    These ribbons have been placed on your ribbon rack in your forum signature which you can view in your "About Me" page in your profile.