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  1. made a 47th Legion clan on World of Warships if anyone is interested

  2. Jones

    World of Warships

    for anyone interested i took the liberty of creating a 47th Legion clan in WOWS, contact robertjones232 in game
  3. Jones

    Planetside 2

    with full cloak, stealth, and mag size on the fury mounted on a flash a pair of them can kill a MBT in PS2. It does take a bit of coordination to pull it off and you have to work the flanks. You also have to be an infil to use cloak on a flash.
  4. i still have several thousand SC from my EQ2 days
  5. Jones

    Planetside 2

    Engie is a good starter class, Heavy is all solid all around grunt, LA is easy to learn but tough to master
  6. Jones

    47th Full Fleet Image (Current)

    can we man all this? If we can then we are the Romulan Empire or something
  7. Jones

    47th Full Fleet Image (Current)

    i dare say we have quite the fleet
  8. Jones

    [SC] Aegis Gladius Declassified!

    beginning to wonder how we will be able to fly so many ships
  9. Jones

    [SC] Arena Commander Multiplayer Roll-Out Begins!

    Are you still restricted on what ships you can use?
  10. Jones

    Star Citizen Computer Rig

    dont forget to get a good power supply also, a lot of people overlook that when they are upgrading the comp
  11. Jones

    Elder Scrolls Online?

    does little to solve the issue of crashing within 2 minutes of gameplay
  12. Jones

    Elder Scrolls Online?

    been awhile since i got the Blue Screen of Death, thanks Bathesda
  13. Jones

    Elder Scrolls Online?

    unsure if i want to get another subscription game going, we'll see what the 3 way faction warfare has in store. In swords and sorcery MMO's i usually play ranged DPS or support.