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  1. Happy birthday, dude!

  2. Pretty sure you've got a guaranteed spot in the top 5. It would be smart of the Defiance crew to choose you and get an entire clan involved in the show if they want to show everyone that the game and series can and do intermingle. That would be AMAZING.
  3. Sobelize

    Best EGO?

    Personally, I love Cloak. But, that's just my play-style. People seem to fall for Decoy really easily, and it has the added benefit of teleportation. Overcharge is like the default for most people. I find Blur difficult to use most of the time.
  4. 4th place is respectable. But, you're still under 100 votes! Who are the top three, anyway? Never seen them before.
  5. Lusty battlecry? We make 'em wet when we yell at 'em. Fuckin' love it.
  6. The weapon exclusion option for PVP matches would force them to make match lists like most other MMO's have. Probably wouldn't work in Defiance, simply because there isn't enough participation. That is, unless they do decide to implement this and turn PVP matches into separate servers that are accessible from in-game menus. Then you could have players from every server joining a match. Still, needs more participation and variety.
  7. Carian Sobelize, you have been promoted to the rank and grade indicated:


    Triplicarian (E7)



    You will be taking over the position of platoon carian for 4th Platoon.

  8. Miles Gregarius Sobelize, you have been promoted to the following rank and grade: Decanus (E4).


    As the newest member of our NCO corps you have been selected to lead 3rd Platoon's Delta Section.


    In recognition of your promotion to an NCO rank you are being presented with:


    NCO Development Ribbon




  9. Miles Gregarius Sobelize, due to your service in the 47th Legion you have been awarded with the following:


    Defiance Deployment Ribbon



    Legionary Service Ribbon



    These ribbons have been placed on your ribbon rack in your forum signature which you can view in your "About Me" page in your profile.

  10. Hey Sob, I've got some roster cleanup to get done but I just wanted to let you know that you'll be taking over one of 4th Platoon's sections.

  11. I've tried multiple of each tier and have yet to find an orange from any of them. For now I'm sticking with tier 3's. Decent balance of 'items per key' and 'chance of orange'. If I can't find an epic, I might as well get some extra scrip/wep exp throw-aways for my trouble.
  12. Awesome, who do I talk to in-game?

  13. Accepted! Welcome to the 47th :)

  14. Thanks very much! I'll have my Defiance application finished in just a bit.

  15. Hey Maerus, welcome to the home of the 47th Legion! Awesome name btw :)