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  1. canon made decent small sized 10x50 or something close to it .. with image stabilization
  2. that's the whole problem of multi gaming clan ... I have no clue how to be in 47th in some more or less strategic games and not in 47th in SC ... and more FPS centric games ... maybe we'll find a way eventually
  3. Hi all, after 8+ months of me trying to do anything fps related I gave up on such attempts, and decided to stick to paper jobs in the future galaxies and planets. As it's obviously really far from 47th focus, and I can't help feeling that I wasn't doing good enough job as a senior nco due to very limited in-game activiity, I resigned from the legion ( part of the decision was push from some friends who asked me to stay with them exactly at a paperwork role in SC ). Stay assured that I wouldn't be far away from 47th, and will be always happy to see anyone of you or talk to you in case you'd like to do it ( feel free to PM me .. if forum will move - Cav has my email (just don't want to put it in public channel ). One of my priorities now is to make sure that I'd be able to fly with you on the same side when SC comes to live (in 2016 or whenever ). @ anyone who stays in Defiance - I'd like to unload quite a few mods that I still hold on behalf of 47th ( some of them are mine, some - not .. but honestly it doesn't matter much as I'm not really active in the game ). Let me know - how much space you have in the inventory and I'll just select those that worth saving from my perspective and pass them to you . Best regards, KBob
  4. So far bitcoins are the best pyramid scheme I ever saw ... brilliant, just brilliant ... you have all classic features and no-one knows when exactly it's going to die (but it's obvious that this will happen) .. but people are going into it
  5. 25 bitcoins are few thousands dollars at the moment .. so if the puzzle not to complex you may want to do it .. but overall this currency isn't a best thing to deal with (from my point of view)
  6. yeah .. I was trying to grab one in like 10 minutes after the post ... LOL
  7. Cav - that's the second reason why I get away from shooters ( my overall reaction speed deterioration was the first one ). I didn't ANY multiplayer game that allow for real sniping and realistic assault contact range in a long time ... essentially the only difference between pistols and semi auto snipers in most of those games is a gun model and sights
  8. I don't think I'll play it ... it's obviously for console players
  9. I need to get out for some time ... I'll try to find you out when I'm back ( nick is same as here )
  10. I'll try to participate this weekend as well .. we'll see what they have
  11. Errm ... sooo ... any news anyone ?
  12. KBob

    Bug Out Bags

    revolver ? nah .. I'm peaceful Canadian .. I talk about GPS / weather Radio / tracker / photo sharing device / ... .. I don't see a reason for big revolvers in general .. you either don't need a stopping power (and than anything with silencer and half decent aim at 5-10 meters is good enough ) ... or you do need a stopping power , and in this case you'd better with at least FAL or something similar
  13. KBob

    Bug Out Bags

    ok ok ok .. it's logical to take compass .. why not ... the overall question though is the main purpose of the bug .. if it's "the whole hell broke loose" .. than the content has to be quite different ( I don't see any antibiotics , any chemical water purifiers , no pistol with silencer for small problems etc. ) .. if we talk about some 3-5-10 days trouble between disaster and evacuation camp - rhino is a must (you could find early versions for ~ 100 a piece )
  14. KBob

    Bug Out Bags

    well .. I seriously doubt that YOUR ability to orienteer help you in identifying position of your GF (she could send it from her radio ) OR giving her your position (or any of your waypoints position ) and making sure she is able to come to it . .. getting weather radio information, getting maps of the surroundings ... marking spot of your camp and photos / coords of all places you want to come back later on etc. etc. etc. ... as I said - capabilities are priceless