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  1. The guys I play with on JM don't want to go to a west coast server cuz they get bad ping times; anywhere from 80ms-120ms on a normal night. I personally don't have that bad of latency. usually between 40-80ms. Not the best but it isn't Inhabilitating.
  2. Yeah, JM is really dead. It's really been dead for about a year. The only reason I stick around there is cuz I have some friends still playing there in the evenings that I've been playing with for 2 years now. I'm leveling a sage on harbingers, right now I'm level 45. I have a 60 powertech there as well. But depending on how active imp side you guys are I might transfer over some of my other Imps from JM. for pubs all I could transfer is a 51 Guardian or a 59 sage but since I'm already leveling a sage there it would be a little weird to move him. If you or someone is on pub side on Harb feel free to shoot me an invite or mail on Miraclegrow.
  3. Is anyone currently still playing SWTOR? If so what server/faction? is it still harbingers/pubs? I used to play with Akrisius back in the day all the time on Jung Ma. You guys probably know him better as Kolya. I have characters on Jung Ma, Bastion, and Harbingers at 60, if anyone is leveling on Harbingers pub side and wants someone to run around with hit me up on Miraclegrow (lvl 43 sage). probably won't be in game as I spend most of my time on Jung Ma imp side so just send me a mail or hit me up with a message in here on what days/times you would like to run around so I can see if I'm available during those times. Seems like most people here are west coast and i'm on the east coast so time is a little bit of a trick. I also have toons of various level ranges on the other servers both factions. and Payton are you talking about space pvp or just the space missions you get on your ship? For space missions you just get some fleet comms and upgrades for your ship that are only usable in those space missions; and of course you get some xp and credits but not enough especially now with 12x class xp to make it worth your time. It does not roll over to pvp or anything else at all. Besides completionists I do not know anyone who does space missions. GSF (galactic starfighter) or Space PVP you get space pvp comms that of course you can use to upgrade your ship(s). It used to be big when it first came out but now people hardly play it. I personally never thought it was much fun. Hoped that helped you and if not feel free to message me with any questions and I will answer them to the best of my abilities.
  4. Built a great computer now I just need a game to play...

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    2. Cavadus


      Bunch of us playing Space Engineers and SWTOR at the moment.

    3. Stickman


      World of Warships is pretty much a done game, yes technically it's a beta but so are half the popular games out right now.

    4. Jones


      yes WoWS is in full release, they are still adding things to the game but for all intents and purposes its open