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  1. Munster

    Bug Out Bags

    Thanks everyone for your input. This is a long term project for myself (and family).
  2. Munster

    Bug Out Bags

    Hey thanks Cav, Working in construction I have an extensive tool kit( work gloves, extra boots rain slic and first aid kit already in my car. I with take a look at the bags and the thanks for the bic lighter idea i hadn't thought of those but makes sense. Cheers
  3. Munster

    Bug Out Bags

    I finally found this topic again, So I just move down to earthquake country and think i need to make up a bug home bag and a bug out bag. any suggestions on where to start looking or where to start. I was thinking of buying a ready made for my car and building the bug-out as I go. I was looking at something like this: what are your thoughts? Munster
  4. Munster

    Star Wars: The Old Republic

    I just started a character on republic side on harbinger server (kon'tiki ) if someone finds me invite me to the guild please. see you guys soon
  5. Munster

    Star Wars: The Old Republic

    used destroy's
  6. Munster

    Elder Scrolls Online

    I have been playing still. I mostly pvp Munster (@nart)-eso
  7. Munster

    The Crew

    hey crew players, do we as a clan want to pick a faction? and if so which one?
  8. Munster

    The Crew

    hey Bealin, I had to switch the controls from the arrows to WASD. some of the key mapping is just ridiculous. if you get a gamepad tell me how it is with this game.
  9. Munster

    The Crew

    I am munstre in the Crew. Havnt had time to actually play it thou. Hopefully this weekend I will have time
  10. Munster

    The Crew

    Well I picked up the game. now just have to get through november
  11. Munster

    [SC] The 2945 RSI Constellation Lineup

    they all look so sexy I am jealous
  12. Munster

    Whutchu Listenin' to, Willis?

    baby metal. yes sounds as crazy as the title.. its out of japan
  13. Munster

    Tapatalk Push Notification Test Thread

    Campell, click the T with the 3 lines in the top left corner and you will get some options like unread, conversations and the like. hope that helps Munster
  14. Munster

    Tapatalk Push Notification Test Thread

    nothing recieved