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  1. For you guys that are coming back around for the Morrowind expansion, you'll need to get your cp points up asap, it makes things a lot easier. There are ways to get xp boosts now, aside from buying crown scrolls with cash. If you do any fishing, and when guttin yer fish you get a legendary "Perfect Roe", I have the recipe to use that to make xp potions that last at least a half hour. More if you have skill points that extend potion effects. I can make 4 per perfect roe, just let me know amigos **Also, there is an event starting from april 4th to April 18th. In this event you can get a cake, which you can feed to your group and it gives 100% xp bonus, that STACKS with potion xp boosts, and I think it lasts for an hour. That's 200% xp stacked on top of what the normal xp is, and an hour of grinding that will spit out cp's by the buttload** I'm max'd for cp's right now, but have no problem running with you if you want to rape dungeons and such. I do the normal one's solo, so we can spam them for xp and gear if you want.
  2. This new 1.6 patch has turned all the old builds on their heads. Not much works like it used to. Here's a link to the skill sets post 1.6. It was going badly for me in pvp until I made some serious changes. Still haven't gotten a gear set down to what would help me better, but that'll take time and theorycraft to decide upon. There are some bugs for now, and of course a few exploits have been found in certain classes. I was getting pwned badly with my old build, so I did a rebuild basing off my racial stat boosts. I went 2h sword and bow as my other weapon, as I'm stamina based and have turned the table on some of those nightblade gankers. I'm going to change that today to go 2h sword and destruction staff, so I can make more use of my magicka for situations. Plus I was given a badass destro staff as a pvp campaign reward a few weeks ago. Going to give that a chance and see what it feels like. When I'm online, I'm usually pvp'ing against a zerg, but I'll try to help you out if I can. http://eso-skills.com/
  3. There's a dwemer ruin that is only accessible early in the game, via the fighter's guild quests. It's supposed to have the largest number of searchable pots in the game to get dwemer motif's. I don't lvl alts much, but I'm working one up a little just to get into that dwemer ruin. Gotta be careful that you don't complete the quest that opens the place up though. I'll be able to tell ya more, when I get an alt parked in front of it.
  4. Inspiration points are the gain you get in a crafting skill. Like with enchanting, if you disassemble a rune you get some crafting experience points(or inspiration as it's called) for doing so. Doing the little writ quests, gets you extra skill experience in that particular crafting skill, and you have the chance to get a blue "survey" item that is like a treasure map. It'll lead you to a nice horde of components for that particular craft skill. I haven't done the undaunted stuff yet, as it's all group dungeon stuff, and I usually just pvp. The dwemer motiff's can be found in any of the dwemer ruins or dungeons. You'll find them in the dwemer pots and stuff that you can open and loot. I've gotten a couple, but they aren't too easy to find. In order to craft dwemer style gear, you'll have to farm the dwemer mobs, who'll occassionally drop "dwemer scrap" and with 10 of those, you can make a dwemer frame, which is what is needed for the armor style. Time consuming shit to find for sure, but the style looks kinda cool.
  5. I came back to it about 2 months ago. Got my main up to Veteran rank 14.. There are going to be sweeping changes to it all, once it goes buy to play. Without subscription, you'll still get all the zone's n dungeons, and pvp that are in the game right now. As far as DLC's, you'll be able to purchase them if you aren't a subscriber, using a type of game currency called 'Crowns' that you can buy. If you were subscribed in the past or are currently subscribed, you will be getting a small amount of this currency for each month you were previously subscribed since launch. The biggest part of the changes are the implementation of a champion system, where you can still gain improvement points as you level or past max vr14 level. They did a test on the PTS server, using this new 1.6 system and i jumped into it for a bit. As a veteran rank 14 with a full xp bar, I get given 70 champion points immediately,(there is room for hundreds of champion points) any more after that I have to earn over time as I gain xp. The cool thing is, that the champion points are ACCOUNT based. Meaning I get the free 70 points on my main, and can also use 70 champion points to improve my lvl 1 mule character. This will make leveling an alt tons easier. If you don't have a veteran rank character before it goes buy to play, you'll have to earn them as you go. Champion points don't start building until you have a veteran rank 1 character, as i believe it's set up now. If your main is lvl 50, once you level up to vr1, you'll gain level xp and champion point xp all at the same time, for doing the same stuff. Some of the DLC content I saw on the test server, were tons of costumes for all the RP folks, beast(cool looking guar) and horse mounts, and high level tri-stat potions. Luckily, the tri-stat potions that are for sale in the crown store, are not as good as the tri-stat potions you can make if you are max crafting in Alchemy. I've been making potions alot lately and get 12k gold at least from player for the health pots, and 10k for the stam/magika focused tri-pots I make. There are supposed to be DLC's you can buy that will have new zone's or dungeons. Personally I'm hoping for some special pvp content on the DLC's, but they are tight lipped on that for now.
  6. Nice. I just noticed last night that i had pact hero, so I guess they fixed the achievement. Gotta go back and finish covenant
  7. Finally they fixed bangkorai. I'm in the V6 zone now, can do some farming
  8. Bangkorai is bugged, so I can't get finish caldwell's silver and move on to the next part. I've got 2 extra each of barbaric and primal if I could interest you in some trading
  9. Makes sense, I'm still only in the VR5 quest zone. I'll work on getting through it tonight to hit the vr6 zone
  10. Anyone have any luck farming Daedric or Ancient Elf motiff's? I've been farming once a day, and all I'm getting are an excess of primal/barbaric. Been doing it in Rivenspire, not sure if I need to do it from a higher vet zone or not.
  11. I popped into 'Goldbrand' for a pvp campaign. We get 1 free home campaign switch. Very low population for now, but I did catch a single group of Altmeri dominion taking castles. 6 people with a ram, going slow. Not bad if there's nobody on the other side. By myself I managed to burn down their ram and get some points with my bow. They'd already taken several castles though
  12. Made lvl 10 last night, but haven't chosen the pvp campaign to enter yet.
  13. It says you can change home campaign at a cost of alliance points. Did anyone try that in the beta's? I jumped over to other campaigns as a guest, but didn't try for a home switch.
  14. I'll see ya'll Sunday Morning, looking forward to a few hours play before the house wakes up
  15. Definately wanted to be Ebon Heart as well

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