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  1. I thought id resurrect this thread haha.

    Me back in june,
    Never been so ill in my life, 4 hours later i was in hospital on drips and all sorts, so thats my excuse for looking like crap.
    Im also really bad in and taking phones so i left it to her, thats my other excuse and im sticking with it haha


    Me on the left

  2. Do you remember what they were?

    at the very least i had Decanus rank within whats now the first Vex, alpha squa, ribbon wise i had the NCO Development Ribbon , Legionary Service ribbon,  which i think is now the same Imperial Service Ribbon and i was around atleast when we first got involved in Planetside 2, those i can confirm

  3. il be on during the beta, alpha wipes always seem to sap my will to play Although that mainly only happened with EOD and PS2....


    on another note i went and bought the ultimate edition, im gunna treat it as an investment ...

    That and this is possibly the only time iv seen a "collectors edition" of game worth getting for its price