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  1. I thought id resurrect this thread haha. Me back in june, Never been so ill in my life, 4 hours later i was in hospital on drips and all sorts, so thats my excuse for looking like crap. Im also really bad in and taking phones so i left it to her, thats my other excuse and im sticking with it haha
  2. could i be reinstated please, i may...may have gone alil inactive on the forums for a time
  3. Well... im back, completely clueless about everything but im back. if anyone wants to help me out with what iv missed in these last few years that would be awesome.. oh yeah can i be reinstated please
  4. hey mate im gunna need another clan invite when i get on, character was wiped and restored, but its turned out his essentially blank minus equipent, scrip and salvage, iv got a long week a head full of grinding back up XD

  5. im gunna muck around and see what i can come up with