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    Striker got a reaction from Lightfoot in 2017 MEET AND GREET PLANNING   
    Tennessee weather is generally quite mild. September would be rather decent in the event it is a hotter year and is near the northern border of TN though. I spend a decent amount of time in the south (Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia), when I can get away from NYC area, and have a particular love for the culture and hospitality of the south.
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    Striker got a reaction from Stickman in (Command & Conquer) Renegade X: Free Tactical Shooter   
    Was this decent or no?
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    Striker got a reaction from Cavadus in 47th Legion Gear Up! Phase 1   
    Feel free to mention what sort of performance issues you may be experiencing with your hardware setup as well folks. Certain bottlenecks occur when it comes to gaming that are a bit complex in nature, thus a review of both the hardware and performance issues experienced will be required for proper allocation of useful upgrades to your system!
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    Striker got a reaction from Cavadus in Think the backpacks in The Division Are Cool?   
    Call me old fashioned, but I like to evenly distribute the weight I carry on both shoulders if I am carrying a full pack like that. I do have my messenger bag that I use for my laptop or quick tactical necessities, but I limit the weight of that to much below what you would put in a larger pack such as the ones linked here...
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    Striker got a reaction from Cavadus in Airsoft versus paintball   
    You get used to being wet and then the chafing that comes with it. After a while you stop noticing that your eyes are on fire from the salt that is constantly fed into them from the sweat...haha
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    Striker got a reaction from Destroy in Tom Clancy's The Division   
    I will have to wait for Amazon to deliver the game before I can play, but I won't be taking time off work for the release...
    Turns out that the company President and the Head of Technology are taking me out for drinks on release day too, so I have no clue if I will be able to play at all.
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    Striker got a reaction from Stickman in Tom Clancy's The Division   
    I pre-ordered the game.
    I do think that Ubisoft misrepresented the complexity that would exist for the combat based on their initial voiced mission video. They made it seem like it would be a much more tactical game than what we have experienced here in the Beta by making it seem like team play with excellent communication and perfect team synergy was the only way to succeed. Now we see that isn't true due to the extremely arcade way they implemented the combat.
    I am not sure how long it will keep my attention, but if nothing else I think I will enjoy the main storyline progression. As for microtransactions, that isn't going to happen ever according to Ubisoft. They did say that if there was a change to that statement, it would purely involve clothing and no gear with stats, but even that is not planned at all for the future. I could see them doing that much later down the road when the server costs start chunking away at their profits though.
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    Striker got a reaction from Stickman in Fallout 4   
    This is definitely a valid idea, but I think you overstate the definitive nature of them raising the price "because they can" (not to mention it also competes with your theory on a purely marketing driven price bump).
    One thing to add to the general theory, would be the reduction in price of the Season Pass within a short amount of time after the bump when their numbers are not high enough and a price reduction would once again achieve exactly what is achieved the the original marketing ploy (more sales to the holdouts who jump on the lower price as if they were getting a deal).
    I just started working in the marketing arena and I have to say that it is honestly one of the most ridiculously deceptive fields around...most marketing professionals would probably make wonderful interrogators...lols
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    Striker got a reaction from Stickman in Fallout 4   
    I personally bought one of the $15 expansions for Skyrim and never even got the time to play it at all...haha
    As for Fallout 4, I will be paying the extra money for the DLCs unfortunately. I think the impression that they are doing mass amounts of work that justifies the price may be too early to call, because I personally focus on making it so software can easily expand its features with as little work as possible, so the reality may be they just figured out a highly optimized way to provide expansion of feature subsets such as  crafting, weapons, etc.
    As an example, if done correctly, you can reduce the job of implementing a weapon in game to only the artists (graphical representation and animation [maybe include the game designer who defines the damage and range of a gun]).
    Basically, implementing a new weapon in a game can be done by a single artist if you have a script that will generate the code that allows the game to know what that weapon represents. So you have LUA script defining the weapon config, the C++ is most likely already capable of understanding all of the configs for the asset type of "weapon", and all you have to do is fill out a web form that submits those config values and links the animations to the 3D Weapon and 2D thumbnail.
    Once you have the base game, expanding the game can be limited solely by the ability of your art department, if you programmed it correctly from the start that is!
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    Striker got a reaction from Cavadus in Cameras on Cops   
    This is simply not true. At best, LEOs could lose their career for major fuckups, but it takes an act of serious depravity or extreme negligence to be brought up on charges in most states. I had 100% undeniable proof of felony perjury, resulting in illegal detainment and commitment into a mental institution, which is covered under Michigan law as an offense that falls under the Torture laws, and I couldn't get a single person in the so-called justice system to even take notice.
    Even a lawsuit against the LEOs will ultimately fail without the State validating "gross negligence" on the part of the involved LEO, and that unfortunately requires them to kill you.
    More on the topic of the cameras, I have undeniable proof that the submitted court documents from LEOs wearing recorders was fabricated, but nobody would allow the pulling of the video to compare to the documents submitted by the LEOs.
    Gross negligence is the only thing that will ever make it so cameras on cops make a difference. That or being a minority with the ACLU backing you I suppose, but that is because the ACLU only takes cases that further their agenda, and unfortunately that agenda is generally only furthered by cases that involve minorities for a number of reasons (not a racist thing there btw...simply the way they have to function based on funding and manpower based on their own statements directly to me when I asked for their help).
    Don't get me wrong here; I don't hate LEOs; I don't think they are all bad; I would assist any LEO I encountered in need of it; I simply don't believe that the cameras actually change much in the grand scheme of things.
    Addition: The only reasons I am not a LEO right now are quite simple. I experienced widespread corruption in the entire criminal justice system that I knew I couldn't be a part of. Also, I was trained from 17 to be the aggressor, and I didn't want to risk hurting any citizens due to my own inability to separate the violence I was trained to employ first in situations that didn't require an escalation.
    @Doc - You know I respect you man! My statements are not a reflection on who I believe you to be, but rather address a specific issue pertaining to myself and the LEOs I had to deal with in Michigan.
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    Striker got a reaction from Lightfoot in Airsoft versus paintball   
    I had an airsoft gun that was a true replica of the Colt Commando. Had some very realistic gun battles with it. People didn't like me shooting them in the dick though (my high ready would sag a bit when I got tired so my quick reaction shots would be quite low...hehe).
    Overall, the environment for airsoft will be much more tactical and you will find many more vets that participate over paintball (in my experience). I was always a front line pusher for a retired First Sergeant who would take charge and loved how I would work my way behind enemy lines. He knew where he sent me; knew I made it there; and knew to send me tactical support ASAP so I wouldn't end up getting overrun once the enemy figured out that they needed to focus on me before they could safely push. Was some of the most fun I have had in years!
    I used to love paintball, but once I actually trained in the infantry, I found that I couldn't play paintball well because I was too cautious. With airsoft I didn't have that problem. Paintballs explode on hitting a leaf, and don't count unless they explode from impact on the player. Airsoft will pass through leaves and still hit you. Airsoft also requires people to be much more honest, but given the higher amount of vets playing, honesty was only an issue with the kiddies.
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    Striker got a reaction from Cavadus in Fallout 4   
    The Pip-boy app is pretty awesome. You don't need the actual Pip-boy edition to use the app, so my buddy and I have been backseat driving for each other during battles by using Stims, food, etc. You can also set waypoints on the map and view gear statistics from the app, so even when not playing, you get to play.
    I have to concur with Stickman that the people bitching about the game are clueless. This is by far the best Fallout to date and definitely makes my list of must have games for any and all gamers out there (unless you simply hate this sort of game of course).
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    Striker got a reaction from Stickman in Fallout 4   
    The Pip-boy app is pretty awesome. You don't need the actual Pip-boy edition to use the app, so my buddy and I have been backseat driving for each other during battles by using Stims, food, etc. You can also set waypoints on the map and view gear statistics from the app, so even when not playing, you get to play.
    I have to concur with Stickman that the people bitching about the game are clueless. This is by far the best Fallout to date and definitely makes my list of must have games for any and all gamers out there (unless you simply hate this sort of game of course).
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    Striker got a reaction from Destroy in Descent Underground   
    Early Access via Steam is available now. Nothing too special overall, but if you are a Descent fan, it is rather exhilarating to play a modern graphics version of the IP. Right now the game only has 3 ships and 1 map. You can play a quick match against others, free roam, or play against bots. There isn't much more to it than that right now, but damn it was fun playing the one IP I haven't been able to get out of my head since the '90s.
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    Striker got a reaction from Cavadus in SEP 2015 - Promotions & Awards   
    Thanks for the award! Hopefully there is much more to come with the server!
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    Striker got a reaction from Cavadus in Mad Max   
    Fairly well done so far. Things are getting slightly repetitive right now, but I am essentially still in the first mission area so I expect there will be many more features released to the player along the way.
    I would recommend it for people that like post-apocalyptic, 3rd person, and mostly melee fighting. When they say ammo is rare, they really mean it. Ammo is so rare that I have actually regretted nearly every shot I have taken the second I pulled the trigger. The vehicle combat is quite entertaining so far too.
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    Striker got a reaction from Destroy in Sword Coast Legends   
    That does look pretty decent. It was a sad day when NWN went MMO. I absolutely loved the NWN series. NWN 2 was actually the first game I ever created mods for!
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    Striker got a reaction from Cavadus in Red Bull Quest: Destiny   
    So I picked up a couple Red Bull with a special Destiny Promo. I don't own a console with Destiny (wish it was on PC...) so I am going to leave the codes here for someone else to claim. If you use the codes, please respond to the thread saying that they have been used.
    Use the codes here:
    73H3R47K P3MX43T7  
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    Striker got a reaction from Cavadus in Star Wars: The Old Republic   
    You need to reinstall vcredist_x64 and vcredist_x86. If you installed from a digital copy you can find the install files in your install directory\__Installer\vc\vc2008sp1AtlUpdate\redist. If you can't find that, then look online at the Windows support page for a download of both.
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    Striker got a reaction from Payton in ArmA 3: Epoch - I Think You'll Like This   
    The Space Engineers server is up and running just fine at this point. The administration of the server is the only potential problem, but I am not the one to comment on that.
    If we get some people on there I can check to see what sort of resources are being used on the server, but at this point I am actually thinking the server could handle the Epoch server with ease. If we wanted to test that out I could make it possible for Destroy to get things up and running.
    Just let me know!
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    Striker got a reaction from Cavadus in Pick a Game, Any Game   
    So after a nightmare getting things working correctly, I have the Space Engineers server up and running. I have to do an update to the server itself due to a server patch that happened this week while I was working on things, but we should have a working server here sometime tonight for sure. I am trying to get the time to update the server version this afternoon, but it may have to wait until late tonight unless I finish up some Pandemus priorities I have to finish for this afternoon before our weekly meeting.
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    Striker got a reaction from Cavadus in The Repopulation: Custom Armor Logo Funding Drive   
    That would be the fine gentleman known as Destroy (I believe).
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    Striker got a reaction from Cavadus in The Health & Fitness Thread   
    I had a similar issue of ballooning after getting out of the military. Prior to my military exit, I had been dealing with my back surgeries and was given opiates by the boatload, so I wasn't eating much. I ended up getting down to about 145 lbs. from my infantry honed 170 lbs. fighting weight. After my surgeries I decided to cut the opiates out for a while to reset my pain tolerance and have had them slowly reintroduced after about a year of being painkiller free.
    So anyway, between March of 2008 when I got out of the military to the summer of 2011 I had found my appetite again and didn't exercise at all because of my back. I hit 220 lbs. and one day realized just how big I had gotten in comparison to where I should be at. It took a while for me to actually change my diet, but over the last year and a half I have shed off the excess weight and I am back down to about 155 lbs.
    I am definitely looking at adding exercise back into my life, but back issues make that difficult. I found that the right diet, or at least less frequent eating of utter crap, is something that can work quite well. I primarily eat a diet that is near vegan, but I do eat a decent amount of chicken still because I need at least some sort of meat in my diet. I eat a lot of salad, using a combination of Romaine Lettuce, Spinach Leaves, and Kale. Add in assorted veggies (carrots, celery, tomato (yes I know that one is a fruit)), olives, salad dressing, parmesan cheese, and chicken creates one hell of a satisfying meal that is overall healthy and full of energy providing nutrients.
    I also eat a lot of Soba Noodles (or any other type of Japanese noodle varieties) and a decent amount of fruit. In fact, fruit is primarily what I snack on now, but I do snack on tortilla chips or pretzels as well. A bit high in sodium, but not too unhealthy otherwise.
    So yeah...If you want to lose weight, eating right can help a lot! Classic "diets" are silly and generally restrict you from eating anything you actually like, so just form your own diet that works for you! The other thing to look at is consuming only products that use real sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup and cutting out as many other ridiculous additives from the foods you eat. They are unhealthy overall, and the price difference for naturally processed foods is barely noticeable on a lot of products.
    Good luck!!!
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    Striker got a reaction from Cavadus in The "Now" for the 47th   
    You hit the nail on the head there Cav. Our tenure in Earthrise, however short and plagued with misery from the game itself, was the Legion's best showing in any game I have been around to see. Defiance was a good showing too, but our format there was largely modified from the Earthrise approach that worked so amazingly well.
    Of the major units in Earthrise, we were manned at what could hardly be called "major", but we still wiped the floor with all but the cheaters. Even with the cheaters we would end up on top through our defined combat parameters and communications style, as even the cheaters couldn't handle our rapid response in two man teams in various directions before initiating our pure onslaught.
    We led in crafting through a gatherer and crafter breakdown in individual focus, led the battlefield through trained response to danger, and even got 1 major enemy unit to change factions so they could ally with us. It was one hell of a run and the strategy at command level was impeccable. I only hope we are able to replicate that period of time in Repop. We have done well in every game, but Repop looks like the first game since Earthrise that gets close to having the depth of strategy possibilities that shows beyond a doubt how damn good we truly are.
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    Striker got a reaction from Bikerb12 in Project 47 - An MMO for the 47th, by the 47th.   
    While full discussion on the production of this game still needs to occur between Cav and myself, Survivalist Studios will be devoting whatever resources we can towards this game, and eventually when we have the appropriate funding, Survivalist Studios will be employing a full developer team for the continued production and release of Project 47. As the product manager, I will be helping to establish the standards required for production of this game at AAA quality in the most efficient way, and while I may have ultimate approval authority, unless the decision is detrimental to business concerns, I base most decisions on general consensus or if consensus is too narrowly split we hold a vote.
    As of this moment, Cavadus will be the actual project manager (unless he chooses another project manager), and we will be using separate teams for each project. There can and will be crossover of personnel from each team as necessary (idle time or simply needing a break from working the same project being two reasons for crossover).
    In many ways, the two games will flip back and forth between being the "big" sibling. With Pandemus, we are taking the first game on as primarily storyline driven, with a limited co-op multiplayer sandbox available. Many of the systems set up for Pandemus will directly translate to being usable for Project 47. On the other hand, Project 47 is aiming at being an MMO right out the gate. This is something the Pandemus Series was going to be working towards, once we could afford the time and cost of figuring out the server technology we would need to develop for the CRYENGINE. With Project 47 working on this during the development of the first Pandemus game, we should be able to take profits from Pandemus and apply them to finalizing the Project 47 server technology and launching the MMO. This is where Project 47 becomes the "big" sibling.
    In the end, the two games can continuously prop each other up, pushing both games to the next level of greatness. This synergistic relationship should provide a long lasting possibility of growth for the studio and for each respective game. We are entering uncharted waters here, but these are exciting times for us all and Survivalist Studios is honored to be a part of making this game another awesome reality within the game industry!
    Mike "Striker" Pearson
    Director of Project Development
    Survivalist Studios, Owner