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  1. Looks better than I had expected, but not good enough to jump on the bandwagon yet...
  2. I didn't want one until I actually saw the face you created for it...rofl! That looks awesome dude!
  3. Not really an exploit. You can pick up loot you are entitled to by aiming on the little tiny box. Even with a 15x scope, it looked to be more time efficient to just run over to the loot...hehe
  4. Call me old fashioned, but I like to evenly distribute the weight I carry on both shoulders if I am carrying a full pack like that. I do have my messenger bag that I use for my laptop or quick tactical necessities, but I limit the weight of that to much below what you would put in a larger pack such as the ones linked here...
  5. You get used to being wet and then the chafing that comes with it. After a while you stop noticing that your eyes are on fire from the salt that is constantly fed into them from the sweat...haha
  6. You guys almost make me want to play again...must...fight...urge... Luckily I would have to verify my identity to Blizzard to access my account. I have an original physical authenticator on my account and the battery on the authenticator is dead the last I had seen it...haha
  7. "Console port" is a difficult term to define these days. Most game engines have cross compilers to compile the code (C++) for different systems. As an example, CryEngine games that are released for PC/XBone/PS4 requires almost no extra work to have releases available on each system. Basically the developer using CryEngine would need to create the configurations for each system's controller for the game to understand the input. The good developer will develop for testing on PC, fixing bugs in the code that are discovered for PC, and as long as they are within the spec limitations of the console (or can be scaled down from max spec to a console spec), the only bugs that should be in the console version are bugs that are in all versions of the game. In fact, you can make a game with CryEngine that uses every single bleeding edge technology with insane graphics requirements and the builds automatically reduce everything to console appropriate during the build process with no configuration from the developer. The problem with "console ports" of this day and age are that they are developed with testing purely on the consoles, which means that all the bugs that can and do occur on the wide range of hardware of the PC, due to bad code that wasn't tested properly, isn't noticed until developers are not willing to put forth the time to fix the issues. So in short...fuck consoles...they continue to hinder gaming on PC in so many ways... Glad there was enough PC focus on The Division to make it stable for PC.
  8. I will be in game tonight after work. Had dinner/drinks with the bosses which went late and then had to download the game last night. Gonna try to find a working USB adapter for my Mac right after work. I have to run my headset through my Recon3d USB sound card, but it requires a powered USB etc.
  9. I will have to wait for Amazon to deliver the game before I can play, but I won't be taking time off work for the release... Turns out that the company President and the Head of Technology are taking me out for drinks on release day too, so I have no clue if I will be able to play at all.
  10. Seems like your DNS settings are wrong for your domain. Either that or you have stale local DNS settings requiring a reboot or ipconfig manual commands to refresh your DNS records/change to use Google DNS servers. I would have to get more info to actually troubleshoot/fix the problem. Toss me a PM.
  11. I pre-ordered the game. I do think that Ubisoft misrepresented the complexity that would exist for the combat based on their initial voiced mission video. They made it seem like it would be a much more tactical game than what we have experienced here in the Beta by making it seem like team play with excellent communication and perfect team synergy was the only way to succeed. Now we see that isn't true due to the extremely arcade way they implemented the combat. I am not sure how long it will keep my attention, but if nothing else I think I will enjoy the main storyline progression. As for microtransactions, that isn't going to happen ever according to Ubisoft. They did say that if there was a change to that statement, it would purely involve clothing and no gear with stats, but even that is not planned at all for the future. I could see them doing that much later down the road when the server costs start chunking away at their profits though.
  12. I need to get a thunderbolt to usb adapter to get my headset working on my Mac. I only have 2 USB ports and they don't allow for composite USB device setup...I guess I will just get some time in on the beta this week to see if it hooks me...was kinda fun for a little bit, but I am not a huge fan of 3rd person cover shooters when they are designed around no scoping on ADS zoom. I know I can use the middle mouse to use the sight, but it is almost pointless so far in the game, if not detrimental, and that is not really my preference for a shooter.
  13. I had a max level healer of every class, but I prefered priest or paladin. Priest was vanilla WoW and I focused paladin for Burning Crusade. I definitely loved me some Shadow Priest action for PvP back in vanilla WoW too!
  14. Striker

    Fallout 4

    This is definitely a valid idea, but I think you overstate the definitive nature of them raising the price "because they can" (not to mention it also competes with your theory on a purely marketing driven price bump). One thing to add to the general theory, would be the reduction in price of the Season Pass within a short amount of time after the bump when their numbers are not high enough and a price reduction would once again achieve exactly what is achieved the the original marketing ploy (more sales to the holdouts who jump on the lower price as if they were getting a deal). I just started working in the marketing arena and I have to say that it is honestly one of the most ridiculously deceptive fields around...most marketing professionals would probably make wonderful interrogators...lols
  15. I am hoping to be online and playing by 6 PM EST, but it depends on when I get out of work. Gonna grab some beer and get Mumble setup on my BootCamp install of Windows and see what we can get going for some team play. I am watching thedivisiongame twitch stream and the dark zone combat looks to be quite fun. I will have to play a bit of catch up on figuring the game out.
  16. Wow. Maybe I am not into the overly boring "survival without combat" that will be provided by DayZ. I don't mind scavenging, but running around doing nothing more than searching through buildings doesn't sound like a fun time to me. I need some sort of excitement to go with that scavenging...
  17. Yeah...I won't be picking WoW up ever again...I used to get way too much into healing in that game and was an absolute badass, but it took over my life and that just can't happen least not with WoW...hehe
  18. Striker

    Fallout 4

    I personally bought one of the $15 expansions for Skyrim and never even got the time to play it at all...haha As for Fallout 4, I will be paying the extra money for the DLCs unfortunately. I think the impression that they are doing mass amounts of work that justifies the price may be too early to call, because I personally focus on making it so software can easily expand its features with as little work as possible, so the reality may be they just figured out a highly optimized way to provide expansion of feature subsets such as crafting, weapons, etc. As an example, if done correctly, you can reduce the job of implementing a weapon in game to only the artists (graphical representation and animation [maybe include the game designer who defines the damage and range of a gun]). Basically, implementing a new weapon in a game can be done by a single artist if you have a script that will generate the code that allows the game to know what that weapon represents. So you have LUA script defining the weapon config, the C++ is most likely already capable of understanding all of the configs for the asset type of "weapon", and all you have to do is fill out a web form that submits those config values and links the animations to the 3D Weapon and 2D thumbnail. Once you have the base game, expanding the game can be limited solely by the ability of your art department, if you programmed it correctly from the start that is!
  19. I will be around from Friday evening as long as my MacBook can handle the game. Pretty sure it can seeing as it can handle the new Tomb Raider. I have to pre-load the beta tonight when I get home.
  20. You can watch them all on YouTube. The other 3 cover the other 3 agents of the 4 person team. They are all pretty good, but the escape one you can watch via Steam is actually the last one given it covers the lead agent's origin and then him linking up with the other agents (the initial linkup will make sense after watching the female agent's origin).
  21. Interesting on the agent origins. Still not sure what the disease is though. I definitely heard a bit about smallpox, but they don't actually show anyone that is sick, or if they did, the sick definitely did not have smallpox... Edit: They sort of show what looks to be a person with smallpox in the news broadcast in the Agent Origins: Escape trailer. I am more convinced it is widespread smallpox as the outbreak, but wonder if there is some sort of twist. Oddly enough, the FDNY agent seems to be scared of infection, which you wouldn't expect if the agents were in place for this sort of event. I have been inoculated for smallpox having been in the military, so why wouldn't the agents have been inoculated for the most likely stuff that would cause their activation?
  22. Miscreated is definitely not by the WarZ pukes. I know at least one of the founding devs is/was an actual CryEngine dev. The Miscreated team actually have done something very awesome with streamlining the animation process, figuring out how to "simulate" the animations from the first person view, allowing for creation of 3rd person animations only instead of animations for both 1st and 3rd. It is slow going, and I can't say I am super impressed right now, but I haven't lost hope that the game will turn out nicely. They just have too much left to do, with too little in-game to keep my attention right now. I guess I will try out the DayZ Standalone again. I absolutely hated it last time I tried it, but that was quite a while ago.
  23. That sucks Bealin. Almost worth leaving the Great White North man!
  24. This is simply not true. At best, LEOs could lose their career for major fuckups, but it takes an act of serious depravity or extreme negligence to be brought up on charges in most states. I had 100% undeniable proof of felony perjury, resulting in illegal detainment and commitment into a mental institution, which is covered under Michigan law as an offense that falls under the Torture laws, and I couldn't get a single person in the so-called justice system to even take notice. Even a lawsuit against the LEOs will ultimately fail without the State validating "gross negligence" on the part of the involved LEO, and that unfortunately requires them to kill you. More on the topic of the cameras, I have undeniable proof that the submitted court documents from LEOs wearing recorders was fabricated, but nobody would allow the pulling of the video to compare to the documents submitted by the LEOs. Gross negligence is the only thing that will ever make it so cameras on cops make a difference. That or being a minority with the ACLU backing you I suppose, but that is because the ACLU only takes cases that further their agenda, and unfortunately that agenda is generally only furthered by cases that involve minorities for a number of reasons (not a racist thing there btw...simply the way they have to function based on funding and manpower based on their own statements directly to me when I asked for their help). Don't get me wrong here; I don't hate LEOs; I don't think they are all bad; I would assist any LEO I encountered in need of it; I simply don't believe that the cameras actually change much in the grand scheme of things. Addition: The only reasons I am not a LEO right now are quite simple. I experienced widespread corruption in the entire criminal justice system that I knew I couldn't be a part of. Also, I was trained from 17 to be the aggressor, and I didn't want to risk hurting any citizens due to my own inability to separate the violence I was trained to employ first in situations that didn't require an escalation. @Doc - You know I respect you man! My statements are not a reflection on who I believe you to be, but rather address a specific issue pertaining to myself and the LEOs I had to deal with in Michigan.