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  2. Sounds good! I usually get online between 8:00 and 9:00 PM your time. See ya then :)

  3. I couldn't get in last night, that's why I wasn't on vent. I will get on tonight, I already created my character, Bella Salvatore.

  4. Hey Sal, did you get in last night? Didn't see ya on Vent.

  5. Miss me?! :D... I will be joining you guys later this month for sure.

  6. Ssssssssssaaaaaaalllllll!!!!! Why aren't you playing with us?

  7. Of course you did, I'm delightful.

  8. Schyeah, this whole Defiance thing is no joke I guess.

  9. 301 new posts to read... WTF bossman!!

  10. Awww Kolya, I've missed you too sweetheart ;P

  11. You know you're supposed to reply on other peoples' profiles, right? This ain't Facebook, we won't see it if you keep talking to yourself!

  12. Thank you!!! :D

    ... I'm pretending it's my 21st, let's see if my liver is in on it too >.>

  13. Oh, and happy birthday!

  14. Thanks a bunch:) I'm looking at all the threads I need to read... my mind is like oh hell noes!

  15. Awesome, check out this thread for a really good rundown on it :)