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  1. Revoco

    Psn connection

    I will do that. I kind of figured some of the tabula rasa people must play destiny. They are pretty similar.
  2. Hey, my computer is not cool enough to play games with you guys but I thought I might post my psn name in case any of you play destiny or anything. SydMarch
  3. So I just watched Hardcore Henry last night. I guess the reviews have been bad, has anyone else seen it? I liked it quite a lot. It had some of the craziest stunts I have seen.
  4. I believe it. We were indoors with light protective gear for about 2 hrs doing death match and I felt like I was gonna get heat stroke.
  5. Finally did the Airsoft thing. It was actually pretty great. I was amused by how much peoples personalities played into their strategies. I will say I have never sweat so much in my life, but then again I never ran around that much in such heavy clothing. Kind of gave me a new outlook on military service. Are all solders just constantly soaked?
  6. Well I am set for doing a team round a couple Sundays from now. I will let you guys know how it goes.
  7. Does anyone here make games? I discovered a couple of sites for making board games and card games a while ago and have had some fun doing that.
  8. The package I was looking at for Airsoft was $260 for 6-10 players with gear included for a 2 hour session. Paintball ends up being a little more expensive, but thats just cause theres no packages at the place nearest me. They have this one mode of play where each team gets a different mystery objective that looks cool.
  9. I am trying to decide between setting up an Airsoft or paintball trip with some friends. Figured you guys would be a good group to poll about which is the better way to go.
  10. I don't necessarily disagree with anything that has been brought to bear here. Like most things worth debating there isn't really a simple explanation, and ultimately no real solution. That said its probably not worth getting too angry about it. If your goal is to persuade someone over to your point of you I can't think of a single example where this has been done by getting mad. I mean take Galileo for instance, I am pretty sure the church had to actually torture him to death to get him to recant his theories on astronomy. Anyway, hope that doesn't sound condescending.
  11. I agree. I think the world is a little grosser having it, and having needed it, but it definitely needed it.
  12. Sorry if this one got posted already. This is Death From Above 1979. They are great in concert. The new album is very good all the way through.
  13. As many late nights as we spent shooting the shit I dont think we ever talked about anything political. How do you feel about the recent issues surrounding law enforcement like the military offloading gear to state level authorities or changes in personnel management like cameras on cops?
  14. Revoco

    About you

    Alright, I think you sold me. I have GRE stuffs to take care of this month but I will pick up a copy for February.
  15. Revoco

    About you

    I may check out ArmA, but I am not the greatest FPS player :/