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  1. Campbell

    Fallout 76

    I get an internal error whenever I try to upload images
  2. I picked up that combo, Medieval Engineers is pretty awesome, it is now much closer to Space Engineers than it was before.
  3. It crashed on me after about 20 minutes. I'll try again tomorrow.
  4. Is this going to be a better server or the verygames server?
  5. I'll reactivate your forum account. Then you should get in Discord (we no longer use mumble or ts) and ask for an invite to the guild(s) when you are online. Discord info is in TRADOC where it usually is.
  6. Campbell

    Elder Scrolls Online

    Read the album name.
  7. Campbell


    SWTOR. Duh.
  8. Turns out it's 350% not 250%, they made a math error and don't plan to fix it.
  9. I got the $35 version so I'll play it.
  10. Campbell


    Rala and Payton have built a pretty huge hard to raid base, It just needs people to man it and farm more supplies for it. We're pretty close to civilization so there is a lot of occasionally hostile foot traffic. All you have to do is log in when one of us is online and we can make you a sleeping bag which you can spawn in right at the base.
  11. Campbell


    I think we should give Rust a try as an ops night game. This is why: The server we've been on has a large population and almost everyone is a dick, thus they are all targets. I feel this would be good for those of you who like to indiscriminately kill other players in this sort of game. The more of us, the more raiding we can do of the other big bases. There are currently at least two large groups, one of which ran us out of our previous base and who need some serious comeuppance. The second large group is going to mess with us eventually and will need some preemptive comeuppance sooner rather than later. The latter group is apparently just 4 guys, who apparently never sleep. Or work. The server wipes in various ways throughout the month so eventually things get reset, but not all at once. This adds variability to gameplay and prevents certain large groups from being overpowered.
  12. Here's an interesting party, Vote Transhuman today! Support your cyborg masters!

    1. Lightfoot


      You smell that? Smells like Skynet.