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  1. Thought I had that set up properly. =\ Try it now please.
  2. Goddammit. http://125th.net/last_stand.jpg
  3. This is the last known image of 1Lt Astrid, 47th AFSEF. In it, she confronts one of the Neph in the ruins of New York City. That's it, Tabula Rasa is over. The devs threw a massive balls-out assault on every single map in the game before pulling the plug at 23:59CST 28Feb09. This screencap was taken in the final seconds of the game.
  4. Heya boss! If ER is moving along, it's doing so slowly. I hope you get to nicer digs soon!
  5. Celestiae

    TR - D16 Arrives

    I guess we made a good impression on them. =D
  6. Celestiae

    TR - D16 Arrives

    Yay yay! Congrats on your chaingun, Campbell! I got a blade!
  7. Yay! Glad to hear from you again Boss. =D
  8. I think it's time to revoke the cops' gun privledges.
  9. A noble task. Don't let me interrupt, and I wish you success!
  10. Which is why all atheists are forbidden to marry in the United States, right. Not right? Oh, my bad. I guess your mindset is irrelevant then. You know why GLBT people are mad? It's because people are actively working to continue to deny them the same rights as any other citizen of this country. And when I say GLBT people, I mean myself too. I married another woman this Summer in California. You know, I'm just as human as you are. My relationship counts just as much as yours does. If you poke me, I bleed, the same as you do. If people give me shit about who I am all my life and try to tell me that I am worth less as a human f-----g being simply because I'm wired to love other women, I am angry and bummed the same as you would be if you were in my situation. I'm not amused. The next time you decide to start spouting some oppressive shit, change your mind and keep it to yourself.
  11. So long as they keep that bastard Frank Miller away from the script, I'll check it out.
  12. When I was still talking to my family, I'd crack a can of Coke, take a big drink, and top it off with bourbon. It's the only way I could be around them.