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  1. Another thing is that we don't necessarily need to be at a military base when the bombs fall. We could be out suppressing riots, which were taking place regularly leading up the the nukes. I think the government was actively deploying power armor regiments on US soil prior to the bombs falling.
  2. http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Great_War Looks like the US went to Defcon 2, and then 4 minutes later nukes were launched.
  3. Not that I've ever heard. It wasn't until 4 that they answered the question of who fired first. Hint, America.
  4. For our background, I tried to draw a parallel between how the 47th started in real life and transitioned into a Roman based guild and how we would do so in the Fallout universe. The 47th Armored Cavalry Division, stationed at Fort (Wherever) and currently on assignment at (wherever) is under the command of Colonel Maximillian Lawrence. After the war, Lawrence maintains discipline and morale for a short while before the 47th realizes that the world has been destroyed and they are, as far as they initially know, the last survivors of the human race. As a result, morale crumbles and the 47th starts falling apart. Drawing on his near obsession with Ancient Rome, Lawrence adopts the name Labenius and the rank of Legate and reforms the 47th into the 47th Legion, and sets off on a mission to rebuild the wasteland in the image of Rome. At some point after that, Labenius starts to turn more and more despotic, culminating in increasingly questionable orders, ultimately leading most of the Legion to refuse them (like destroying a neutral settlement for their resources) , so Labenius orders a decimation to keep control of his rebelling officers. This is the turning point, and the officers stage a coup and assassinate him However, they realize the charismatic effect that Labenius has on the men, and decide to keep up a ruse where Labenius is still alive and in command, all the while Cavadus is really the one in charge.
  5. I got kicked from the group earlier this year.
  6. I heard Star Wars was a thing again, so I am formally requesting reinstatement.
  7. The cartel version doesn't have the shoulder pads and it's puke green.
  8. So they're finally putting the goddamn Jedi character creator armor in game and its coming out of a lockbox? Goddammit so hard.
  9. And he's been universally hated the entire time. He's the gamer equivalent of the Westboro Baptist Church.
  11. Kolya

    Eternal Crusade

    I was really looking forward to a 40k MMO, but after watching some of the YouTube videos on it, it looks really unimpressive. I realize it's alpha footage, but it still looks like a carbon copy of space marine just with crappier graphics.
  12. Near as I can tell, in addition to being super rare, it's also highly sought after. Don't expect it to be cheap.
  13. Yeah, it's the super rare set in the box. I got THREE FUCKING JETPACKS before I got enough Havoc armor. Still missing the gloves and the belt.
  14. About fucking time. I shelved my vanguard when they leaked pictures for that armor, been waiting like two months for it.
  15. I'll tell ya, the one thing I miss from PvP servers is the ability to continually harass and kill the assholes that steal your objectives while you're killing mobs. Fuck I wish that was a bannable offense.
  16. Next patch I think. Either next week or two weeks from now.
  17. It's as if a thousand voices cried out at once and were silenced by what should've been expected disappointment.
  18. My shadow is on the last leg of act three, where he's been for the better part of two years now. I just like having the random npcs on my ship, so I'll probably end up making a sage just to see the end of that storyline.
  19. I didn't think I'd enjoy being on a PvE server, but it's actually kind of nice not having to worry about getting an alt ganked by bored 60s.
  20. We went with Imperial Knights on Ajunta Pall. But we could always just go with Imperial Legion if that's taken.
  21. Same. I'd also like to see us open up an Imperial side guild as well.