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  1. I managed to log in for like 5 minutes in the past week or something so I should get the cc and extra time, I assume.
  2. Holy crap that was a really long intro. Anyway I do agree.
  3. Amazon is a newer flashy site? Just use the mobile version. Thanks to the really weird formatting... I'm throwing it in code tags. Just copy pasta to your browser.
  4. Cheapskate Mine came with a USB soundcard, and I too approve of it.
  5. A single e-mail reminder as we get closer (Like around Beta or something), is probably all that is needed. If they respond, awesome. If not, who cares.
  6. All fair points. I don't use my headset all the time, and the mic doesn't seem to get in my way too often, but YMMV. Overall I like mine, but I'm willing to bet your headset alone is betting quality than mine. I have a good 5.1 surround sound speaker set up when I don't need the headphones, so I didn't have to worry about getting the BEST ones, although mine are still pretty good. Looks like my headset was quite a bit cheaper than Campbells (although if he got it on sale, who knows what the price would be), so his sound quality is probably tons better than mine. I wanted wired though, cause I don't like having to charge the things. The only thing I use that's wireless is a mouse. So who knows, maybe the wireless adds a lot to the price in order to keep quality up. I never hear myself over teamspeak so I can't talk about the quality of the mic. I've never had anyone complain, but if you've found any problems my voice quality, use that to make a decision. Like I said, if you get a cheap 30-50 dollar headset, the mic will probably be in an annoying place and the whole thing might fall of your face or something. Get something in the 100+ range at least (Or at least would be at that price if it weren't on sale). I think I bought mine for 90 bucks with the price originally around 140 or something.
  7. It looks like MHS is planning on having BP split. Which will make me a happy camper. Post No word on when this will happen, but it appears soon.
  8. What problems do you guys find you have with Headphone/mic combo's?
  9. I use [ame][/ame], but it doesn't look like Amazon is selling it directly anymore. I 've used it for over 2 years now and never had a problem. So I recommend a Sennheiser with a mic attached. The only problem I've ever had is that it pinches my ears onto the my glasses, so I have to put my glasses above my ears when I wear them for a long time. No real problem, I'm sure it just looks funny. Also, I wanted to say that you shouldn't be cheap with headsets and mic's. You'll be using them a lot so you should get comfortable ones that have good sound quality. If you get a cheap 30 dollar set you will get what you pay for. Also, try not to crush, destroy, eat, or otherwise kill your headset. Don't leave it on the floor for it to be rolled over, or stepped on. I have a friend who can't seem to keep a mic alive for longer than a few months because he always finds a way to destroy it.