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  1. Bonkers

    Fallout 4

    Season Pass is only 29.99 on Steam that's actually not bad and Bestheda usually put's out 5 DLC's for their games with loads of content to explore and survive and thanks to the Modding community these games have even more great content and added story's. I loved FO3 for the ability to explore to my heart's content although I still wanted to explore those subway cars that were always blacked out an solid! FNV I enjoyed for the followers and the story's they brought to the table and I enjoyed the expansion's. FO4 at least with the Season Pass it will cover all the DLC and you only pay the $30 not like Destiny's Season Pass that only covered 2 DLC's and then you had to pay for the rest. I think if a game has good content, good story's and are fun to explore you'll come back and replay it eventually, I played the first Dragon Age probably 23x's, Dragon Age 2 around 17x's unfortunately the 3rd Dragon Age only 3x's so far. Mass Effect is still my all time favorite series put in many hours in both 1 & 2 though 3 pissed me off when I saw the ending and shelved it for a few months then I found a Mod that did away with those choices and Starkid and I was happy again. Though in truth my ultimate favorite Series to date will be Wing Commander, when Wing Commander 2 came out I bought it on 3.5 floppy disks and the speech pack was sold separately so I think I paid like $120 but I had a blast and lots of fun so it was worth it. I think SWTOR was the most expensive Collectors Edition I ever bought, I remember getting the Fallout 3 Collectors Edition the Pip Boy Alarm clock sucked the life out of battery's in less than 24 hours so makes a better item to view than use. Oh and I did order the Fallout 4 Pip Boy Edition and will still get the Season Pass! Though I did love the games of the early to late 90's we had cool books that came with the game's and I still read Fallout and Fallout 2's book's their enjoyable even tried out a couple of the recipes!
  2. Bonkers Here <Salute> Saw the email for SWTOR my login's will probably only be 1 or 2 nights a week until after Halloween! Is our Unit name the same here as in game?
  3. I have an active paid sub in SWTOR just haven't played in several months so my monthly Cartel coin allotment should be nice, though truthfully I rarely get anything from the Cartel Store. Harbinger I think I have something there not sure most of my characters are on PvE servers moved most of them off of Jung-Ma awhile ago when the server was dieing out.
  4. I guess the Force wasn't with Luke when the Walker stepped on him ROFL, played the Beta a little bit but the UI to get into the games is very laggy once in the game absolutely no problems other than my ability to die quickly and often, hehe.
  5. Bonkers

    Fallout 4

    I'm really looking forward to Fallout 4 and November is almost here only month and 3 days left. Been playing a lot of single player style games with my Volunteering out at the local Haunted House Pre-Season building rooms and getting everything ready opened Sept. 10th and last weekend was very busy we had over 11,000 people. So After Nov. 10th I should be able to come back to active duty. Also majorly looking forward to XCom 2 enjoyed the first one have 311 hours so far.
  6. Bonkers Reporting for Duty! <Salute> (Hopefully I can keep myself out of the hospital long enough to actually have fun running with you guys) Looking for reinstatement and purchased Repopulation now if I can just figure out which end to shoot my gun from!
  7. I've been a STO Lifetime Sub since day 1 when I create a new character I have to go the store and claim the VIP items. The other rewards I get are the bonus stuff like fireworks, titles, and buffs and the perk of going to the VIP station. So might want to check the store if you haven't already.
  8. Working getting back into action!

  9. Well that explains that then kept wondering why I used my last name as my call sign on here, my Medic in Tabula Rasa was name Welch, my Grenadier was Cpl.McGugan. well all the pieces are coming together it appears. By the way I really miss Tabula Rasa loved the Earth part they added and the mechs we could pilot.
  10. I recently went through and cleaned up a bunch of folders in my email and came across a letter to join the 47th Legion on dec 9th 2007 for Richard Garriotts Tabula Rasa I was wondering of this is the same 47th Legion from back in those days if anyone can remember that far back that is. Just a curious, hehe [media][/media]
  11. As to logging into mumble I seem to be unable to as the password I had appears to be invalid or I just haven't been reinstated yet. I'm more of a Ground pounder though this game reminds me a lot of a TV show I really enjoyed when it was out Space Above and Beyond where you flew and also fought on the ground or in ships.
  12. Hello all I've been missing in action for quite some time, I recently received an email and have started trying to be active once again. My name is Nathan Welch and my tag is Bonkers <Salute>
  13. <Salute> Hi guy's I forgot I was a member here at the beginning of the year I had to replace my HDD and all my info on my old drive was lost to me it wasn't until I had a recent email from the 47th that I remembered being a part of the 47th. I'm excited to be an original backer for SC, I've been a fan of Wing Commander since I first found it on 5 1/4 floppy's trying to tweak my old computer with MS-Dos 4.0 to run it. I have the 300I for the Bounty Hunter package all my disability funds would allow me to afford. <Sucks I so wanted a constellation>