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Status Updates posted by Cavadus

  1. Important discussion in barracks. Go now!

  2. Hey Kotsuumo,happy birthday!

    1. Kotsuumo


      Thanks very much sir. :)

  3. Alright, I will be online tonight FOR SURE. One more week to go of this 0500 nonsense and then back to my regular gaming schedule.

  4. Okay, Warface looks pretty awesome. Will download tonight for sure.

    1. Striker


      I checked it out after seeing your comment and it does look pretty cool. Gonna give it a try myself if I ever get a few to play!

  5. And we're back to -10 to -20 F. Awesome...

    1. Lightfoot


      Yeah, we're +10 right now. Once you get under freezing it just goes to suck.


    2. Stickman


      I heard that the mountains in California that are usually covered in 10 feet of snow are completely barren of snow.

    3. Shogun


      Send so of that 90's eastward!

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  6. Hey, happy birthday, dude :)

    1. Sabre18


      Thanks Cav!! Downloading Planetside 2 now....


  7. Wow, this is the worst game I've ever seen:

    1. Stickman


      The game seemed bland, but what drove me crazy was that the guy playing was a complete idiot.

    2. Cavadus


      You can download it for free here:

    3. Stickman


      I'll give it a try. I didn't think it looked too bad.

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  8. Awesome job last night, everyone! We took a lot of territory on Amerish and quite a bit of it single-handedly :)

  9. Awww yeeuhh, gettin' my drink and chili on with Odin tonight.

    1. Payton


      post pics! But get some scantily clad waitresses to photobomb you!

    2. Campbell


      In fact, how about you two photobomb the scantily clad women instead?

    3. Cavadus


      There was no womens; only men. Had two other buddies there and we just drank and watched action movies.

  10. OMG, warm temperatures. Well, warmish. 30F.

    1. Jones


      almost 70 here, got the windows open and beer in hand.

  11. So our governor said that he's probably going to close the state down on Monday. Supposed to be -30 F with -60 F windchill.

    1. KBob


      it should be over soon ( NY is already warmer with tons of snow ) .. stay warm.

    2. Cavadus


      Nah, this is the new wave of cold. We're got two warm days and right back to ridiculous.

    3. Campbell


      I hear that movie "The Day After Tomorrow" is coming true for you guys. It's going to be an absolutely frigid 35F in Sacramento.

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  12. Happy birthday, fool!

    1. Striker


      Haha...Thanks man! Too bad I am at work getting all my hard work trashed! Serves me right for providing 100% accurate statistics!!! ;)

  13. It is really fucking cold out right now. High of -5 F tomorrow.

    1. Shogun


      Same here in Buffalo. Freezing balls off cold. High of +5 tomorrow.

  14. Hey Symber, I'm Centurion Cavadus, the commanding officer, and I'd like to personally welcome you to the 47th Legion! If you have any questions about anything feel free to bug Optio Campbell about it as he's the officer in charge of reception which where you're currently assigned. We're currently playing Planetside 2 and Defiance; Defiance ops are on Thursday nights and PS2 ops are on Sunday nights.

  15. Did you ever see this?

    1. Striker


      Yeah. I have that fully installed and working fine, but the PHP module won't compile from source and they built it using a different version of PHP than what we have installed, so the module doesn't work. I was waiting on the Ice guys to get back with me with either a compiled version of the PHP module or advice as to what it is that is causing my compile to fail, but at this point I need to just solve the problem myself once I get a few minutes.

  16. Hey Caelim, I couldn't get the AMP TS3 server to accept either "skylord" or "skylords" as the password. Any help?

  17. Hey Djin, got ya back on the roster and setup for permissions. Will you be playing Planetside 2 with us at all?

  18. Hey Tal, I got your account fully reactivated and have placed you in our Star Citizen Reserve Corps. Feel free to join us in PS2 and welcome back :)

  19. So wow, you'll never guess who replied to that last e-mail that was sent out? Taladien! Said he'll be joining us for SC :) You stay in touch with the other SK guys at all?

    1. Destroy


      I still do, quite often. We have a ventrilo server that we have been using for about 10 years now. I have talked to all of them in the past about coming back to the 47th for SC. Taladien was the hardest one to sell on it, so if he agreed I am sure the other two won't be hard to convince.

  20. Happy birthday, yo!

  21. Hey Decon, I got you in 4th Platoon, Charlie Section. DAMAG3 is your immediate superior, Sobelize is the platoon carian, and Striker is your platoon leader.

  22. Happy birthday, dude!

    1. Nadar


      Thanks Cav. Another year older...not sure if any wiser :)

  23. Yup, just bought this:

    1. Payton


      what's next - velour Elvis?

    2. Cavadus


      Probably Slayer onesies.

    3. Lightfoot


      You know... my Dog's name is Dio. I'm just saying.

  24. Maximus! Happy birthday, dude :)

  25. Wh00t, new phone today. Nexus 5. It's baller. Now, I wish this headache would go away so I can game :(