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Status Updates posted by Cavadus

  1. Hey, happy birthday, dude :)

    1. Sabre18


      Thanks Cav!! Downloading Planetside 2 now....


  2. Sorry I haven't been around too much lately, guys. I don't wanna let ya down. Still haven't gotten my new GFX card RMAd and sent back. On my old tower atm. PS2 is a slideshow, Firefall runs okay, and it can't even boot up Star Citizen :(

    1. Shofur


      lol... its all good man. we understand.

  3. Check out my thread in CQ Desk; Sapphire R9 290 Vapor-X for ust $270 on NewEgg!!!

  4. Okay, Warface looks pretty awesome. Will download tonight for sure.

    1. Striker


      I checked it out after seeing your comment and it does look pretty cool. Gonna give it a try myself if I ever get a few to play!

  5. Saw Steel Panther last night. A+. Definitely recommend. Will do again!

    1. Maximus


      death to all but metal

  6. Hey Kotsuumo,happy birthday!

    1. Kotsuumo


      Thanks very much sir. :)

  7. In-laws got here two days ago. Don't leave until tomorrow.

    1. Stickman


      Hang in there. And we will be missing you until your return!

  8. Playin' Fallen Earth.

    1. Shogun


      Me too. So far so good!

  9. Anyone ever play Zombies, Monsters, Robots?

  10. Excellent video on how WoW ruined MMORPGs:

  11. So Magpul makes phone cases. I got one for my Nexus 5. I loves it. My phone is 200%, maybe even 300%, more tactical now. Also, it was only ten bucks.

  12. Hey Crews, welcome to the home of the 47th Legion :)

    1. Crews


      Were you able to find my application? If so, what other steps may I have to do?

  13. That's a badass avatar. What's it from?

    1. Nekuzar


      A guy named Rafael Amarante does concept art and rendering of different kinds of "soldiers". This one is his "Elite Soldier". Check him out. Its pretty cool.

  14. Repop is on sale for $14.99 this week:

    1. Shofur


      just got it... looks deep!


  15. We've got the city started! Check out Castrum XLVII by pasting this into your chat bar: /waypoint add 9223372309307812326 1 (46.0, 0, 230.1) Castrum_XLVII

    1. Bealin


      Post screen shots!

  16. Wh00t, the new website is up!

  17. Hey, no worries about the field exercise. I know how those go! In the future just give your platoon carian or platoon leader a heads-up. Also, I really need to get that "leave of absence" form back up.

    1. Maximus


      ok thanks for understanding. i'll remember to do loa thing and let payton know next time


  18. ArmA 3 is currently 50% off on Steam:

    1. Bealin


      I just picked this up, will be looking to play this weekend!

  19. Awesome to see peeps having real gaming fun in Epoch and Space Engineers again. We've been missing that lately :)

    1. Odin


      The only problem I have, is in the wee hours of the morning, I get tired, and end up dying due to not paying attention... Usually I am way too far out to justify running back to get my shit... I think that I need to spend more time near the span/base after midnight.

  20. Missions are up and running on the Arma server! The lewtz is eenkreduhbull!

  21. Hey, they're making another WH40k game! Third person shooter MMO with an emphasis on PvP.

    1. Cavadus


      Here a dude talks about creating AN ENTIRE PLANET. Not just a zone.

  22. Hey fool. still kickin'? :D

  23. Dammit, Cooke. Play Fallen Earth with us!