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Status Updates posted by Cavadus

  1. Big news for this coming Sunday's op. Check the command bulletin.

  2. BioRifle now does poison damage so it's probably pretty good now.

  3. Sorry I missed last night. Some friends surprised the wife and I with a prime rib dinner and we hadn't seen them in over a year.

    1. Campbell


      We split into level appropriate groups but I didn't like the format, it was just myself and Bonetti for the whole ops while others went and did L40 raids.

  4. Got my Nighthawk to 40 with all blue weapons and equipment and fully modded to boot. Ready to rock for raids and PvP!

  5. Pro-tip: Apparently healing is considered negative poison damage so poison resistance reduces healing effects on you. DUMB.

  6. Fuckin' A, y'all. Steelers versus Ravens this weekend. Best rivalry in the whole NFL right there.

  7. Well, it's officially Pre-Winter. High today of like 55. Had to turn the heat on. Low in the 40s. Won't be long until we see snow.

    1. Campbell


      Damn. It's gonna be in the 90's here for at least another month.

    2. Lightfoot


      It's starting to dip here, too. It's gonna be the humidity that hangs around for a while.


    3. Dragonsoul


      im glad im in florida

  8. Starting this coming Friday Firefall will be having a +25% XP weekend. Get your grind on!

    1. Lightfoot


      Well, I know what I'm doing this weekend!


    2. Lodowar


      Cool, downloading as we speak, I always wanted a new game as I can't stay logged to Defiance for more than few minutes

  9. You might like this:

  10. Hey, when you going to the fair? Also, I'm going to start Bl2 up tonight. Found two youtube guides which show how to unlock every single skin and head in like an hour.

    1. Odin


      We are going to the fair tomorrow! We both took the day off work, and will be enjoying the day away form the kid. When do you think you are going to be on tonight? I have Bl2 installed, and ready to go.

  11. I just remembered that you can holster weapons in Defiance. Well, not holster them but if you unequip them or just keep a loadout with an empty weapon slot you're avatar won't be holding anything.

    1. Kolya


      Still kind of a shit game.

  12. I'm back! Married and everything.

    1. Tsarg


      Lol, Grats boss and welcome back!

  13. Got the MNG 2014 ribbon up on the awards page. Does the ribbon still look a little off to you?

    1. Lightfoot


      Looks fine to me, but I thought we agreed that it would be higher in precedence than a campaign medal?

  14. Goddam Dark Matter dropped about an entire battalion of dismounts on Campbell, Dralzen, and myself last night. That shit was nuts!

    1. Payton


      Game kept bouncing me out. Must have been you guys over riding the server!

  15. So just a quick heads-up but there appears to be something specifically fucky about your user account. I submitted a ticket to IPboard about it. It should function normally. It's just that any edits in the admincp boot me straight back to the forum index.

    1. Lightfoot


      So, it's just me? Not anyone else? Fanfuckin'tastic.

  16. Happy birthday, Wutte!

  17. Caught up on some sleep last night. Feeling a lot better!

  18. Wow, am I tired. I think I'm going straight to sleep tonight. Well, maybe I'll hop on a Mumble for a little bit. Y'all wore me out!

  19. Eatin' walleye with the boys. Went to a Twinkies game and bought some me cigars!

  20. Had an awesome night with Lightfoot, Odin, Payton and Blueblood! Got drunk and lit stuff on fire. Twins game and more stuff today!

    1. Tsarg


      Sooooo jealous!!! have fun guys!!!

  21. Dang dude, where were ya last night? Campbell was telling me you were a little bummed as your schedule is kind of off our peak hours. We had about twenty people rolling during last night's op and took out the warmaster :)

    1. Skellz


      I was at work from 11am to 11pm. I was told that I JUST missed the op... A little bummed is an understatement, hah.

  22. Happy birthday, Stickman! I got you some jambalaya:

  23. So, if you're still playing Defiance or looking for an excuse to get back into it the weapon grinding rate is insanely fast now. I've mastered like five weapons in two nights starting from 6-7 on each.

    1. Cavadus


      High weapon level is 20, highest EGO rating is 5821. No, I don't think it's worth it to buy the DLCs at all.

    2. Tsarg


      Rgr that. Ill finish up patching Star Citizen to see if i can run the Arena Commander and as soon as that is done I'll hop on Defiance to keep going with the grinding.

    3. Zyngwe


      Just got back into Defiance. Been afk for awhile. It looks like they updated the salvage matrix a good bit too. Pretty neat system.

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