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Status Updates posted by Cavadus

  1. Okay, watching Rex and the crew;s AT-TE take on three AT-ATs was pretty cool.

  2. Hooray, they fixed med probe in today's patch.

    1. Jones


      so we get probed now? giggity


  3. Sorry if I sounded like an irritable dick at any point during last night's op. Have been very sleep deprived this weekend. I'll make an effort to be better at travel instructions in the future as well.

    1. ishKiia


      We all have our .... ding dong times.... and you were for sure. However, that says a lot that you would actually post an apology. Hat's off to you Cav. THAT takes character. Any idiot can work hard to be right all the time, and have 0 respect, integrity, and re-pore. but to do what you just did, THAT I respect. We all have bad days, no worries.


      Create an awesome day,


  4. Shogun! Where ya been at, man? We've been killing it in SWTOR. Had 20 peeps online last night for ops :)

    1. Shogun


      Don't have the game but I will download it and get going.

  5. Interesting Star Wars lore:

    1. Destroy


      The imperial agent storyline involves them. Cool stuff.

  6. Don't know if anyone has much for sale on the GTN but every single transaction is being canceled in tomorrow's patch.

  7. Hit on a really cool look for my Sith Warrior last night... I based it all on the battleworn triumvirate body armor. I kinda want to write a story about how my warrior came across the piece.

    1. Bealin


      I just hit 60 on my Sith Assassin the other night, need to finish up Rishi and Yavin IV, and then Ziost and Oricon to have everything finished for the expansion, and that will be my 10th lvl 60 completed.

    2. Cavadus


      Nice. I'm at L34 right now. Trying to burn through everything and get to 60 as fast as I can. Though since I've never played Warrior I'm also trying not to rush that story.

    3. Sevrun


      Warrior has a pretty BA story. It's kind of predictable but it's hella fun. You feel absolutely unstoppable throughout the story.

  8. Welcome to 47th HQ, Tyrenek!

  9. Alright, just need to knock out Ziost and it's Sith Warrior time!

    1. Bealin


      Ziost is nice, you get the 190 rating gear from there, make sure you do all the side quests! Also kill all the walkers there is an achievment!

    2. Bealin


      Same with the boss mobs hiding around places!

  10. Going to finish up a few things on my trooper and then leave it alone for awhile. I've done a bit of Rishi in SoR. Will be mostly Imperial side on my warrior after this week.

    1. Bealin


      I'll be finishing off my Sith Assassin this week, just hit 57 last night, doing some of the revan prequal stuff, flashpoints and what not.

  11. Pretty damning article on Star Citizen:

    1. Destroy


      And current employees...


    2. Tsarg


      But then again thats what "The escapist" keeps saying without actually giving any names, not even of the ex employees. Sounds kinda fishy to me.

    3. Stickman


      If you have read any of Derek Smart's work it is within the same umbrella of these people. The article from the Escapist is obviously inspired under the same motivations of Derek Smart. Smart has gotten a lot of attention for his outrageous and false claims, so others have decided to do the exact same thing to piggyback some attention off SC. I would have to go back and read the follow-up post from the Escapist about their sources, but rough numbers from my memory were about 7 sources, 5...

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  12. I just finished Makeb and prelude to SoR. If anyone is actually ready for SoR or needs some help finishing up Makeb let me know. I'd rather run through SoR with some peeps. Makeb was a bit boring by myself.

  13. Just woke up from my nap... went to sleep at 1600 CDT. It's almost 0900 the next day... helluva nap.

  14. Dang, was so tired after work last night. I did crash by 2100, though. Plan to be up for awhile tonight.

    1. Stickman


      Lol I feel bad for staying up till 0600 day before last. I almost missed my class! I am learning that sleep management is very important lol

  15. Started watching Clone Wars while I work/homework and I just saw a sweet cameo by Delta Squad from Republic Commando. They looked pretty badass.

  16. Arma 3 server is about half finished but very playable. Most important stuff has been installed and AI is up. The server did have to be wiped, however.

  17. So it turns out my Black Talon's Scout Rifle is just a basic comms rifle from Coruscant. Was able to pick it up last night along with a VL-18 and VL-25 XT for dirt cheap. The 18 cost like 20k credits and 25 cost 12k. This server rocks.

    1. Kolya


      Yeah man, I'm liking it. I transferred my shadow, assassin, powertech and vanguard over, and I haven't experienced any server instabilities yet.

  18. Arma 3 server has been restored to vanilla. DB is intact. Everything should work but it will be sans many features until later.

  19. Lightning strike surged our power last night and my SSD decided the best response was to irretrievably lock itself. So I ended up fucking wiping it and reinstalling Windows. What a pain in the dick.

    1. Jungels


      Right there with ya man


  20. Just received some vital intel on hun troop movement. Watch the command bulleting for a warno.

  21. Missions are up and running on the Arma server! The lewtz is eenkreduhbull!

  22. Awesome to see peeps having real gaming fun in Epoch and Space Engineers again. We've been missing that lately :)

    1. Odin


      The only problem I have, is in the wee hours of the morning, I get tired, and end up dying due to not paying attention... Usually I am way too far out to justify running back to get my shit... I think that I need to spend more time near the span/base after midnight.

  23. ArmA 3 is currently 50% off on Steam:

    1. Bealin


      I just picked this up, will be looking to play this weekend!

  24. Well, I'm fed up. I'm quitting the dealership tomorrow.

    1. Cavadus


      Good to hear, Bealin. I quit. Just got home and I feel like shit over it.

    2. Destroy


      Sucks, but hopefully it will be the best for both you and your brother. Now get out there and make those new plans happen!

    3. Stickman


      We still need to play Arm3 together

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  25. And as soon as I actually have more gaming time I come down with a horrible flu/cold/thing. Had the highest fever I've ever had on Friday night. FML lately.

    1. Maximus


      those things that ruin gaming weekends :(, mabe i should have kept my trap shut huh. get well soon buddy


    2. Jungels