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Status Updates posted by Cavadus

  1. Hey Savage, welcome back! Which game will you be joining us for?

    1. Savage


      Good Day Sir.

      I am very interested in Star Citizen.I have spent over 550 USD on the ships i would like to fly.I will buy Defiance today and take a look around in the game and get the feel of the game before i make a fool of myself by joining a team and not knowing anything.

  2. Did you know that you can hover over any thread link on the entire website with your mouse cursor and a preview will automatically pop up?

  3. Hey! You gonna play Star Citizen with us or what?

    1. Lightfoot


      I'm considering it very heavily. My other project fell through the floor after hundreds of man-hours of work. I'm just kind of cringing at the costs, though.


    2. Lightfoot


      In other words, I REALLY want to. I'll just have to work some overtime to afford it.

  4. Unbelievably awesome op last night, everyone!

    1. Jungels


      Yes! Yes it was!


  5. I'm not sure why you're avatar broke but I have changed it to a baby sloth in pajamas for you.

    1. Pistolena


      Haha! I thought Brutus did it because Arguile and I call him sloth! No worries it's my gaming dog Pippy again!


  6. Ha, @ELSnip(+)r rezzed OverloadUT during yesterday's livestream :P

  7. What a weird car sale. Some kid comes in on a bicycle, we go for a test drive, he needs to go to his to grab his checkbook so I tell him to just drive the vehicle there (I'm in it btw). We get to his house, he makes me a pumpkin spice latte, his grandmother comes out of nowhere and he makes her one too, and while he spends ten minutes digging around for a few thousand bucks and his checkbook his grandmother and I have a nice conversation. He finds everything, we leave, and sign out.

  8. Har Mar Superstar was excellent last night! Probably the best non-metal show I've ever been to.

  9. Har Mar Superstar tonight! See y'all afterwards:

  10. Raining cats and dogs here. And I left the windows on my house open. Ffffffuck.

  11. High today in the high 50s, wh00t!

  12. KTAM ops went great. Thanks, everyone. Y'all were perfect!

  13. Tonight is the big ops!

  14. I'm in this giant mansion listening to metal right now. My GF gets paid $700 to cat-sit here for two weeks out of every month. Ridiculous.

  15. Hey Miller, I'll try and get in touch with ya in-game tonight.

  16. Hey, no worries about the field exercise. I know how those go! In the future just give your platoon carian or platoon leader a heads-up. Also, I really need to get that "leave of absence" form back up.

    1. Maximus


      ok thanks for understanding. i'll remember to do loa thing and let payton know next time


  17. I wish one of our feeds would push an entry so I would know that they're posting correctly in the TNN and then onto Twitter...

  18. Wh00t, the new website is up!

  19. Hey, you ever plan on playing Defiance again? Volge sieges and the Dark Matter monolith arkfalls are pretty sweet!

  20. Hey Criptix,


    Nope, password is still the same. The host may be having some issues though. Just saw this message in the Mumble host control panel:


    Dear Clients,


    There is currently a networking issue affecting our US Central location. We have contacted our connection provider and they are looking into the cause of the issue. We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may be causing you and your group.


    We will update this news post as we gather any new information on the matter.


    Thank you for your patience.

  21. Hey man, long-time no-see. I saw that you got dropped from the 47th usergroup due to forum inactivity (the forum auto-drops a user after 30-days of not logging in) but I went ahead and restored your member access.


    Plan on jumping in-game soon or just seeing what's up? The first DLC is supposed to be out this month FWIW.

  22. Hey Pyro, is there anything the 47th can do to help you out with Defiance mods? I'm pretty handy with Photochop so I could do any stock art you might need.

  23. Hey Syrris,


    We'll be right here when ya get back. Good luck rehabbing that tendon and I hope you recover quickly. We'll be right here when ya get back :)



  24. Hey Asrai, got your app and it looks great. I'm processing it right now. Stay tuned for further details and welcome to the 47th :)