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Status Updates posted by Cavadus

  1. Mildly hungover and it's all Odin's fault.

  2. Happy birthday, dude!

  3. So close to 9 days of pure video game FREEEEEDOOOOMMMM!!!!

  4. BRUTUS! Happy birthday, dude!

  5. Happy birthday, dude!

  6. Happy birthday, dude!

  7. Happy birthday, dude!

  8. Snow! We got some.

  9. Happy Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary!

    1. Payton


      hah hah Awesome!

  10. Hey Omiru, I've assigned you to 4th Platoon, Alpha Section. You'll be reporting to Carian Montbard from here on out. Welcome to the 47th :)

  11. Hey man, I know it's been awhile but happy birthday :)

  12. Hey Gustaph, welcome to the 47th :)

  13. Wh00t, had a good time at Louis last night with Odin! And then Troll 2 :D

    1. Odin


      hmmmm. Lobster Penne!!

  14. I need to play some vigi-games hard tonight. Between Halloween and my b-day all I got was Sunday's op.

  15. Ugh, and so it begins: we're getting snow.

    1. Bonkers


      Were supposed to start seeing snow by Weds and it's getting cold out only hit 41 today and tonight's low will be 32.


    2. Dragonsoul


      and now im happy i live in the south

    3. Bonkers


      Ah but I like snow lets you know Christmas is coming and the kids love it because of snow days and no school.


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  16. Awesome op, everyone! Broke the record for sieges 'cuz we baller.

  17. All I did was sleep yesterday. Six hour nap in the middle of the day, went to bed at 2200. Mucho video games-o tonight. O.

  18. Hey, a little late but IPBoard needs PHP 5.4.

    1. Striker


      No problem. I went ahead and installed PHP 5.4.20 in anticipation of that being the official word.

  19. Happy birthday, dude!

  20. Hey Syrris, welcome back! Got ya all setup again with appropriate access. You're now in 1st Platoon, Charlie Section, under Munster. KBob is your platoon carian and Payton is your platoon leader.

  21. Your avatar is just a black box.