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Status Updates posted by Cavadus

  1. Ooh, excitement! Can't reveal anything atm. Bursting at the seams. Soon!

    1. Lightfoot


      Such... a... tease.

    2. Stickman


      You sound just like Ben Lesnick about a week ago.

    3. Striker


      I am only assuming I know what Cav is referencing, but if so, excitement indeed!

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  2. You might be interested in this:

    1. Kolya


      You know me so well.


      I need to know if there's a fauxhawk option!

  3. Hey, pretty extensive TRP crafting video:

  4. Hey, you pledged $150 to TRP, right? Looks like you'll be auto-gifted full alpha access. Keys start going out this Friday.

  5. You gotta play some War Thunder tanks! It totally shits all over WoT.

    1. Destroy


      I will see if I can get some game time in the next few days. I need to get some grinding done and catch up.

  6. You really needed an avatar so I uploaded one for you :D

    1. Striker


      Thanks for the information. I already have a 6 month Subscription. I have actually been working on getting everything set up from a project management perspective for a game using the CRYENGINE for about 3 months. I am about a week out from having my starting point complete!

  7. Hey, they're making another WH40k game! Third person shooter MMO with an emphasis on PvP.

    1. Cavadus


      Here a dude talks about creating AN ENTIRE PLANET. Not just a zone.

  8. Well, I guess I'm engaged.

    1. Lightfoot


      Hey, if the boss is getting married, that could be a big deal for us. Some women flip shit after you get married. It's like a damned light switch.


    2. Dralzen
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  9. Happy birthday, yo!

  10. Hey Din, welcome to the 47th!

  11. We've got some good shit to give away this Sunday in Fallen Earth so don't miss it!

    1. Shogun


      I'll be there.:)

    2. Cavadus


      By "this Sunday" I actually meant the Sunday after that... lol.

  12. Just a heads-up but the wardrobe slot unlocks are currently 25% for Fallen Earth.

  13. That's a badass avatar. What's it from?

    1. Nekuzar


      A guy named Rafael Amarante does concept art and rendering of different kinds of "soldiers". This one is his "Elite Soldier". Check him out. Its pretty cool.

  14. Hey Revo, I know it's been a billion years but happy birthday and I hope all is well :)

  15. This coming Saturday is a big ass crafters flea market in New Flagstaff up in S2. Check the calendar for the deets.

  16. Hey Crews, welcome to the home of the 47th Legion :)

    1. Crews


      Were you able to find my application? If so, what other steps may I have to do?

  17. Alright, finished up sector two fast travel points. One sector to go.

  18. Excellent video on how WoW ruined MMORPGs:

  19. I know it's been awhile but happy birthday!

  20. Alright, got our blizzard. That sucked. Had to snow blow the driveway at like 0600 so the GF could get to work. Minnesota's broke as fuck so they do a shit of plowing the roads. Our interstates are a joke right now.

    1. Bealin


      This is how we handle the snow up in the Canada

    2. Destroy


      Holy cow that's a lot of snow plows...

  21. Well, we're supposed to get a blizzard. 8 to 12 inches. The snow just started and it's falling on recently frozen slush. Shit is gonna get interesting...

  22. Whoohoo, the GF just get into vet school! Big day!

  23. Playin' Fallen Earth.

    1. Shogun


      Me too. So far so good!