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  1. Cavadus

    It's been a long, long time, hasn't it?

    We recently moved out of monorail house in the Savage Divide out the western forest and into an old warehouse on the east bank of the Ohio River.  Little smaller space but much safer and slower.

    Oh, and "we" as in myself and Sofia.  I'll talk about her in a future entry.

    In the process of moving all of shit by caravan I stumbled across some holotapes from old wasteland journal and got a little nostalgic.  Think it might be time to start documenting my time in the wasteland again.  Lots to talk about...
  2. Cavadus
    What a day.  What a day.
    I've decided I want to relocate.  Summersville is okay.  The bridge has been a decent enough position to hold so far.  The turrets have done their jobs:  scorched, super mutants, mongrels, mole rats; they've dealt with it all.
    But I don't want to deal with any of them, to be honest.  I want to get away from these monstrosities.  I want to build... higher.  I've been thinking about the monorail track a lot since I hit Garrahan Mining Headquarters.  Being up that high... boy, would it limit my exposure.  It would also completely eliminate any ability to escape but I think I'm okay with that.
    I walked down to Garrahan today and decided to just walk to the track east to see if there was a decent enough position to build a camp at.  
    I wasn't prepared for what I was about to encounter at Spruce Knob.
    I've heard the scorched beasts before.  Hell, I've helped kill them before.  But I've never gone mano y mano with one before.  When I made it to spruce knob and asended the gantry there were TWO scorched beasts and I just laid low.  They did eventually lose interest but I noticed that there were some resources on the ground level and dumped some extractors on them.
    That brought at least one of the scorched beasts back...
    12 missiles, 400+ energy cells, and nearly every cartridge of .308 Winchester later and I brought that son of bitch down.  I owe it all to my T-45d power armor.  Without it I would have been toast almost immediately.
    But this victory brings me a little hope for Appalachia.  Maybe Taggerdy wasn't nuts.  Maybe some good ol' American know-how and, more importantly, some American tech can rid Applachia of these fuckers.  I stood toe to toe with one today and came out victorious.  Maybe we can win.  Maybe the Brotherhood of Steel wasn't fucking nuts, even if their organization was fucking nuts.
    Unlike Taggerdy I fully intend to uphold my Oath of Allegiance and I won't let some random ass officer from across the country tell me what to do.  In the Army we mad eup General Order #4 but it holds more true today than ever:
    I will guard my post from flank to flank and won't take no shit from any rank.
    Fuck this Maxson cocksucker and fuck Taggerdy for following his lead.  The Brotherhood of Steel?  Sounds like some sad-sack LARPers to me.  And they're all fucking dead too.
  3. Cavadus
    I've made a lot of progress over the past few days and have been way too busy and exhausted to get an entry in but after a day of some recuperation I have some great news:  I've finally pieced together an entire set of T-45d and, boy; it feels great.
    The timing was excellent as well as mere minutes after completing my repairs nearby Whitesprings was nuked again and I was determined to finally get in there and collect some of the freshly irradiated materials.
    And if that wasn't enough I finally got enough materials together to make that damn excavator power armor down in the Garrahan R&D lab.  Two sets of power armor in a single day?  Damn.
    Just a short one today.  Vexillarian Odin and Carian Snow are off to Watoga to scavenge some more Brotherhood of Steel tech.  Turrets are going off, better take a looksee.
  4. Cavadus
    Started the day on a route reconnaissance with Vexillarian Odin.  We hoofed it northeast past Top of the World to the ATLAS Observatory.  It was heavily defended by robots.

    Most notable was a fully loaded sentry bot that nearly took us out.  Those missiles!  I've experienced the sentry bots in Whitesprings every time I head out there but being on the other end for the first time... was just glad Odin was there with a set of powered armor and his super sledge.
    We made our way inside the observatory and it was clearly a military installation loaded with active protectrons and Mr. Gutsies.  It took quite awhile to clear the place out and, though we accessed many computer terminals, we were unable to repair the place and do anything with it which was unfortunate.
    From there we made our way north to the Sons of Dane compound where I scored a powered armor chassis and some T-60 and T-45d pieces which was a major haul for me.  I have a good supply of completely charged fusion cores that I got from the reactor at the power plant.
    When I got back to my shop I took inventory of what I had and I'm one left arm short of a complete T-45d armor set!  Very stoked for that.
    On top of all that I found some great weaponry in the observatory as well.  Pretty much replaced my entire existing kit, a bolt-action rifle, combat rifle, SMG, and a kabar with a heavy duty lever-action rifle, a deathclaw gauntlet, and, best of all, an AER-9 laser rifle!
    And if that wasn't enough, I finally completed the Order of the Tadpole and graduated to Possum rank.  At least according to that cooky-ass "scout leader" bot up at the Pioneer Scout Camp.  It did give me a better backpack and the instructions on how to make more.  See attached photo.
    If the scavenging keeps paying off this handsomely we'll be ruling the wasteland in no time!
  5. Cavadus
    Snow and I were finally joined by fellow Legionary Odin after re-establishing contact with him early last week.  We're glad he's still alive.  I'm glad Snow is still alive and still find it unbelievable that we just happened to bump into each other just outside of Summersville.  Snow has since relocated his base adjacent to mine.
    While working on my Order of Tadpole merit badges for the Pioneer Scouts I ran into Vexillarian Odin just outside of the Morgantown Airport.  Both of us had cleared the airport once already but we went back in and struck gold when we came up with a set of matching backpacks which we desperately needed.
    We hooked up with Snow and, just to get back into the swing things, ended up running a few obstacle courses though at one we encountered incredibly stiff super mutant resistance that took Snow and I both hurling missiles one after the another to route their force and send them packing.
    Soon after we got the alert that a nuke had been launched and that a scorch beast queen had responded to the fallout.  We all made our way down to the nuke site and, combined with a strong force of other, much better equipped, wastelanders in powered armor we engaged and defeated the queen.  It was a helluva battle.  That thing was terrifying.
    So now we're three.  A week ago it was just me.  We'll continue canvassing the AO looking for other surviving Legionaries. 
    If you're still out there, we'll find you.
  6. Cavadus
    Set Bonus Ideas: http://elderscrollsonline.wiki.fextralife.com/Heavy+Armor+Sets
    Alessia's Bulwark Set

    (2 items) Adds 1935 Physical Resistance
    (3 items) Adds 1064 Max Health
    (4 items) Adds 1935 Physical Resistance
    (5 items) When you take damage from a melee attack, you have a 15% chance to reduce attacker's Weapon Damage by 10% for 5 seconds
    Night Mother's Gaze Set

    (2 items) Adds 688 Weapon Critical
    (3 items) Adds 129 Weapon Damage
    (4 items) Adds 688 Weapon Critical
    (5 items) Critical attacks also reduce the target's Physical Resistance by 2580 for 6 seconds.
    Hunding's Rage Set

    (2 items) Adds 688 Weapon Critical
    (3 items) Adds 967 Max Stamina
    (4 items) Adds 688 Weapon Critical
    (5 items) Increase Weapon Damage by 299.
    Ashen Grip Set

    (2 items) Adds 1064 Max Health
    (3 items) Adds 129 Weapon Damage
    (4 items) Adds 688 Weapon Critical
    (5 items) When you deal diret melee damage, you have a 10% chance to breath fire to all enemies in front of you for 1544 Flame Damage. This effect can occur once every 4 seconds.
  7. Cavadus
    "Carian Spurius, was SIGINT able to dig up the personnel files and home-of-record information on the joes I requested?"
    "Roger that, sir. I've already e-mailed'em over to you."
    "Roger, carian. How many do we have here now?"
    After a small delay, "Ahhh, just one, sir."
    Max swiveled his rusty office chair around. His computer had gone to sleep and required some random interaction to wake up. He tapped the menu key and it got stuck.
    This fucking key.
    He pulled open the drawer and went digging around for his mulit-tool and proceeded to pop it off. He always seemed to fat-finger it at the most inopportune times.
    With his computer awake and ready to roll Max checked his mail and found around thirty e-mails each with a military service record, a few photos, and the last known home of record.
    Perusing the list brought back quite a few memories of his past service.
    I thought he was dead.
    She died in a roller accident a few years ago? Damn shame.
    This joker deserved to die. Damn shame he's still alive.
    He's got too large of a family.
    Ah, there he is.
    Formerly a commander in the Earth Military Coalition and later a lieutenant colonel in the Earth Republic, a lot had happened to Max in the past ten years. All of his current efforts were on building a new organization at the behest of, well, he didn't even know. He didn't even care.
    Goddam does it feel good to wear a uniform again.
    The E-Rep's dossier included information about current whereabouts. After resigning his commission, reasons redacted of course, Cavadus had opted to join up with DynCorp, the only pre-Pale War private military contractor left on Terra as far as Max knew. Cavadus's last recorded area of activity was the Topeka Badlands.
    DynCorp asked for way-the-fuck too much to buy Cavadus out of his contract but he's disillusioned enough. I think. Did he even like or respect me? I barely remember the guy. Definitely not Primus Pilus material at the moment. Or maybe he is. Nevermind.
    Max pressed down the intercom, "Send him in, carian." "Send him in, carian." "Carian, send him i--."
    Oh, for fuck's sake.
    "SEND HIM IN!" shouted an irritated Max.
    In stepped a man somewhere slightly north of thirty-five years old, somewhat larger than average build, a bit over 1.8 meters, with a full beard.
    That beard: completely unprofessional.
    "They let you keep that thing in DynCorp?" barked Max.
    "Ummm, the beard?" responded a completely caught-off-guard Gaius.
    "Yeah, the beard."
    "You know how it is once you get out, sir. It's nice to give the face a break."
    Max was amused at the effect he was having on Gaius. "Well captain, what the hell have you been up to?"
    "Payin' bills, sir."
    "Y'know, you never struck me as the type."
    "Respectfully, sir, you hardly knew me."
    "I heard a lot about that fucked up sense of humor you have."
    Gaius had to chuckle at that. Max was right on the money.
    "Anyways," Max prepared to launch into it when Gaius interjected.
    "Colonel, I know why I'm here."
    "It's legate now, " Max corrected him.
    "I'm in."
    Now Max was the one caught off guard.
    "Captain, you don't know shit about this operation, what we're fighting for, or who supports us."
    If anyone supports us, Max worried.
    "Sir, you may barely remember me but I remember you. I remember that chicken shit posting out in bumfuck Storm Divide. I remember how you were treated the first few years after we all transitioned from the EMC to the E-Rep. And I have kept up on the news about you. Hell, had I been near Columbia at the time I'd have voted for you under the Terra Prima party."
    Max winced. He hated the memory of the Terra Prima movement. Or, to be concise, at the distorted memory fed to the public and it's treatment and suppression by the E-Rep.
    Fuckin' fuckers, Max thought to himself.
    Max drew a deep breath, "Captain, I'd rather throw a saddle on a gift horse than look it in the mouth. I'm currently building an independent military united called the 47th Legion. You're familiar with Terra Prima, we're not mercs, and we're hear to kick some E-Rep ass. All told I need roughly four-thousand warm bodies to get to maximum strength. There isn't a helluva lot of talent laying around to be picked up so I won't mask the desperation and it doesn't seem like I have to."
    Max continued.
    "It's not the premiere post but I have a leadership position open for you. I've got a section lead position available."
    Max could see the insult's effect and the bewildered look on Gaius' face.
    Wait for it...
    "I'm just fuckin' with ya, captain. At ease. Commanding officer post for a century but," and there's always a but, thought Gaius, "you'll need to XO for few weeks under a centurion to get acclimated."
    Gaius was curious, "So I assume a centurion is equivalent to a captain but what exactly is a century equivalent to, sir?"
    "You were originally cavalry, correct?"
    "You ain't cav, you ain't shit, sir,! beamed Gaius.
    Max rolled his eyes.
    Those cavalry assholes are worse than jarheads.
    "Anyways, same difference as a troop. Cohort is a squadron. Legion could be best described as a brigade combat team," explained Max.
    That was about what Gaius expected.
    "Got it, sir."
    He's ready, Max thought to himself.
    "Report to Vexillarian Campbell. He'll get you up to speed and, assuming you both perform to standard, you two will be taking over 3rd Century together."
    Gaius was ready to leave this office.
    "Anything else you need from me, sir?"
    Smiling, Max quickly replied, "Yeah, shave that rug off your face. That's an order, optio," and with that Gaius stood up at attention. Before leaving Max offered a handshake, Gaius took it, and left the room.
    Legate Maximillian Labienus, veteran of the Pale War, commander in the EMC, lieutenant colonel in the E-Rep, mashed the intercom button down.
    "Carian Spurius, Gaius Cavadus is in. Complete his in-processing. He'll be entering at optio but only for train-up. We need him as a century lead pronto."
    Silence. Max mashed the transmit button down again.
    "Carian Spurius...?"
    I've got a crate of EGO implants but can't even get a working intercom. What the fuck, thought Max.
  8. Cavadus
    Vault 79.

    Who knew?  Who knew it would all start with a lousy pawn shop in Grafton?  Grafton?  I haven't been there in weeks... maybe months.
    But word had started circulating among wastelanders about another vault out there and that it all centered on Grafton.  They weren't wrong.
    To keep it short, found a pseudo-hidden room in the pawn shop which led to some crazy black light hidden messages and a helluva scavenger hunt which took me all across Appalachia.
    But I found it; I found it all.  And, allegedly, there's a hundred tons of gold in that vault.
    Haven't gone it yet.  Wasn't sure how.  The terminals weren't responsive and I couldn't hack them (and I'm a pretty good hacker btw).
    I do plan to keep returning to the site.  We'll see what I can make happen.

  9. Cavadus
    It's been a minute; lots to catch up on!
    The wasteland has been getting livelier lately and we've taken on two new legionaries.  Both were fresh out of one of the vaults and are a married couple.  Was kinda the usual pitch: flash some power armor and lasers and all of the newbies get excited and want their own.
    But the 47th is definitely very happy to have Atomic_Candyman and Miss_Atomic_Candyman on board.
    For some practical matters I've learned how to tweak and install some great enhancements to the T-60 armor.  Specifically, I can increased the leg strength drastically, I was able to install some enhanced optics into the helmets which makes targeting tangos way easier by highlighting them, and I found some cool armor plating that reflect certain types of damage.  Combine'em all and you've got some dope upgrades.
    Dralzen kinda figured out the same thing for the excavator power armor so now the amount of crap we can lug around with them is preposterous but awesome.  No complaint there.
    Unfortunately, Vexillarian Odin seems to have fallen off the grid.  Last sightings of him were out in the Savage Divide but we've had no radio communication for weeks now.  Pretty resilient guy, I'd be surprised if he was in any type of big danger, but I still worry.
    Should hopefully get back to my normal schedule of journal entries.  
    Uploaded a pic of a scorchbeast queen that was getting hit with a cryolater.  That was amazing and super effective.  Gonna have to keep my eyes peeled for one of those things.
  10. Cavadus
    Been helluva  few days!  
    Got the T-60 power armor up and running which was been nice in the nuke zones since it's so much better at filtering out radiation.  T-51b is still superior in all  other aspects but still; nice to not get fried.
    That being said, I'm still incomplete on my T-45d.  I'm close but not quite which is a damn shame; I love that armor.  I fought all the way through Alaska in it and then some.  It's where I feel at home.  Soon... I can feel it.
    Now, the real news.  I managed to link up with both Optio Campbell and Vexillarian Dralzen.  This is fucking huge.  We have a significant part of our chain of command back together.  Word on the street is that Tesserarian Kolya is out there still.  He's the last piece to the puzzle...
    So my work has taken to me a Free States bunker where I stumbled across some scorched detection network.  I guess the scorched beasts have a unique radiation signature that can actually be detected.  There's far more moving pieces than I initially understood.  This goes as far back to the Responders and then all of the way to the Brotherhood.  I think they were all working together and I'm pretty sure they were super close at getting this shit figured out.  I just don't know what ultimately happened to them.  I think if I keep pushing through what Abbie left behind I might be on to something.
    We'll find out.  Like I said, helluva a few days but it's been so great finding those whom survived.  Just a few more to go...
  11. Cavadus
    Don't have a lot of time so keeping it short today.  
    Got to take the T-51b out for a real test drive about five seconds after I finished repairs on it.  Fissure site prime got nuked and out came a scorchbeast queen, as always.  Goddam things are endless, it seems.

    700 fusion cells, 12 rockets, 5 plasma grenades, and I don't even know how many .308 rounds later and she was dead.  Only two other wastelanders there with me.  Smallest group I've seen tackle a queen.
    Got my C.A.M.P. structurally and essential complete.  Nice to have a real bed to sleep in again.  My tent wasn't bad but it just ain't the same.  Man, the view is really something.
    Little trophy photo attached.
  12. Cavadus
    Took the plunge today and relocated my C.A.M.P..  The original monorail site I chose didn't work out, unfortunately.  That pylon was too unstable.  I walked the track east a bit more and found a better section of track and began construction.
    Can't believe I actually ran out of wood!  Got a lot of the hard work done.  Just a few decisions left to make regarding some structural stuff and then on to some interior decorating.
    In major news, I helped take down two scorchbeast queens today.  Makes a guy wonder how many of those things are out there.  Still hard to believe, and terrifying to know, that other wastelanders are out there launching nukes.  Still.
    I kinda get it and have put enough of the Firebreathers' and Brotherhood's story together to get a picture of what they were attempting to do.  I get that the nukes lure out the scorchbeasts and controlling the fight is what matters with those things but still; something really damn weird about the world being destroyed by nukes and then a little slice of dirt being saved by nuking itself.  
    In super major news, I finally scavenged everything I need for a working set of T-51b.  Reminds me of my Army days.  My set is functional but absolutely beat to shit.  I've gotten good at maintaining the T-45d and, of course, the T-60, but the T-51b is the most complex.  Kinda realized how badly I took for granted all those armorers, warrant officers, and a working logistical supply chain and shit.  Man, keeping myself in fusion cells has been such a pain in the ass...
    Appalachia is getting a little easier to live in and I no longer spend every second terrified of the next absurdly mutated monster.  That reminds me, I saw a fucking megasloth today.  And not even a normal one; a glowing one.  That was fucking weird.
    And in the most major news Vexillarian Odin and myself actually linked up with Carian Dragonsoul.  He had been off the grid for a long time up near Vault 94 but finally picked up our beacon.
    It's strange how everyone has been popping out of random vaults.  Seems that most everyone I come across got thawed out sooner than I did or even grew up in a vault. 
    Eh, whatever.  I gotta roll; need to get crackin' on that T-51b.
  13. Cavadus
    Found that perfect build site I had been looking for.  Someone else, long dead, had built some stairway and ladders to get to the top of the monorail support but the track is intact between two of the supports so it's perfect. 
    I'm currently trying to source the appropriate building materials.  I'm thinking this time I'm going to have to go all metal.  It needs to be really structurally strong.  And I mean really structurally strong.  I will be six or seven stories above ground.
    Also, I came across Fort Defiance for the first time today.  I had heard and read about it through the Brotherhood of Steel notes and holotapes I've found laying around (I still think they're fucking LARPers and Taggerdy was high as fuck on psycho when she signed up for that shit-show but w/e).
    Improving on my last encounter against scorched beats, I managed to get the AA missile battery up and running and wrecked me some scorched beasts.  Three kills in two days!  It wasn't too long ago the mere site of this things sent me running for cover.  Hell, it was a coupla weeks ago that Snow and I were getting wrecked by a scorchbeast and we even had a goddamned sentry bot on our side!
    All I can say is what a difference a set of T-45d power armor has made in my life.  Well, that and a very trusty AER-9 laser rifle.
    Tomorrow I'll break down my current C.A.M.P. and start construction in the new location.  Really looking forward to the move!
  14. Cavadus
    Got some pretty serious time in my T-45d power armor today.  The equipment in Black Water Mine briefly came back to life and I was joined by a few other wastelanders there just to get a few chunks of uranium for whatever.  I don't even know what I'll do with my share to be honest.  Only thing I can think of are some tritium sights for a few of my guns but that's it.
    Ran into a goddam wendigo too.  Where did these things come from?  And I helped take down a sheepsquatch too.  It's like the wasteland never stops creating random horrors.
    I also got a first look at the blown up dam today.  I guess it was blown well after the bombs fell?  Who the fuck would do that?  I came across a few notes and holotapes on site but nothing specifically named, or even implicated, a guilty party.  I just sat there taking in the wreckage of what used to be Charleston.  The notes said Charleston was actually doing fairly well after war and then to get wiped out by some dinguses blowing a dam?
    Fuck me.

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