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  1. Hit on a really cool look for my Sith Warrior last night... I based it all on the battleworn triumvirate body armor. I kinda want to write a story about how my warrior came across the piece.

    1. Bealin


      I just hit 60 on my Sith Assassin the other night, need to finish up Rishi and Yavin IV, and then Ziost and Oricon to have everything finished for the expansion, and that will be my 10th lvl 60 completed.

    2. Cavadus


      Nice. I'm at L34 right now. Trying to burn through everything and get to 60 as fast as I can. Though since I've never played Warrior I'm also trying not to rush that story.

    3. Sevrun


      Warrior has a pretty BA story. It's kind of predictable but it's hella fun. You feel absolutely unstoppable throughout the story.