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  1. Pretty damning article on Star Citizen:

    1. Stickman


      Have you read Chris Robert's personal reply to this guy? I have read a previous article of the main guy that's been anti-SC and the guy is a self-absorbed attention whore. The article I read from him, he was addressing why SC is impossible to make, and he spent MORE than half the article talking about his games (where he is trying to self advertise what looks like Halo knock-offs) and basically his entire argument behind why SC can't be made is because he couldn't do it. The g...

    2. Stickman


      Just so you know that article you posted has no factual anything in it. All it's points are conjured from one or two sour people that devote their time to lies and attention-whoring. DO NOT take anything that article says as truth.

    3. Cavadus


      That Escapist article doesn't involve Derek Smart, Stick. Those are former CIG employees.

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