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  1. Well, goddam beer flu derailed me but I had been shooting for a 300lb bench, 400lb squat, and 500lb deadlift for the past two years or so.

    Hit my goal on bench press but, before the gyms shut down, I had made it to 380lbs on squats and 485lbs on deadlift.  These are working weights, mind you.

    So fucking close.  Frustrating.

    At any rate, IDK what peeps have been doing for workouts but I've been doing the first video (full body) for going on three weeks now and will start the second video (just arms) and try to throw a decent run once or twice a week in there.



  2. Warning Order

    1. Situation
      • No change.
    2. Mission
      • Infiltrate Vault 94 and avert reactor meltdown.
    3. General Instructions
      1. Special Teams/Task Organization
        • Two sections of mechanized infantry (8 soldiers)
      2. Common Uniform/Equipment
        • Any T series power armor
      3. Special Weapons, Ammunition, Equipment
        • Ammunition:  3,000 - 10,000 rounds
        • Water: 70 (minimum)
        • Radaway: 100 packets (minimum)
        • Rad-X:  70 packets (minimum)
        • Stimpacks: 100 (minimum)
      4. Tentative Time Schedule
        • 15 DEC 19 - 1900 CST
    4. Special Instructions
      • Legionaries are to muster in front of Vault 76.

  3. About time I got my act together and we had a modicum of organization again.  Starting this Thursday, 21 NOV 2019, the 47th Legion will be conducting weekly operations in Fallout 76.

    These operations will be complete with an opening ceremony, awards, a campaign ribbon for participation, and uniform.

    Please check the calendar for times and dates.

  4. During Double XP this weekend in ; - Activate the Rockhound Excavator at Mount Blair - Say "Hello!" To the Nightstalker - Launch a Nuke - Visit Camden Park - Clear out West Tek - Survive the Ring of Fire in Nuclear Winter - Show the Scorchbeast Queen who's boss ????


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  5. Day 40 of - 1 year of Fallout 76 365 photos, one for each day of the year has been out, to make this mosaic which I think nicely sums up my feelings for the game. So many friends I’ve made along the way, I could never tag all of you. Apologies ❤️


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