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  1. It's been a long, long time, hasn't it? We recently moved out of monorail house in the Savage Divide out the western forest and into an old warehouse on the east bank of the Ohio River. Little smaller space but much safer and slower. Oh, and "we" as in myself and Sofia. I'll talk about her in a future entry. In the process of moving all of shit by caravan I stumbled across some holotapes from old wasteland journal and got a little nostalgic. Think it might be time to start documenting my time in the wasteland again. Lots to talk about... ...later.
  2. Cavadus

    Wasteland Adventures

    Images from the 47th Legion's adventures in the Appalachian wasteland of Fallout 76.
  3. Hey!  You!  This place still exists.  I haven't forgotten.  Workin' on getting everything updated and current.  Core systems are a go.

  4. Yeah, PG hade made awesome progress in its short run. Still disappointed it folded.
  5. Cavadus

    Draconis Falls

    Our guild's city, Draconis Falls, Kuat. This is on the Empire in Flames.
  6. Well, goddam beer flu derailed me but I had been shooting for a 300lb bench, 400lb squat, and 500lb deadlift for the past two years or so. Hit my goal on bench press but, before the gyms shut down, I had made it to 380lbs on squats and 485lbs on deadlift. These are working weights, mind you. So fucking close. Frustrating. At any rate, IDK what peeps have been doing for workouts but I've been doing the first video (full body) for going on three weeks now and will start the second video (just arms) and try to throw a decent run once or twice a week in there.
  7. Cavadus

    Division 2

    Crap, sorry it took so long to respond. Friend request sent over uplay. Hope to catch ya on there! You can join us on Discord here: http://47th.info/discord
  8. Vault 79. Who knew? Who knew it would all start with a lousy pawn shop in Grafton? Grafton? I haven't been there in weeks... maybe months. But word had started circulating among wastelanders about another vault out there and that it all centered on Grafton. They weren't wrong. To keep it short, found a pseudo-hidden room in the pawn shop which led to some crazy black light hidden messages and a helluva scavenger hunt which took me all across Appalachia. But I found it; I found it all. And, allegedly, there's a hundred tons of gold in that vault. Haven't gone it yet. Wasn't sure how. The terminals weren't responsive and I couldn't hack them (and I'm a pretty good hacker btw). I do plan to keep returning to the site. We'll see what I can make happen.
  9. Cavadus

    Day #387

    It's been a minute; lots to catch up on! The wasteland has been getting livelier lately and we've taken on two new legionaries. Both were fresh out of one of the vaults and are a married couple. Was kinda the usual pitch: flash some power armor and lasers and all of the newbies get excited and want their own. But the 47th is definitely very happy to have Atomic_Candyman and Miss_Atomic_Candyman on board. For some practical matters I've learned how to tweak and install some great enhancements to the T-60 armor. Specifically, I can increased the leg strength drastically, I was able to install some enhanced optics into the helmets which makes targeting tangos way easier by highlighting them, and I found some cool armor plating that reflect certain types of damage. Combine'em all and you've got some dope upgrades. Dralzen kinda figured out the same thing for the excavator power armor so now the amount of crap we can lug around with them is preposterous but awesome. No complaint there. Unfortunately, Vexillarian Odin seems to have fallen off the grid. Last sightings of him were out in the Savage Divide but we've had no radio communication for weeks now. Pretty resilient guy, I'd be surprised if he was in any type of big danger, but I still worry. Should hopefully get back to my normal schedule of journal entries. Uploaded a pic of a scorchbeast queen that was getting hit with a cryolater. That was amazing and super effective. Gonna have to keep my eyes peeled for one of those things.
  10. This dancing turkey is here to tell you that Thanksgiving has come to #FalloutShelter! pic.twitter.com/zfj8qk1XsV View the full article
  11. @Fallout 76 has concluded maintenance on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Please check http://bethesda.net/status for more information. View the full article
  12. The latest #Fallout76 patch notes are now available for update 15. Check out the latest here: https://beth.games/37mqaES pic.twitter.com/uRGz5GCsSO View the full article
  13. ONLY AVAILABLE FOR 72 HOURS - This amazing #fallout art print by the talented Ben Harman is available now to pre-order here: https://www.zavvi.com/merch-posters/fallout-limited-edition-fine-art-giclee/12369203.html …! This is a timed print, available for only 72 hours so pre-order yours today! pic.twitter.com/3zjH8XGfTX View the full article

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