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  1. Cavadus

    Whutchu Listenin' to, Willis?

    It's been a minute! So I present to you an entire playlist of 90s shit. I call it "90s Shit." The only rule: no fucking nu-metal. EDIT: I recommend opening the playlist in a new window since it's limited to 200 videos when embedded but there's actually almost 290 videos in the list.
  2. AFK Spam Policy: The rule has been that you can spam in spatial chat once every 60 seconds, however with multiple people doing that it makes conversation very difficult. In the interest of promoting socialization and community for everyone we are updating our policy. From now on while you can still say/shout/yell your advertisements in spatial every 60 seconds you will need to have your AFK tag active. This shift is being done so those that wish to converse with others have the option to not see the spam flooding their chat box. How to active the AFK tag: There are two ways to accomplish this. The first is simple, just type /afk and the AFK tag will appear over your head. The 2nd way to do this is to go into Options and select the AFK tab on the left side. From there you will check the “Auto AFK Enabled” box (as shown here) and set your Auto AFK time to 1 or 2 so shortly after starting your macro if you do not move your mouse your AFK tag will go up. How to stop seeing AFK chat: Go to Options and select the chat tab on the left side, you will then see the option that says “show chat from afk players”, uncheck that box and click “OK” at the bottom (as seen here). Now you will no longer see spatial chat from players that are AFK. AFK Farming - We wish to give a more clear outline of our AFK farming policy so everyone is clear on what is and is not allowed Not Allowed - AFK Farming quest areas without an invite join/macro AFK Farming the DWB AFK Farming of NPCs that are the sole NPC to drop an item such as DNA (such as the Reek and Nexu) The use of 3rd party programs (Including those on a keyboard or mouse) to circumvent the macro dumps in the areas they are active. Having characters from multiple accounts on follow and assisting with combat in the DWB. Each ATK player can only have their own toons following them. The use of any programs or built in capability from a gaming mouse or keyboard that allows you to do something AFK that you cannot do with normal ingame function, features, or mechanics. Allowed: AFK Farming non quest NPCs AFK Farming in quest areas with an invite/join macro running Having characters from your account following behind your ATK character to assist in combat in the DWB Farming NPCs that are the sole NPC to drop an item while ATK Setting up a Tell invite macro: To set up a macro you will go to your commands tab either from the menu button at the bottom right side of your screen or by pushing ; if you have not changed your keybinds. You will the select the macro tab at the top of the pop up window. From there you will select “new” at the bottom of the window and copy and past or write the macro into that box. Lastly you will select an icon for your macro and click ok as show in these screenshots. "New" to open Macro creation box Creating Macro /alias ll /invite invite2 /ui action startChatReply; /ui action chatCursorHome; /ui action chatCursorRight; /ui action chatDelete; /ui action chatDelete; /ui action chatEnter; /tell [your name] Auto Invite is running....; /pause 8; /macro invite2; Now all anyone has to do is send you a tell and you will auto target them and send them a group invite. You must be the group leader in order to do this. The /tell in the 3rd to last line sends yourself a message so you don't end up spamming the last person you sent an invite to. You may also want to do a seperate macro that loops every 60-90 seconds to let people know you are running and invite macro /say Please just /tell Krymsun for an invite to group if you need these NPCs to complete your quest. Thanks!; /pause 80; /macro sendtell; You can also run a join macro so they can invite you to group. The macro for that would look something like this: /join; /pause 120; /disband; /macro join; Adding the disband command is good because sometimes people forget and then others cannot join if they need the NPCs for a quest. You should also run a macro letting people know they can invite you. Lastly there is the invite macro, this is the least effective as it can be hard to figure out where to stand. This macro would look something like this: /target; /pause 1; /invite; /pause 5; /ui action untarget; /pause 1; /macro invite; Again I would run a seperate macro or combine a /say command in this macro to let players know that an invite macro is running. This works best is there is a certain point your character can face and tell them to stand at. Otherwise advise players to stand directly on top of or infront of you for an invite. Thank you for taking the time to re-familiarize yourself with our in-game rules. As always, May the force be with you. SWG:Legends Staff View the full article
  3. THE RESULTS ARE IN!!! After a week of intense campaigning, the final votes have been cast and tallied and I am now pleased to announce the results of the Fifth Galactic Senate Election! The total number of votes cast was 638. After voting closed and the votes were scrutinised, 30 votes were found to be illegally cast owing to unauthorised multiple accounts and were duly struck from the candidate's totals (a full breakdown of discarded votes is at the bottom) leaving a grand total of 608 votes across 23 candidates. The following players received the most votes and are duly elected to the Fifth Galactic Senate: Ruthless / Boss - 93 Votes Kroye - 51 Votes Myikul - 44 Votes Hicks - 38 Votes Revtz - 38 Votes Sam2h - 37 Votes BloodCommando - 35 Votes Cerene - 33 Votes Corren - 32 Votes Rockastansky / Max - 31 Votes TheShark - 25 Votes ShredMaster / Kewarra - 24 Votes The results for the remaining candidates is as follows: Spado - 22 Votes Sir-Loin - 17 Votes ADawg - 17 Votes Kintara - 16 Votes Wagnar - 16 Votes CorellianLily - 13 Votes BarCode - 11 Votes Kubre - 10 Votes GageWelch / Goopus - 2 Votes Oakie - 2 Votes Imptrea - 1 Vote I would like to congratulate all of the candidates for a hard fought campaign and wish the Senators-Elect the very best of luck for the next 6 months as they serve their terms of office as your Senators and Representatives. I would also like to thank the members of the outgoing Fourth Galactic Senate for all their hardwork and dedicated service to the community, they remain your Senators for another 24 hours until the Fifth Galactic Senate assumes office on the 1st September 2018. In the spirit of transparency, the below is the number of votes deducted from any candidate who was identified as having received an illegal vote: Ruthless / Bossk - 6 Votes disqualified Kroye - 1 Vote disqualified Myikul - 2 Votes disqualified Hicks - 5 Votes disqualified Sam2h - 1 Vote disqualified BloodCommando - 1 Vote disqualified Cerene - 2 Votes disqualified Corren - 2 Votes disqualified Rockastansky / Max - 3 Votes disqualified TheShark - 1 Vote disqualified ShredMaster / Kewarra - 1 Vote disqualified Sir-Loin - 3 Votes disqualified ADawg - 2 Votes disqualified View the full article
  4. Greetings Legends, We had noticed that It’s been a good while since we hosted a x2 period. Our players in the UK are approaching a bank holiday on August 27th and our USA players are slowly leading up to Labor Day celebrations on Monday the 3rd of September. In celebration of this we’ve decided from today’s restart Friday 24th August through until Monday 3rd of September to enable x2 Bonuses to the following XP categories: XP Chronicle XP GCW Points Duty Tokens Beast XP While you are busy reading this exciting announcement please don’t forget later on today we have our SWG:Legends video trailer debuting. It will be available at 6PM BST UK/1PM EST USA/10AM PST USA - To get a first look be sure to check out our Twitter account. Shortly after the video debut it will be available on our Discord/Facebook. As always, May the force be with you. SWG:Legends Staff View the full article
  5. On Wednesday 23nd August 2018 at midnight BST / 1am GMT+2 / 9am AEST and Tuesday 22nd August at 4pm PDT / 6pm CDT / 7pm EDT, the polls will open for the election of the Fifth Galactic Senate! The election will run for 7 days and will take place IN-GAME via the Senator Ballot Box placed outside the Galactic Senate Builidng in Theed on Naboo at waypoint -5726, 3991. Players will receive ONE VOTE per ACCOUNT only - so choose your candidate wisely! The twelve candidates with the most votes at the end of the election will be deemed elected and receive a seat in the Fifth Galactic Senate for a SIX MONTH term. Your candidates are: ADawg BarCode BloodCommando Cerene CorellianLily Corren GageWelch / Goopus Hicks Imptrea Kintara / LizzieSue Kroye Kubre Myikul Oakie Revtz Rockatansky / Max Ruthless / Bossk Sam2h ShredMaster / Kewarra Sir-Loin Spado TheShark Wagnar The following players were nominated but discounted by Staff for the following reasons: Aekif - Received a permanent Discord ban after being nominated. Fatality - Past conduct and poor behaviour. Uhtred - Insufficient time on the Server. Election Rules ONE Vote Per Account Minimum Account Age to vote is 30 days No campaigning or loitering around or near the ballot box Do not attempt to obscure the ballot box or in any way hinder another player from casting their vote. Any player caught manipulating the vote will have all votes cast cancelled. Any Candidate involved in cheating or manipulation/intimidation of voters will be disqualified and all votes for them will be voided. Campaigning Candidates may campaign on Discord, on the forums and in-game during the election as follows: DISCORD: Campaign Posts and Posters will be allowed only in the Senate Campaign Channel FORUMS: Campaign Threads maybe posted in the Server Discussion forum ONLY - any abuse or trolling will result in moderation and possible deletion. IN-GAME: Players may campaign in-game within the server rules governing spamming - the designated campaign area for AFK /Droid Adverts is outside Theed Starport NOT Mos Eisley! During the next 7 days there will be opportunities to engage with the candidates and discuss their ideas for their term of office - abuse of candidates/trolling will result in this privilege being restricted and possibly withdrawn - passionate debate is encourage, abuse or trash talk is not acceptable. Good luck to all of the candidates - remember to vote during the next 7 days otherwise your vote will not be counted! View the full article
  6. Dear Legends, It has come to our attention that some players are circumventing the patching service on the launcher by playing with the current version number. This will leave both your game, ILM and Launcher out of date and most importantly missing critical launcher updates to fix issues that you might actually be having. Please DO NOT instruct players to do so, if you have issues with the launcher please put in a ticket and we will do our best to try and help you get things up and running. 9 times out of 10 we can easily get you up and running as it seems to be install issues mostly. (Not being put into the correct folders etc..). For the users that have circumvented the system. In the coming days we will be implementing ways of catching your launcher and reverting you back to our download page with no chance of diverting this until done correctly. Using the most updated version of the launcher is critical to ensure you have a smoother experience of the game and reduces the chance of any critical issues you may experience. May the force be with you, SWG:Legends Staff View the full article
  7. With the next restart August Update will be pushed onto Omega. House Packup Event: The House Packup Event has been enabled! Structures, including houses, factories, and mining installations, placed in the wilderness that belong to a player account inactive for more than 180 days are flagged as (Abandoned) and can be blown up. The max packups per character per day has been set to 10. You can use the command /showHousePackUpData to keep track of how many structures you have demolished, your current merit points, and when your lockout timer ends. Bug Fixes: GCW points received from a Base destruction have been adjusted to match Game Update 20: "The amount of GCW earned when a factional base is destroyed will be reduced for each extra player, if more than eight players are eligible for the reward." Clone droids in the Corvette instances should now function properly. Closing the Cloning window will no longer remove buffs after a PvP death. Several items have had No Trade removed. Players on the quest "The Package" of the Witches of Dathomir themepark will no longer get stuck when talking to Rubina before progressing to the quest "Left Behind". Astromech Serving Droids will no longer be named "null" without their master around. Silly droids thought you weren't looking! Lord Hethrir and Admiral Ackbar of the Imperial/Rebel Themeparks have finally received their shipments of camouflage belts. Players who finish their quests will now receive one. Players who have already completed the questline will simply need to converse with them again to receive their belt. The usability range of Mustafarian Cleaning Vents and Fusing the Shards inside of the Old Republic Facility has been increased. Chassis Dealers now open the No-Sell flagging window. The flag now persists through being loaded on to a ship. Binjinphant coloring has been fixed. You may notice your pet being a different color than blue if you had previously attempted to color them. Enfeeble has been changed from a point reduction to a percentage reduction. Mustafarian Bunkers no longer have an extra Elevator Terminal floating in the main doorway. Officer's Advanced Target Tracking will correctly add bonus critical hit damage towards a target affected by the debuff. Jedi's Stance now correctly applies the 6% Glancing Blow shown in the profession wheel. GCW Token vendors who were previously out of stock of all of their items have been restocked. Invisible Mk I reactors have been sprayed with a coat of Invis-Be-Gone. New GCW houses have had their floor edges updated. Happy decorating! The Sash rewarded from Empire Day will show correctly on those-people-it-was-broken-on. There have been sightings of natives on Naboo performing the Reign Rain Dance. Be prepared for actual weather to occur. Exploit Fixes: Storyteller invites can no longer be spammed. Unstick no longer functions while in combat. Saber Intercept can no longer be applied to vehicles. Last Man Standing prevents usage of full-heal items (such as the Concentrated Bacta Tank) for 10 seconds after its effect fires. All callables including entertainer holograms, familiars and pets will be stored when being transported through an ITV. N-K Necrosis can no longer be tricked into spawning clones of himself. The Mustafarian Bunker has been changed to No Trade. Spy attacks fired directly after going invisible will now de-cloak the Spy. Senate Resolutions: Personal Shield Generator schematics have been updated with a new bar to experiment on: Kinetic protection. Faction Armor schematics are now purchased from the Recruiters in 20-use increments. General-Rank weapons are now deconstruct-able. The pistol ranges have been increased to 38m, and all have a 2% damage bonus increase versus standard weapons. Proc effects do not carry over. All items that grant a collection item or XP boost have been made No-Trade Shared. Newly crafted Melee weapons will have a range of 5 meters. All beast mounts are now color-able via Beast Dyes. Chat Updates: A hopeful fix has been added for losing chat functionality when the game client crashes. Leave some feedback if this issue is still occurring please! Friends list should update online status correctly now. Ignore list will correctly persist between server restarts. /tell'ing an offline character will no longer show as successful, but rather say that they are actually offline. Launcher Update: The launcher has been updated to address an issue with some users not being able to update through the launcher with special characters in their password. View the full article
  8. Nominations for the FIFTH Galactic Senate are now OPEN!!! We invite all members of the community who are interested in running for the Galactic Senate to nominate themselves or their friends (with their permission please) in the nomintations thread here in the Nomination Thread. For a complete overview of the Galactic Senate Program and the responsibilities of Senators, click here in the Galactic Senate Program Overview. We look forward to receiving your nominations - good luck! View the full article
  9. *Comm-message Downloaded** The times ahead are turbulent for you adventurers. Many inhabitants of the Galaxy are partaking in Empire & Remembrance Day celebrations yet a dangerous type of operation is awaiting your direct presence. The city of Restuss has been the scene for many years of massive bloody battles but yet it remains a contested region of Rori neither under Imperial or Rebel control, that is until now! All special forces are being redirected to the ruined city of Restuss. Starting on Friday July 20th at 6PM BST UK/1PM EST USA/10AM PST USA You will have 24 hours to fight for planetary control of the city of Restuss. The zone will be set to 50% to start the event on a equal playing field. You can monitor the control percentages of the Restuss PvP zone by pressing “V” and glancing at the transparent factional insignia covering the city of Restuss. (See screenshot below) The faction that has the highest overall % of overall zone control of the region at the event end time will be victorious. During the event period of 24 hours, supply drops will be smuggled into Restuss by the Cobral family. The faction that successfully defends the supply crates for FIVE minutes without any enemy encounters will receive the contents of the supply drop which includes Restuss commendations & other goodies. The first supply drop will be arriving on Friday July 20 at 7PM BST/2PM EST/11AM PST (Australian time is Sat. July 21 at 4am AEST) after the first delivery in-game announcements will be made 10 minutes before the next supply drops arrives. At the event ending period (Saturday July 21st 11PM BST/6PM EST/3PM PST/8AM AEST Sunday) The winning faction will be announced in-game and all special forces personnel of that faction will be required to meet at the Hand Spawn (/Waypoint 5290 5740) where Princess Leia or Darth Vader will be on scene to commend you for your efforts towards the Galactic Civil War. ...Wait, that’s not it. After the event on the ground has ended It’s time to prepare your cockpit as you prepare to launch to hyperspace and participate in a huge PvP space battle. More details coming soon! As always, May the force be with you, SWG Legends Staff. View the full article
  10. Cavadus

    Cav's "Gonna Get You Laid" Recipes

    Miserable Bastard This is a super dope cocktail and you will drink too many of them, guaranteed. It's very tiki-bar in flavor and a good summer drink despite how thick it is. Ingredient Cost: ~$45.00 - $60.00 (depending on what size bottles you buy) Time to Cook: ~15 minutes Ingredients Meyer's Dark Rum Falernum (a Caribbean liquer, I like a brand called "Velvet Falernum") Angostura Bitters Limes Directions Fill a glass with ice; Fill the glass 3/4 way rum (yes, 3/4 rum); Add a few dashes of bitters; Squeeze about a quarter of a lime into it; and Shake or stir to fully mix. Other Stuffs None. Bon appetito!
  11. Cavadus

    The Health & Fitness Thread

    Just figured I'd do a quick report here. Have been keeping up on my lifting big time and I should have a new deadlift photo this Thursday with an extra 45 lbs plate on each side. Plus it's on a hex bar. So in six months I've come up from 315 lbs to 410 lbs! No straps either, all real grip strength. Squats have been a struggle for me. I end up working alone fairly frequently and fidget my stance a lot once I have the weight on me so I was using the smith machine as a balance crutch. Have since stopped that and am truly squatting 320 lbs with good form. I did have to reset my weight a bit on squats to get back to basics on form. I've gotten my bench 1RM up to 270. Goal is 300 lbs. I should have it in 2-3 months. Overall, I've gotten strong as fuck and am easily in the best shape of my life at 33 1/2 years old. I only started at the end of October, last year, so it's never too late to start lifting. Not only that, but the effect it's had on me mentally has been staggering. I've always been a confident (cocky) guy but when you have the physical size to back that shit up you sort of just control the area you exist in and everyone notices it. I've found it pretty empowering, actually. In fact, a month or two ago I very nearly got into a bar fight after a bunch of college bros were harassing my wife and her friends while I was in the john. I came back and they told me what happened. The bros were up in the lobby area, five of'em, and as I approached they instantly knew something was up. I chastised and berated their behavior. Told'em to GTFO and waited for the inevitable fisticuffs, going through every possibility of how this fight could go down, clutching the knife in my pocket and then... everyone of them backed down and were begging me to forgive them. ALL OF THEM. I was taken aback by it because of the shock. One bro even said, "C'mon dude, this guy could tear all of us in half." No fight was had, they all apologized to me, and left when I told them to. That was worth every drop of gym sweat and some more. Get in there and pick heavy shit up. It'll change so much more than just your body, I promise. I'll help anyone get started. PM here or on Discord.
  12. Cavadus

    Stopping By

    Yeah, both look great. I have no problem pre-ordering those two. Anthem, OTOH... I need some reviews before I'm willing to throw anymore money at Bioware. Are you on our Discord btw? If not here's the invite link: