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    Vexillarian Draconis was one of the founding members of the 47th dating back to 2007 and our formation in Tabula Rasa. Drac stuck with us through thick and thin, never excusing himself, and always being an absolute joy to spend time with. Unfortunately, Draconis passed away in late 2012 and we long-timers miss his presence dearly. We'll always remember ya, Drac. On this day we celebrate the five years we had to be your friend. If you had the opportunity to know him and game with him you can always make a post on his wall (click on "profile feed").
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    A body in motion remains in motion until acted upon by an equal and opposite force. But what if that motion is more of a slow shuffle followed by a hunched lumber? What is equal and opposite of a slow shuffle? How about a deadly disease? YES!!! I am well aware of the concept of self-fulfilling prophecies and psychosomatic aggravation of minor conditions...but I've also melded with a LOT of shady items. In retrospect, my hands are like little dirty whores. Whores who are long overdue for their checkup and now have to pay the fiddler. I don't know how it happened, but it did. This flesh is dying. I've contracted some type of terminal disease and now have just over a year before this flesh fails me. Again? What once may have been a notion, or another random fleeting thought is now solidified. The deal is sealed. I have 15 months to prepare Leroy to be the new me. He's going to need some serious upgrades in the processing department. I can handle upgrading the mechanical elements once he's me, or I'm him, or we are one...or something. Oooooh!! What about a smaller, detachable entity that may be more ship-friendly that can hook up to Leroy for external operations!!! Yes! Well, I've got a while til my ship is ready and the Walker will be doing some travelling, so this gives me time to draft a plan for my new body and get Leroy calibrated and make the necessary adjustments to his frame. A tiny part of me hoped this wouldn't be a necessity, but it is what it is. This may not be quite the dramatic conclusion my ancestors came up with, but hey, it's just me out here. There's no Mechalus gestalt taking place anywhere nearby and, if there is, I didn't get the memo. No great racial counsel or scientific thinktank on the Progression of our Proud Race, no bipartisan committee. It's just me. So fuck it. Here "we" go.
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    Promotions suck!

    The Bug 'n' Chug was in full swing with tunes blaring across the hills and booze flowing freely. Fourth Delta was in the house and raising hell. "Biker.. you suck!" Brutus yelled at his friend before bursting into a drunken cackle. "That's Duplicarian Biker to you." the man slurred. After a slight pause he tossed in "Bitch!" before breaking into laughter himself. "Oh my god! Fourth Delta will never be the same.. the top hat is gone!" Brutus bellowed back in pretend lamentation. "What the fuck will I aim at now!" The two troopers both laughed like the drunk bastards they were. Neither of them noticed the Irathient waitress or Dragonsoul closing on their table. The female place her hand upon Brutus' shoulder. When he turned his head and looked up, he yelled "Kaylissin!" before wrapping an arm around the young womans waist. As the female alien let him pull her closer, the man slid his hand lower and cupped her ass just as Dragonsoul reached their table. "That might get you a sexual harassment charge Brutus." the troopers squad leader stated as he pulled up a chair. "Oh it's sexual alright." Kaylissin said with a smirk upon her face. "Just ask him in the morning which one of us got harassed." "Hey Kayliss.. I wanna know something." Biker blurted. "Does his face paint turn you on?" the man asked, referring to the skull Brutus habitually wore upon his face. The woman pulled Brutus' sunglasses from atop his ball cap and placed them upon her face. "Hell no. If he'd take that shtako off, I'd do him in about 2.5 seconds." she retorted before pulling away and heading off to replenish their drinks. The three Legionaries once again laughed their asses off, knowing good and well that the woman would once again be rocking Brutus' world that night.
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    Cav's "Gonna Get You Laid" Recipes

    Korean Pork Tacos Super easy-peasy recipe and very quick to make. Plus it's amazing and, after buying a few initial ingredients, becomes super cheap to make. Ingredient Cost: ~$35.00 (less on subsequent meals) Time to Cook: ~15 minutes Ingredients 2 lbs ground pork Taco sized flour tortilla shells Cole-slaw of some variety though DRY, not pre-made (if you live near a Target they might have broccoli-slaw and that shit is amazing) Sesame seed oil, toasted preferably Fresh ginger root or ginger paste Some kind of chili-garlic paste Sriracha sauce Mayo Directions Start browning the pork. Halfway through add a few tablespoons of the sesame seed oil, a few tablespoons of ginger, and a tablespoon or two of the chili-garlic paste; Make the sriracha aioli. Just combine the sriracha and mayo to taste; Microwave or lightly fry the tortilla shells; and When the pork is done combine your tacos! Throw on the meat, then the slaw, and then sriracha aioli. Other Stuffs None. Bon appetito!
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    Legion Shirt

    From the album: Random Pictures

    As modeled by Campbell
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    2340-<REDACTED> <REDACTED> *@)$&^%! <FURTHER REDACTION OVERRIDDEN> >Sorry Janice. It had to be done. I know you can change it on your end, and it would save you some grief. I wont tell if you wont. This is mostly for this crews sake. I will be sticking to secrecy protocols in this, well as best I can. I like to think I learn from previous mistakes. but we will see. Where to start. My updates have been, well lets call it delayed, for many reasons. One of which I am still trying to work out. May have to dig into some of my old Psych texts to try to help me work out. always good to have reference material on hand. anyway. travel as usual. minor home coming of departed crew. minor reminiscing, restocking and back out into the black. First blow for me personally, new crew member with fatal illness unknown to them. it was like an echo from the past that damn near knocked me out. but in some ways I think it may of helped me be ready for what followed. While I was tearing apart every scrap of information I had on mechalus, life on this boat continued as normal. I had the puzzle of, what I have been calling electroportation, show up and keep me from obsessing over the same unhelpful facts. minor irritant to ship and crew, helpful balance and light to my mountain of dark. Well he was. First humanitarian mission complete. We dropped a sub-commander off on her home world. Stopped by a system of death that just ended up being an abandoned looking prison planet of some sort. We may want to look into that if we havnt already, by the way. Then the last humanitarian mission, done while exploring a number of the crews ideas, mine included, went pear-shaped. Basic summery. I cant yet focus on the numbers. About half of the surviving crew of a forgotten frigate derelict were rescued from said derelict. rest presumably vaporized or collected by the "overseers" of the system. Not before they ripped us a few new orifices. There was, who knows how long, the torturous moments knowing there is absolutely nothing but the rush of air violently trying to equalize with the the entirety of the vacuum of space between you and that same vacuum. And no, it doesnt get any easier with repetition if anyone was wondering. But even that wasnt my tipping point. Nor were the moments I had to walk past those that were obviously outside of my ability to save. Some kind of psychic bondo that I assume was done by the captain is what allowed me to switch between those two moments by the way. A sacrifice for absolute strangers. The smarter move that most I have flown under would of, and yes have taken, was to seal off the effected area and damn those on the wrong side. Having been one of those who have somehow gotten to emerge from the hell that is held back by a few inches of steel, I have to say I approve. The dissidents argument, a few more might of lived if she had sealed the door the moment of breech. Maybe, but what if I again had found my self on the wrong side of the divide from heaven, which even a raging inferno would be compared to the cold black. If only it was once that I have almost died, envious of fire, at least IT can breath. My scars should prove to you my belief on the subject. Back to the dissidents argument. After the stabilizing of the atmosphere, among the broken and failing forms, I was able to pick out six husks I thought I might be able to revive. looking now at my supplies list, I eased more "last moments" than I realized. Anyway. Five more lives were saved this time, and even one more death easier for the dieing is worth it. Here I go rambling again. I really need to work on this. In the chaos of decompression and bodies, I dont remember the exacts of what was said, I said something along the lines of not waiting to see if we can make it to the gate, lets get the hell out of here. We sidestepped, and got sucked in by some psych eating planet. Giant bugs, projections of the captain, and crystals that appear to siphon psy power. Oh yes, and exploding picks. I need to find a sesheyan expert and see if this accident proneness is a racial trait or just one specific to this one, but of the crew he is the one on my table the most, and he isnt the one dieing of a medical condition! We found enough raw materials to make repairs to the ship and the professor was able to calculate our reverse trajectory to get back to where we came from. Before sidestepping back the captain saved our coordinates to the computer which I have added along with the professors calculations as an attachment to this file. The main reason for this is the fact that once we hit drive space, the captain and her bot both disappeared from the bridge in a flash of static. True they could be atomized and spread in our wake through drive space, but with the pull that planet seemed to have, it is just as likely in my uneducated but experienced opinion, that they were psychically puled back there. A handful of our survivors as I have been calling them decided to stay behind on the planet. another couple handfuls have joined the crew. It also sounds like some are going to want off when we next make port. we will see what happens there. I gained two assistants. Both appear to be very knowledgeable in the basics. In this case I believe their lack of technological knowledge will actually come in handy with how things end up around here. While I was buried in mechalus blueprints, issues with Thoth came up again. When asked by my assistants, I really should write down their names somewhere, which of them should go I just blurted out "the uglier one". When I next came up for air from my terminal I saw that they had somehow worked out between themselves which one that was. Neither of them is what I would call ugly, specially compared to me. But they way she dealt with Thoth very much was so. I admit. I loved it. I even think she likes her new nickname. we will see how long it is till I get tranqed I guess. Speaking of the mechalus, Yargblat has command of the ship at moment. I was ready to step into the position if needed, but I would of been lieing if I said I was looking forward to it. He has a ship being built. so I may have to do so in a matter of weeks. Overall crew acceptance with more than was expected touchiness, specially from quarters it was not expected. That will all show up in my continued reports. chronometer indicates that, if my guess is right, we should be leaving drive space soon. headed for bridge. will report more when I can.< <EoF> <supplemental> >Lets see. Sidestep worked. We came out in the debris field of the frigate. The was a chunk of ship left, we couldnt see any signs of life before we detected ships from planet on approach, so we left. only incident on way to El Cancri was us docking without permission. Glad the bay was empty. I took a chance and invited "the uglier one" with me to see the local doc whom Yargblat had dropped off deceased mechalus he had come across. and to visit a brothel after. Figured if nothing else it would add to the image I am building. We bought everything the coroner was selling, I believe one time even paying more than he asked. So hopefully we have everything, and even more hopefully I can find something in all that data to help. As usual, the "brothel" ended up being a public terminal to upload these encoded reports to the grid. I cant tell if "the uglier ones" grin is relief at the lack of previously mentioned pack animal and mute at the brothel, or if maybe she thinks I am joking about what I do around here. Now, in summery. I will continue my reports. That is what I agreed to do. But my primary focus, which does align for the most part with what was asked of me, is to keep this crew and this ship as held together as I can for its captains return. As it stands, we can not go back for her, she may not be able to come back to us, and you now know where she would probably be if she is still alive. For the first part, I overheard a good idea and will try to help Augie look into finding a way to manually over ride or control the normally psi activated functions of the ship. For the second thing, I will try to keep the ship and crew whole, and maybe she will find a way back with her link to it. Lastly, the reason for the filter override. If I die in the attempt to help with the first two, and nothing has been done by you, they will know of it. That is all, back to work I go.< <EoF>
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    Career Opportunities

    "Carian Spurius, was SIGINT able to dig up the personnel files and home-of-record information on the joes I requested?" "Roger that, sir. I've already e-mailed'em over to you." "Roger, carian. How many do we have here now?" After a small delay, "Ahhh, just one, sir." Max swiveled his rusty office chair around. His computer had gone to sleep and required some random interaction to wake up. He tapped the menu key and it got stuck. This fucking key. He pulled open the drawer and went digging around for his mulit-tool and proceeded to pop it off. He always seemed to fat-finger it at the most inopportune times. With his computer awake and ready to roll Max checked his mail and found around thirty e-mails each with a military service record, a few photos, and the last known home of record. Perusing the list brought back quite a few memories of his past service. I thought he was dead. She died in a roller accident a few years ago? Damn shame. This joker deserved to die. Damn shame he's still alive. He's got too large of a family. Ah, there he is. Formerly a commander in the Earth Military Coalition and later a lieutenant colonel in the Earth Republic, a lot had happened to Max in the past ten years. All of his current efforts were on building a new organization at the behest of, well, he didn't even know. He didn't even care. Goddam does it feel good to wear a uniform again. The E-Rep's dossier included information about current whereabouts. After resigning his commission, reasons redacted of course, Cavadus had opted to join up with DynCorp, the only pre-Pale War private military contractor left on Terra as far as Max knew. Cavadus's last recorded area of activity was the Topeka Badlands. DynCorp asked for way-the-fuck too much to buy Cavadus out of his contract but he's disillusioned enough. I think. Did he even like or respect me? I barely remember the guy. Definitely not Primus Pilus material at the moment. Or maybe he is. Nevermind. Max pressed down the intercom, "Send him in, carian." "Send him in, carian." "Carian, send him i--." Oh, for fuck's sake. "SEND HIM IN!" shouted an irritated Max. In stepped a man somewhere slightly north of thirty-five years old, somewhat larger than average build, a bit over 1.8 meters, with a full beard. That beard: completely unprofessional. "They let you keep that thing in DynCorp?" barked Max. "Ummm, the beard?" responded a completely caught-off-guard Gaius. "Yeah, the beard." "You know how it is once you get out, sir. It's nice to give the face a break." Max was amused at the effect he was having on Gaius. "Well captain, what the hell have you been up to?" "Payin' bills, sir." "Y'know, you never struck me as the type." "Respectfully, sir, you hardly knew me." "I heard a lot about that fucked up sense of humor you have." Gaius had to chuckle at that. Max was right on the money. "Anyways," Max prepared to launch into it when Gaius interjected. "Colonel, I know why I'm here." "It's legate now, " Max corrected him. "I'm in." Now Max was the one caught off guard. "Captain, you don't know shit about this operation, what we're fighting for, or who supports us." If anyone supports us, Max worried. "Sir, you may barely remember me but I remember you. I remember that chicken shit posting out in bumfuck Storm Divide. I remember how you were treated the first few years after we all transitioned from the EMC to the E-Rep. And I have kept up on the news about you. Hell, had I been near Columbia at the time I'd have voted for you under the Terra Prima party." Max winced. He hated the memory of the Terra Prima movement. Or, to be concise, at the distorted memory fed to the public and it's treatment and suppression by the E-Rep. Fuckin' fuckers, Max thought to himself. Max drew a deep breath, "Captain, I'd rather throw a saddle on a gift horse than look it in the mouth. I'm currently building an independent military united called the 47th Legion. You're familiar with Terra Prima, we're not mercs, and we're hear to kick some E-Rep ass. All told I need roughly four-thousand warm bodies to get to maximum strength. There isn't a helluva lot of talent laying around to be picked up so I won't mask the desperation and it doesn't seem like I have to." Max continued. "It's not the premiere post but I have a leadership position open for you. I've got a section lead position available." Max could see the insult's effect and the bewildered look on Gaius' face. Wait for it... "I'm just fuckin' with ya, captain. At ease. Commanding officer post for a century but," and there's always a but, thought Gaius, "you'll need to XO for few weeks under a centurion to get acclimated." Gaius was curious, "So I assume a centurion is equivalent to a captain but what exactly is a century equivalent to, sir?" "You were originally cavalry, correct?" "You ain't cav, you ain't shit, sir,! beamed Gaius. Max rolled his eyes. Those cavalry assholes are worse than jarheads. "Anyways, same difference as a troop. Cohort is a squadron. Legion could be best described as a brigade combat team," explained Max. That was about what Gaius expected. "Got it, sir." He's ready, Max thought to himself. "Report to Vexillarian Campbell. He'll get you up to speed and, assuming you both perform to standard, you two will be taking over 3rd Century together." Gaius was ready to leave this office. "Anything else you need from me, sir?" Smiling, Max quickly replied, "Yeah, shave that rug off your face. That's an order, optio," and with that Gaius stood up at attention. Before leaving Max offered a handshake, Gaius took it, and left the room. Legate Maximillian Labienus, veteran of the Pale War, commander in the EMC, lieutenant colonel in the E-Rep, mashed the intercom button down. "Carian Spurius, Gaius Cavadus is in. Complete his in-processing. He'll be entering at optio but only for train-up. We need him as a century lead pronto." Silence. Max mashed the transmit button down again. "Carian Spurius...?" I've got a crate of EGO implants but can't even get a working intercom. What the fuck, thought Max. "SPURIUS!"
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    Maybe The Black is getting to me...

    A thought and voice seems to come into your head from out of nowhere just after writing this awesome blog: "just maybe.. maybe... your race is all but extinct cause they did merge into their ships and lost the importance of being human. Mayyybeee your race killed themselves off somehow. overloading the system and fighting for domination. who the hell knows. flesh has a depth that robots could never have. you actually have the best of both worlds and don't see why."
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    Week 2 and 3

    DATE 2027 12 17 Subject 1015729 (AKA Soul) has shown vast improvement in strength, speed, and knowledge pasting most tests put in front of him subject works best in a team and always tries to take the lead on all the tests that are team based. I am starting to fear that some of the other subjects are wanting to kill Soul for he has gone up a rank in his first two weeks. We have made him a fire team leader and his team has been one of the best we have had thus far they have had the fewest fights in the group and they past most tests with 80% or better. DATE 2027 12 24 Subject 1015729 AKA Soul and his plt. has escaped but almost all were killed we have found that subjects 1025784 AKA Gunner, 158463 AKA Eagle Eye, 1589364 AKA Legion and of corse subject 1015729 soul did as well are not accounted for. The government is shutting us down for the loss of subjects during this weeks events. There was 4 plts. that tried before subject 1015729’s but all where eather guned down or didn't even try for the fear of death.
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    Rank has it's privileges..

    "Pa...rade... rest!" Optio Campbell yelled. The officers voice carried across the tarmac. He did not need the comms each legionnaire carried within their helmet to get his message across. Each of the men and women of the 4th fell into the ordered position as one. "Here we go.." Brutus thought as he started scrolling through his heads up display, looking for something to pass the painful time away. "Oh my god.. Romanian polka.. no fuckin' way..." he thought as he continued to scroll down through the different channels available to him. As normal, he ended up queuing KTAM up for his easy listening pleasure. DJ Beck was re-rolling last nights show.. starting with Jenkins first request and dogging Brutus as he did so. "I have a feeling I'm about to start something here but who gives a fuck?! I'm hangin' with the 47th tonight and I gotta tell you.. these boys and girls have lost their minds. I don't know what it is with this bunch but I'm letting it wave to all you for your enjoyment!" the broadcaster panned as a funky beat started building in the background. "Oh my godddd!" the trooper thought. Instantly he was interrupted with "MaxBrutus.. this one goes out to you.. Some hot chick with a dudes name called this one in on you...Leroy Jenkins just wanted you to know..." The voice trailed off as the music picked up... "You can't touch this.. You can't touch this You can't touch this..." Brutus started rolling through the tunes he had loaded into his ego implant. Quickly he cut the list down to ten then five.. "Oh no she didn't..." the man thought as he cut the list once again. Tossing an IM to Beck, Brutus chuckled as he waited for "Crazy Bitch" to play. "Fourth Delta.. present arms!" sounded across the platoon channel. Brutus snapped to attention as the Legion officers began their inspection, From one trooper to the next, the inspection continued down the line. Dragon stepped before Brutus and wasted no time taking the mans weapon from him. Turning the weapons port to face its owner, Dragon grabbed the rifles slide and dropped it back, ejecting a live round which bounced off Brutus chest plate The squad leader bellied up to the trooper and began chewing his ass out for having live ammo loaded during an inspection. One of the other NCOs stepped forward and placed a hand upon Dragons shoulder. What ever conversation occurred between the section leaders was done on a private channel, leaving only dead air for the rest of the platoon to listen to. Shoving the weapon back, Dragon again stepped closer to the trooper.. Almost helmet to helmet, neither of the men moved for several moments. finally Brutus broadcasted "Sir, yes sir!" As the inspection continued, the collected NCOs moved down the line. The one which had interceded upon his behalf reached out and pulled the weapon away from the soldier and slung it over her shoulder. "Be a good boy and you can get this back later.." He did not need to look at the name printed upon the other soldiers armor to know that it would read "Jenkins".
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    Part 4: The Mission

    The team assembles and gets on the chopper ready for mission deployment, the time is 0100, and the choppers are on their way to the drop zone. En route to the drop location the team looks at each other, reassuring themselves and their brothers in arms that they are ready for whatever comes. An hour later they arrive at the drop location, the choppers land and the team departs towards their mission objective. The choppers will remain at this location until they receive the extraction order from the team. The team has now reached the compound, a well fortified stone fortress, surrounded by very high stone walls, and made up of stone carved structures, which make it difficult to penetrate with satellites to detect heat signatures. The team carefully planning their route now with the hostiles they can see. There are 2 guards at the entrance, 2 of the team members will get into position near the entrance to remove the bodies of the 2 guards, while the other 2 team members take them out from a distance. The team makes their way into the compound and approaches the nearest building, from here they will proceed indoors to their first objective. They need to get to the communications room and disable their systems, this way no alarms can be set off. As the team makes its way through the structures towards the communications room they encounter no resistance, a strange sensation goes through Bealin's stomach, like a bad gut feeling that something isn't right. The team arrives at the comm room only to find it has already been cleared out or moved, "something is definitely wrong here", Bealin replies. Then they hear a voice coming from a megaphone in the compound square, "Hello American Soldiers, I know you are here and I have what your looking for. But if you want him alive you will have to surrender to us." The team begins to panic, as this is their first mission and nobody had planned for this scenario. This group knew they were coming, how could they have known. The team quietly makes their way to a window to see what is going on in the square. The hostage is on his knees in front of the man with the megaphone, who is surrounded by several dozen well armed men. Bealin says to the team, "That one with the megaphone looks quite odd, I've never seen anyone like that, silver/white long hair, very pale skin, and those clothes, like nothing I've ever seen before." The man with the megaphone then speaks again, "Since you have come all this way for this, useless excuse for a human being, let me make this much easier......*pulls out a shiny metal handle, which then produces a very bright glowing blue like blade of some sort*, for me that is.....*then slices off the hostages head*, ha ha ha ha!!, now FIND THEM and KILL THEM ALL!" The few dozen well armed men then start screaming and running towards all the buildings in search of the team. "What the fuck was that!", says one of the team. "I ain't ever seen shit like that before, who the hell is this guy?!", says another. Bealin replies, "Shit he just killed our objective, we need to get the fuck out of here, call in the gunships immediately!" The radioman tries to contact the gunships, but receives no response, either the transmission is being jammed, or they are no longer there. "No go sir, I can't contact them, we are on our own". Bealin replies, "Move out men, head back the way we came in, kill anything that moves, go go go!" The team then begins to make their way back the way they came in, coming into contact with hostiles at every turn. All of a sudden the team is under fire from behind, Bealin yells, "Take cover!", the team splits off left and right, however the man taking up the rear never moves, he was killed as soon as the first shots came in from the rear. The team is now under heavy fire on two fronts, seemingly trapped in their current location. Bealin then orders the two men on the right side, "Each of you take a grenade out, throw 1 in each direction, after the boom we head out the way we were going, on 3.....3,2,1, go go go!" The two men toss their grenades, wait for the boom, then the first man heads out, followed by Bealin, then the 3rd man. They make it a few rooms closer to the buildings exit, which is then a good 30 feet from the only way in or out of the compound. The first man peeks out the door really quick to scout the area, just as he pulls himself back in a grenade lands at his feet, he yells "Grenade! and jumps on it to protect the other 2 men, *BOOM!*", Bealin yells, "Pull back this way is blocked, we gotta find another way out!", as they pull back Bealin toss's a grenade back at the entrance to collapse it and prevent anyone from coming in the way. They head back to the next room, and just as they enter they are hit with a volley of bullets from the adjacent doorway. The man in front of Bealin is hit and falls back onto Bealin pinning him on the ground. Bealin's sees the men approaching, feels up to his dead comrades chest, grabs a grenade, pulls the pin and toss's it towards the approaching men, *BOOM!*. he rolls his dead team mate off of him, gets back to his feet, checks his ammo, grabs the clips and remaining grenades from his now dead friends corpse. Then says to himself, "I need to get to high ground, and possibly scale this damn wall to get out of here". Bealin then begins to look for the nearest roof access, he heads back to the comm room, there must be a ladder to the roof there for antenna access. Once Bealin gets to the comm room, he see's this pale man with the glowing blue blade standing there, as if he expected him to show up. Without any hesitation the pale man lunges towards Bealin, swinging the blue blade from above his head, Bealin reacts and puts his rifle in front as if to block it, the blade slices right through the gun like it was nothing. Bealin then quickly grabs his sidearm, and puts a few rounds into the pale man's chest as he falls back onto the ground. The pale man falls onto his knees, struggling to speak or stand. Bealin gets up and approaches him, then says "Who are you? What are you? Why did you do this?", the pale man simply replies, "I am only the beginning, for the end is on its way". He then starts to laugh as he falls over and dies. Bealin then makes a break for the ladder to the roof, gets out on the roof, then scales the large stone wall to get out of the compound. Where he then proceeds to make his way back to the landing zone in hopes of extraction. Once Bealin arrives at the landing zone all he finds is what used to be 3 choppers, in nothing but smoking piles of ash, he replies, "This was a setup from the get go, I will find out who did this, and they will pay!".
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    The Health & Fitness Thread

    I bought new pants yesterday. The previous picture was in 44" pants. Behold... 38" waist... including my CCW. I wore a 36" in high school. Super stoked. It works, guys. It really works.
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    The Health & Fitness Thread

    So,a major update: Back in May, I started the Ketogenic diet and going to the gym every day. I'm down 60 lbs, and crushing personal goals. If you think you can, keep going. It's worth it.
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    The 47th Legion is proud to announce with will be running the periphery state Marian Hegemony in NetBattleTech, a Mechwarrior Online planetary conquest league! NetBattleTech features a fully realized and detailed map of the entire inner sphere and clan space including every single world which is part of canon BattleTech lore. The 47th Legion will be participating as the Marian Hegemony, a medium sized but powerful periphery state modeled after the ancient Roman Empire. Think of NetBattleTech as Mechwarrior Online's version of Axis and Allies; player run factions will control everything from trade to diplomacy and, of course, war! Initial setup begins tonight and we'll go weapons free one week from today. We hope you join us in our battle against other periphery states, the major houses, the clans, perhaps even ComStar!
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    Day 1: I'm not sure what the date is, and neither does my ship it seems; or if it does, I don't know how to access it. You would think a Fraal would know these things since they base all of their life developing their minds. Damn it! I wish I was more knowledgeable about these things! But,.. that is why I have a crew, green as they are. We are on our way to the Procyon system and thought I needed to start a captain's log while I had nothing to do. I need to start acting like a captain little by little, and this is a great place to start. I'm not sure I trust the ship yet to do this because I still hear the whispers. Everyone on the crew thinks I'm crazy, so this log will be done the old fashioned primitive way. I found this blank book when I got on the ship the first time. Can I even trust this? It will be interesting to see if I can remember how to write. The hand is cramping already, but so far so good. I'll adapt. All of my crew didn't show up, so I decided to move on since supplies are limited. We only have 45 weeks of food for 12 people. However, we only have 4 at the moment so I will put that in my calculations. However, I don't want to take that for granted. I will be very careful about what food we use till I can develop my dream hunting skill further. I can't have all these green crew members figuring they can sit on my damn ship eating my supplies without working for it. I can't help but feel my newly acquired ship through all those bizarre events is living in some sort of way, or at least hosting some sort of intelligence. I just wish I could understand the whispers. I'm almost glad I can't for now, they never stop and it confirms I'm not crazy. I think if I was really crazy, I would understand it because it would be coming from my own mind. .. I think. We made our way a short distance to the Sirius system, a useless desert of 5 planets and 8 moons. It is like a rusty ancient fuel station in a desert, but has no fuel to sell and you can't help wonder what its purpose is other than the probably crime mentality. I sent the two most personable of the crew to get as much out of the station manager as possible. Sam (Samantha) is a human loose-ended, anti-authority, independent, but confident tech-op type hacker. She's street wise I would think with as little as I know about her, her weird mix of personality traits is all melded together with decent appeal and personality for things like this. I sent Thoth with her since he is a bit more intimidating appearance wise. Thoth is an odd one as well. I still can't used to the faint odd smell he has. However, he's a Sesheyan Tech-op star ship engineer and wise about what we will need to keep this star ship working well... well at least better than I could. Besides, his wings and tail were always hitting something and I just needed to get him out of my ship for a bit. I wonder how he came to the career he is in since it isn't typical for his race. Thoth is always searching for a deeper meaning, seems honorable, and energetically aggressive, all bundled up in a lot of personality. Anyway, he knows more about the mechanical aspect of my ship. But admittedly, he doesn't know how I can make it dimensionally walk or use the disintegration beam. Hell I don't even know how I do it. I just wish it wouldn't drain all my psionic power. After all that is important for a mind-walker mentalist. I will teach him how to use them, but I'm not sure what it will do to him if he does. I'm getting side tracked in all these thoughts. I can't help it I just have this urge to learn about everything and understand it all. Tucker stayed with me on the ship since he drives it. He's a new pilot but he has a lot more skill than I have in things like this. So we stayed and chatted about the loss of critical crew while the other two went to speak with the station manager to see what opportunities there were for jobs, or where we could get supplies. We were supposed to have a Doctor and an electronics / cybernetics crew member. I wish they had shown up. Tucker only knows a bit of field first aid. So, as of right now, if any of us gets hurt, we are in trouble. It turns out the station manager "inherited" the station due to the previous station manager's untimely death, which just happened to be in debt for a lot of money to the current one. We better step carefully and not get too involved with these people. She said they needed food supplies and metals for repairs. It makes me wonder how they get the ones they have to survive out here in the middle of nowhere... it really isn't hard to figure that one out. One thing I noticed along with the others was the looks we got from the people when they saw our ship. Society at large had advanced to PL-6 technology. Anything else was not invented yet supposedly. However, my ship was made from advanced alloys and systems that we estimated approximately at what PL-7 would be. Another mystery and did that mean I was from the future or just the artifact ship? Still yet another mystery. The voices seem loud right now. As soon as they were back on board and got the update and weighing all our options, I made the decision to go to the Procyon system in hopes that with a more highly populated sector of space, according to the star charts that we could find some jobs to do and acquire supplies. As soon as our team inspected the hull, computer, and electronics systems finding they were A-ok, we set off for Procyon system. Much to my elated heart, the new pilot made it to the star gate without crashing the ship. The ship would be extremely hard to repair at this point in time since no one has the technology to understand it. However, Thoth is doing his best to do just that. Day 2- 4 While we are on the way on this 5 day trip to the system, Sam started creating a program; what it is, is anyone's guess but his. I hope it is something that can help us understand this ship in some way. Tucker and Thoth are spending time trying to search the computer system for any kind of information that can help me understand this ship more. I tried to use my telepathy to see if there was some sort of intelligence about the ship or even had a mind of its own, but i'm young yet and my powers haven't fully developed in that area. I'm more strong in other areas right now but I have noticed improvement in the telepathy slightly. It would have to get better with all these whispers that never seem to stop. It's driving me nuts but I'm learning to quiet them some during times of needed concentration. Day 5 We have arrived at the Procyon system and we might as well have not come here. There is nothing but gas no atmosphere planets. There is an asteroid belt but after scanning it, we find nothing but small traces of useful metals. The traces aren't worth trying to obtain. After finding this stop is totally useless to us, we decided to scan the near by system of Luyten's Star System for anything preliminary that might be beneficial celestial body wise. The results resulted in little; however, there was a possibility that there was a station there from the scan. As a result, I made the decision to head to the Luyten's Star system. We are preparing for another 5 days of travel. Day 6-7 We decided to dig into the computer system further and see what we could find. The team found a block of encrypted trash. Somehow Sam and I don't think it's trash, but we don't have the code technology to try and understand it if it isn't corrupt trash. I think it is just something we just don't yet understand just like the rest of the ship and the whispers that only I seem to hear. It's all extremely un-nerving to say the least. I feel like i'm riding in the belly of an intelligence of some sort. Day 8 Sam finished her program code today, and much to my surprise it's a decryption program. Her skills in the field are still young as mine are in psionics and wasn't able to determine much about the "trash" in the computer system memory blocks. I encouraged her to try again in a few days when she has had time to think about it and perhaps make adjustments. It's like we are a team of self-taught young professionals trying to make it through the vast unknown world we know very little of. I know i'm young but older than I realize somehow. These thoughts on past and future technology and those articles keeps nagging at me. I can't help but wonder what each of my crew's past is. I suppose I will learn a bit as time goes by. Day 10 We arrived at the system early this morning, everyone is still waking up and getting their bearings. Scans determined that there was indeed a Domed Colony of PL 6 technology with a space port using sky bridge. Tucker set a course to the colony space port; however, in his excitement, he went to the wrong end of the system. After costing us almost half day, we arrived at the station and docked at the B dock. Something isn't right. We can't detect any activity there and no one is hailing communications. After doing some preliminary scans the port has no power on our end and no atmosphere. Something indeed happened that isn't good. I wish I had a more developed post-cognitive skills. It was decided to bio-lock the ship and all go as a team aboard the space port and investigate.
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    The Wear shot

    From the album: 47th Dog Tags!

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    work setup

    From the album: Shofur

    This is how I play most of the time! Work on the left, playing games on the right!
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    bikerb sideways

    From the album: Sky's pics

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    Maximus's Cats

    From the album: Maximus

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    Dragon's Bad Driver Award

    From the album: Certificates

    We gotta hand it to him... He is the best of the worst. LOL
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    4th Delta

    Thunderclaps smacked across the landscape and the occasional flash of lightning threatened to expose the crawling trooper. "Fuckin' A..!" the man mentally cursed as he pulled himself across a fallen log. It had taken him 45 minutes just to get up the hill. He was way behind the schedule and he knew it. Fourth Delta was moving in and he was not in position. The unexpected bandit camp he encountered had cost him valuable time and put him behind the eight ball. His squad was on the move and had no overwatch... Five minutes later, he reached his assigned spot and laid his rifle upon the soaking wet ground. A quick look through the scope confirmed his worst expectations... Fourth Delta was engaging the enemy and he was too late. Biker and Dragon both were engaged in hand to hand with the sentries. Djinfyre, with blade in hand, moved in to assist his squad leader. "Get him Jeannie.." the soldier thought as he scanned the area. It didn't take long for the two of them to made short work of the poor bastard. Biker had his situation under control as well..wrapping his arm around his targets throat, he slide his blade deep within the bandits vital parts. The man twitched several time before finally passing on to the great beyond. "Jesus tits Margret..!" the man thought as he spotted the Blaster upon the roof. His first target moved to the railing and pulled the rpg he carried up to his shoulder. CRACK... sounded across the battlefield momentarily before the enemy executed a half flip across the railing and fell to the ground. "About time.." quipped Biker as he moved to his next target. A second blaster ran across the platform and started to draw a beed upon Dragon and Djinfyre. "Not today bitch!" muttered the sniper as he sent a round down range. "Damn, I love my job!".. the man thought immediately after the tangos head exploded. "Glad to see you decide to join the fight!" Dragon said. "Sorry boss.. was on a soda run!.."Brutus replied.
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    the guardian

    From the album: Me at the coast with my chillin's

    one of my oil painting iv'e been working on. unfortuanatly this uploader chopped of the eagles head.... errrr

    © Brandy hardison (bikerb12)

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    Part 3: Deployment

    Well the time has come, Bealin's platoon has received their orders and will be shipping out in the morning. This will be the unit's first mission and one Bealin will have a very hard time trying to forget. Army intelligence received intel on a high priority target, a very high ranking official has been kidnapped and is being held hostage in a remote location in Afghanistan. Bealin's unit is to extract the target, and eliminate all hostiles on site. Stealth is a major factor in this mission, if any alarms are raised they may kill the target before extraction. This will be a night time raid, with night vision being utilized, as well as weapon suppressors in case firearms are required. The unit will be dropped a few miles from the location and will proceed on foot. There is no information about what to expect at this compound, the number of hostiles is unknown and the exact location of the target is unknown. Once the unit has located and secured the target they will be able to call in gunship support for extraction. 0500 hits and the unit starts to prepare for their first mission, none of them knowing what it will be or where they are going. As they will not be given any details until they are en route to the mission objective. So the unit preps all their gear and heads out to the plane for deployment. While flying to Afghanistan the unit is briefed on their orders and what is required of them for this missions success. They are given some rough schematics of the compounds infrastructure to plan their approach and discuss options. Army intelligence has offered up the best possible locations they are holding the target, so these will be the first areas to check. The unit arrives in Afghanistan at the army HQ base, from here they will be escorted to their drop off location with helicopters, the extraction gunships will be prepped and ready for the call, they will escort to the drop location where they will wait for extraction orders. The unit has 5 hours until the mission begins, they will use this time to work out any further mission details and ease any concerns unit members have. The mission begins at 0100....