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  2. Well, goddam beer flu derailed me but I had been shooting for a 300lb bench, 400lb squat, and 500lb deadlift for the past two years or so. Hit my goal on bench press but, before the gyms shut down, I had made it to 380lbs on squats and 485lbs on deadlift. These are working weights, mind you. So fucking close. Frustrating. At any rate, IDK what peeps have been doing for workouts but I've been doing the first video (full body) for going on three weeks now and will start the second video (just arms) and try to throw a decent run once or twice a week in there.
  3. Cavadus

    Division 2

    Crap, sorry it took so long to respond. Friend request sent over uplay. Hope to catch ya on there! You can join us on Discord here:
  4. Listen to the sounds of #Wastelanders ahead of its release next week! The latest #Fallout76 score from @InonZur is now available! iTunes: , Spotify: Amazon Music: View the full article
  5. Just one week left! #Wastelanders View the full article
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  7. Mothman finds your dance acceptable. #Fallout76 photomode by @ash_lemonjello View the full article
  8. We weren't fooling around yesterday. Triple XP is here! Time to gain some levels. Start: April 2nd at 12 pm EDT End: April 6th at 12 pm EDT View the full article
  9. Inside the Vault for #Fallout76 this week we've got an update on our Steam release, and a surprise Triple Bonus XP weekend! Read all about it here: View the full article
  10. If you own #Fallout76 on , link your Steam account on by April 13th to get a Steam copy for free. View the full article
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  12. LIVE NOW Join us for our weekly #Fallout76 stream! Live on Twitch View the full article
  13. Might mess around and activate Triple XP in #Fallout76 tomorrow, idk View the full article
  14. Happy #wendigowednesday my dudes! #fallout76 #fallout #bethesda #bethesdagamestudios #fallout76photomode #falloutphoto #gamephoto View the full article
  15. A lot of hard work went into this #Fallout Vault by u/jackal7x (thecosfather on IG) source: View the full article
  16. Check out this life-sized Nuka Cola Power Armor by TheGeeksterChief ( @GeekyChief )! Source: View the full article
  17. Mothman wants to have a heart to heart with you. #MothmanMonday #Fallout76 photomode by @baked_bloatfly View the full article
  18. We asked players to send us their favorite photomode images of Teamwork in #Fallout76! Check out this month’s Around Appalachia here: Next theme: Springtime! Comment your photos below or on our forums. View the full article
  19. Featured Mod Friday! Spring storms are an electrifying experience across the #Fallout4 wasteland in Fadingsignal’s “True Storms: Wasteland Edition - Intense Weather, Sounds, Effects” mod. View the full article
  20. Our latest Inside the Vault is now live. This week we're sharing some new details on Events coming to #Fallout76. View the full article
  21. Wastelanders Release Update View the full article
  22. LIVE NOW Join us for our weekly #Fallout76 stream! Live on Twitch View the full article
  23. I've pledged allegiance to the Cult of the Mothman.... Our time is coming. #Fallout76 View the full article
  24. Popping out.. (Handpainted @Fallout helmet I did last year through @RoarArtists) View the full article
  25. feelin' a little burnt out today but here's some deathclaws #Fallout4 View the full article
  26. Feeling lucky today! Happy #StPatricksDay from Vault-Tec! View the full article
  27. Bring on the nukes!!! For Appalachia!!! #westvirginiawasteland #bethesdagames #fallout76photography #fallout76photomode #bethesda #ps4 #Playstation4 #fallout76ps4 #fallout76atomicshop #girlgamer #virtualphotography #screenshot #gamingphotography #Xbox #XboxOne View the full article
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