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  2. The Halloween rewards for #NuclearWinter have returned! Challenges are active now, and end on Dec 16th at 7pm EDT. All progress from October towards these rewards is carried over. #Fallout76 View the full article
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  4. You'd better watch out! Santatron is coming to tow--... CAMPS! Free for a limited time in the Atomic Shop. #Fallout76 More Details: View the full article
  5. @Fallout 76 has concluded maintenance on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Please check for more information. View the full article
  6. Patch 16 for #Fallout76 releases today. Holiday Events and Activities Nuclear Winter Rewards Improvements and fixes Read on here: View the full article
  7. @Fallout 76 is undergoing maintenance on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Please check for more information. View the full article
  8. Cavadus

    Day #387

    It's been a minute; lots to catch up on! The wasteland has been getting livelier lately and we've taken on two new legionaries. Both were fresh out of one of the vaults and are a married couple. Was kinda the usual pitch: flash some power armor and lasers and all of the newbies get excited and want their own. But the 47th is definitely very happy to have Atomic_Candyman and Miss_Atomic_Candyman on board. For some practical matters I've learned how to tweak and install some great enhancements to the T-60 armor. Specifically, I can increased the leg strength drastically, I was able to install some enhanced optics into the helmets which makes targeting tangos way easier by highlighting them, and I found some cool armor plating that reflect certain types of damage. Combine'em all and you've got some dope upgrades. Dralzen kinda figured out the same thing for the excavator power armor so now the amount of crap we can lug around with them is preposterous but awesome. No complaint there. Unfortunately, Vexillarian Odin seems to have fallen off the grid. Last sightings of him were out in the Savage Divide but we've had no radio communication for weeks now. Pretty resilient guy, I'd be surprised if he was in any type of big danger, but I still worry. Should hopefully get back to my normal schedule of journal entries. Uploaded a pic of a scorchbeast queen that was getting hit with a cryolater. That was amazing and super effective. Gonna have to keep my eyes peeled for one of those things.
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  10. ... Incoming ZAX Transmission ... ... #NuclearWinter ... >addfeature // Map Voting // ... >information.txt > ... #Fallout76 View the full article
  11. Mothman hopes your Monday is great! #MothmanMonday #Fallout76 photomode by @ash_lemonjello View the full article
  12. #Fallout76 will undergo maintenance across all platforms tomorrow, December 10th, at 10:00am ET. Please keep an eye on the following thread: for updates and more information. View the full article
  13. On Mondays We Dance!...Not Really! Lol... #Fallout76 #Fallout #Gaming #PS4 #VirtualPhotography #Photomode View the full article
  14. We love having Nick Valentine as a companion! #Falloutcosplay by buurenaar_sheresh on IG View the full article
  15. Build and explore new and unique locations with the #Fallout4 VR workshop through Creation Club. View the full article
  16. feelin’ that sweet holiday spirit View the full article
  17. Wow! Incredible pencil art by jacky.c.v on IG #FalloutFanart #Fallout #Fallout76 View the full article
  18. Appalachia is filled with colors! This week’s Around Appalachia amplifies those with FILTERS! The next theme is Holiday Spirit. Let’s get jolly and see your best festive holiday shots! Post your images below or with the #Fallout76 hashtag. View the full article
  19. For the holidays we’re featuring a wide selection of content in our December Featured Community Mods for #Fallout4 and #Skyrim! Multiple adventures, voiced companions, weapons and armor, some incredible player homes, and more. Check it out here: View the full article
  20. After all this time, I finally got the Mr. Fuzzy outfit #fallout76 #fallout76photomode View the full article
  21. Inside The Vault this week: Free Trial Double XP Halloween #NuclearWinter Rewards return, and Holiday rewards are added Holiday Scorched Event #Fallout76 View the full article
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  23. Point Pleasant #Fallout #Fallout76 View the full article
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  25. Our trip to Uncanny Caverns!! #Fallout76 #Baecation #meandwifey View the full article
  26. Everything must eventually end: Thanksgiving, November, and the #FalloutShelter sale. Today is the last day to take up to 50% off all bundles! … View the full article
  27. Mothman will follow you where you go. Even if its radiated water. #MothmanMonday #Fallout76 photomode by @appalachianter1 View the full article
  28. Field Scribe Haylen cosplay by @HonourandSteel ! #falloutcosplay #Fallout View the full article
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