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  2. The Division and The Division 2’s game servers will shut down for a scheduled maintenance tomorrow on Tuesday, April 16th at 09:30 AM CEST / 03:30 AM EDT / 12:30 AM PDT. The estimated downtime is approximately 3 hours and will be used to deploy Patch v2.1. You can find the patch notes below. More information about the currently known issues as well as future feature plans can be found here. Fixed an issue where enemy NPCs could get stuck in a T-pose when being killed out of view. Fixed another issue with the Revive Hive not working properly. We are still working on instances where the skill sometimes will not resurrect players. Fixed an issue where the Gila Guard brand gear could not be donated to the Campus Daily Project “Brand Request: Gila Guard”. Fixed an issue where the Crafting Bench upgrade blueprint would not be granted to players when moving from one World Tier to another. Fixed an issue where the two piece bonus of the True Patriot gear set would not trigger correctly. Source: Official forums The post The Division 2: Maintenance 16/4; Patch v2.1 Release & Changelog appeared first on The Division Zone. View the full article
  3. Invasion, The Division 2’s first major update was released last Friday, and with all the new features such as the Black Tusk’s Stronghold Tidal Basin and others that have been added as part of it, some bugs have unfortunately found their way into the game as well. While Projects have been re-enabled earlier this week on Monday already, The Division 2’s State of the Game episode #116 was focusing on the currently known issues and what the developers have in mind for future updates, including the comeback of a PTS and more contextual updates on decisions for a better understanding of why things are changing the way they do. Maintenance 11/04 Here are the patch notes of the maintenance from last Thursday, April 11th. Fixed not being able to fast travel to the Castle settlement. Fixed several cases of abnormal Bounty boss skill-use behaviour. Fixed an issue causing the Nemesis crafting materials to be unobtainable. Fixed Delta-03 error occurring at the end of Conflict matches. Fixed an issue that would cause the pathfinding line to behave abnormally when in close proximity to your destination. Fixed the “donating” sound playing repeatedly after having donated and abandoned a daily mission. Fixed an issue related to cache countdown timers. Title Update 2.1 Preview The next patch labeled as Title Update 2.1 is already in the works and will most likely be deployed next Thursday during the scheduled weekly server maintenance. In addition, the developers are also sharing their reasoning behind some of the design decisions that were recently made. For a detailed view on their perspectives, check out this official forum thread; otherwise, you can find a shortened list including those preliminary changes below. Crafting Bench Fix for the bench not upgrading to World Tier 5. Fixes the crafting benches that are stuck in different World Tiers. Characters getting stuck Still trying to reproduce this internally. Fix for players who are getting stuck in the revive animation. Revive Hive Improvements have been applied through TU2, Title Update 2.1 will fix some more issues with it. True Patriot Fix coming to address the two piece gear set bonus of True Patriot not working. Skill Mods Ability to craft blue Skill Mods to provide options for low Skill Power level builds. Enhancing effects of Skill Mods across the board. Balancing A large number of Talents will be overhauled. Scaling increase for defensive stats on gear items. Adjustments to lethality and TTK on the enemies for more viable build options. Known Issues There are some other topics as well that already led to larger conversations across social media channels. One of them is Henry Hayes, who doesn’t seem to be available for some players. Some of these occurrences have been resolved, but the problem investigation will continue in the future. A fix for the Worksite Community will be fixed with TU3, not earlier as it has been wrongly communicated before. Although the sometimes funny and spooky looking T-Poses of killed enemies/in the Bounty screens, the developers are working on a fix for this as they break the immersion of the game and can lead to players continue firing at them because they still seem to be alive. Also part of these discussions is gear with Gear Score below 500, underperforming Gear Sets and Exotic Weapons, the balancing of Talents, game difficulty in general (too aggressive enemy AI, armor and survivability, Control Points, etc.) as well as the PvP balance and inventory management. Future Adjustments Account-wide Blueprints, the consolidation of different reset timers into one single timer and making Projects more rewarding is planned to be addressed in the future. The developers have also mentioned upgrades for the Barber to allow Agents to change their sex, or to choose a Bald/Red colored hairstyle, but those things will not come anytime soon and will take some time. PTS for Title Update 3.0 The next big update for The Division 2 is Title Update 3.0, which is planned to be released on April 25th. Part of it will be the first 8-player raid “Operation Dark Hours” and other improvements to the game. To ensure a more stable release than the rollout of the first part of Invasion last week, the developers will provide a PTS, also known as Public Test Server, where players (PC only) can test the update’s contents (except for the raid itself) before it goes live to find eventual bugs or other balancing related issues. The past has already shown that gathering this player feedback early on gives the developers more freedom when pushing out updates and tweaking the experience on the fly within this test environment. The test servers will go live next Wednesday, April 17th. The post State of the Game: Known Issues, Patch v2.1 Preview and Public Test Server for Title Update 3.0 appeared first on The Division Zone. View the full article
  4. The Division 2 seems to be still suffering from similar Daily and Weekly Activity hiccups its predecessor had to deal with during the first month after launch, which why affected problematic Projects have been temporarily disabled for now for further investigation. In an attempt to fix an issue with the rewards of Daily and Weekly Projects by restarting the servers earlier this day, the developers, unfortunately, were not able to resolve the problem which why they have decided to disable them for the time being. The servers are already back up again. It’s unclear for how long they will be unavailable, but we will keep you posted once new updates are available. You can also follow this thread in the official forums for more information. The post The Division 2: Daily & Weekly Projects Disabled Due to Rewards Exploit appeared first on The Division Zone. View the full article
  5. Alongside the release of The Division 2’s Title Update 2, the first and same-named Apparel Event: Invasion has been launched with a collection of new unique vanity items. Apparel Events offer players an opportunity to earn new cosmetic items through time-limited Apparel Caches. Invasion consists of a set of 30 new appearance items to unlock! Please find more details about the three event phases at the end of this article. Rewards The Invasion Cache pool consists of the following rewards, including Face Masks, Weapon Skins and Emotes. Furthermore, bonus items can be unlocked by completing other outfits or collecting all the items available in the pool. 3 outfits inspired by the factions roaming Washington, D.C. 1 Face Mask 4 Emotes 9 Weapon Skins Bonuses: 1 extra Face Mask; earned for completing the three Invasion outfits. A unique Black Tusk inspired uniform, earned for collecting all 30 items in the pool of the Invasion Cache. This reward is only obtainable during the event. Earn Keys All players who log into The Division 2 during the first week of Invasion get one key for free! All Year One Pass holders will earn three additional keys as a bonus, available until Invasion ends! Generally, Apparel Event keys can be earned from the following sources: Weekly Apparel Projects: three keys each Chance to drop when reaching Field Proficiency upon each level after 30 Chance to drop when reaching Dark Zone Proficiency Direct purchase with Premium Credits Event Phases The event is divided into three phases, has started on April 5th and will end on May 2nd. Event Live: April 5th to April 25th; event keys can be earned from the sources listed above. Event Closing: April 25th to May 2nd; any unspent keys should be used now. Keys can still be purchased to complete Apparel Sets. Post Event: May 2nd onward. All items from the Event Cache are moved into the standard Apparel Caches to earn through gameplay, as well as put on the Apparel Store for direct purchase, with an exception for the Black Tusk uniform. More detailed information about Apparel Events. The post The Division 2 Apparel Event #1: Invasion incl. Masks, Skins & Emotes appeared first on The Division Zone. View the full article
  6. The Division 2’s first part of the “Invasion: Battle for D.C.” Year 1 content update is now live, featuring World Tier 5, the new by the Black Tusk occupied Stronghold called Tidal Basin, Gear Sets, Exotics, a new PvP map, Apparel Event and more. Invasion unfolds the story of the battle for D.C. and is available for free for everyone. The 8-man raid “Operation Dark Hours” will follow on April 25th, including some of the Year 1 Pass‘ exclusive Classified Assignments, while players can expect a new Specialization #4 with a unique Signature Weapon to complete The Division 2’s first major update soon. With Invasion paving the way for more challenging encounters ahead, increasing the World Tier cap to level 5 and items that can now drop with a new maximum Gear Score of 500 are just one of the many initiatives that will follow. The highly requested Field of View slider and a dedicated sensitivity option when looking through scopes are also part of this update. So should adjustments to the Skill Mod requirements also retroactively allow players to equip more of them than before without having to fully commit to a Skill oriented build. Moreover, Weapon Mods requirements have been changed so that attributes are no longer causing stat decreases. With the Invaded Missions celebrating their comeback in WT5 in weekly mission rotations, the Black Tusk left their Stronghold exposed which allows the Division to breach and take it back. All Main Missions can now be played as an Invaded Mission as well. The first three Gear Sets have been added to the game, including Ongoing Directive, a very Status Effect oriented set which makes it perfect for Survivalists, True Patriot, which requires you to handle up to three debuffs and Hard Wired, a set that supports a Skill based playstyle with PvP specific bonuses. Two new Exotics have been added as well, featuring Pestilence, a Light Machine Gun, and Nemesis, a Designated Marksman Rifle. Last but not least, Fort McNair, a new map in The Division 2’s PvP Conflict mode. A fourth Specialization which shows an Agent carrying a portable minigun completes the Invasion update sometime soon. Here’s again an overview of the rollout plan of The Division 2’s first major content update Invasion. You can find the patch notes further down below. Patch Notes Weapons, Mods and Gear: Overhauled the Weapon mod system, see the table at the end of the patch notes for detailed information. Fixed a wrong long-range damage value for M4 (super 90) and P416. Previously, they could sometimes increase damage over longer ranges instead of the other way around. Rifles: Damage on the MK17 rifle reduced by 14%, also corrected this weapon not having a damage falloff over distance. LW M4 damage increased by 5%, RPM increased from 240 to 360. LVOA-C RPM increased from 240 to 380. Marksman RiflesModel 700 damage reduced by 13%. ShotgunsAA12 damage increased by 16%. LMGsMG5 damage increased by 12% and fixed reversed falloff, causing the weapon to do more damage over a longer range. Updated initial accuracy on the Sig Sniper MCmillan T1. It should now be much more reliable to shoot as soon as it’s shouldered and the transition to scoped view is over. Reduced the amount of Critical Damage and Headshot Damage that can roll on Gear, including the amount on existing Gear. The actual values will differ depending on the level and quality of the gear it occurs on. This is partially in preparation for another world tier, where we felt these values were already at the limit of what was healthy in WT4. Complete overhaul of skill mods to give more achievable requirements and more reasonable bonuses. A closer equivalence between required skill power and the bonuses granted. Changed the amount of skill power on gear to not increase exponentially with level, but instead more linearly. This results in most skill power values on gear being lower, but in accordance with the lowered requirements. Tweaked the ranges of bonuses to be within acceptable bounds where they had extreme values before due to scaling errors. Most notably radius and ammo/charges values. Players will see both the bonuses and the requirements of almost all skill mods change as a result of this overhaul. In end game, both Superior and High-End skill mods exist to cover the different needs of different builds. They can overlap in power, but High-End mods have a higher maximum roll potential. We are looking at ways to provide lower value/quality mods in end game world tiers in the future to provide a solution to the fact that on very low skill power builds, there would be room for those mods, and currently we are aware that means you have to save mods from your leveling experience. Player Skills: Fixed an issue which caused the Bombardier Drone to get destroyed while climbing up/down a ladder or rope. Improved feedback of Bombardier Drone crashing into obstacles during the bombing phase. Fixed an issue with Firefly payload sometimes failing to activate when reaching its target. Fixed an issue where Revive hive would not self-deploy if the agent was busy performing a different action such as using different skill when it triggered. Revamped the Sniper Turret version of the turret skill. It now will automatically target the hostile nearest to the players’ center-of-screen (the same method it uses to pick other turret targets) and will fire at that target when the button is pressed, without a lock-on order needed. If a player aims at a hostile, the sniper turret will attempt to match their aim, allowing precision shots using the sniper turret. An issue where the sniper turret wasn’t correctly getting bonus damage when hitting headshots has been fixed. Revamped the Chem launcher skill platform. Pressing the skill button will now equip the chem launcher similar to swapping to a weapon. The player can aim and shoot with normal weapon controls, as well as run with the skill and blindfire it. Quick deploy at the agents own position is still available for the repair version of the chem launcher, using the same controls as before. Unequipping the Chem launcher can be done using the skill button, the B (XBOX) / Circle (PS4) button or just using the weapon swap controls. Loot & Rewards: Control Point reward containers are giving the correct number of items for the corresponding Control Point’s defense level. Defense level 4 now awards 5 items instead of 3. Reduced DZ XP gain from Landmarks in Dark Zones. Reduced the quality and power for items dropped in Propaganda Broadcast and one drop of Settlement Blockade activities to be more in line with other open world enemies and activities. Updated XP rewards for low-level player playing in World Tiers to scale with player level. Supply Drop activity loot container items now scale with every consecutive container you open. This includes lowering the reward of the first crate, but results in similar rewards for the activity as a whole. Added 5 Specialized Apparel Cache Keys, awarded with levels 2 – 4.As a thank you for playing, all players that played before April 4 get 5 Specialized Apparel Keys, regardless of their level. Faction Key loot drops from Bounties are now guaranteed and are displayed in the loot preview. Adjusted bounty credit rewards to use scaling values in World Tiers instead of flat values so if a lower level player is playing with a higher-level player, they will receive an amount of credits more appropriate for their level. Changed Skill Unlock rewards to be non-invaded only so that players who co-op with a higher-level friend to play invaded before playing on story won’t receive the rewards. Added Apparel cache key fragments to the PvP reward caches. Adjusted the rewards for the street execution activity to give slightly lower quality/source level gear so the rewards are more in line with the difficulty of the activity. Reduced the quality and source level charts used for item drops from the living world activities settlement blockade and Propaganda broadcast to be more in line with other open world drops and the difficulty of the activities. Updated Collectibles set XP reward to scale with player level. Fixed an issue which caused the Drone Helicopter to not use the correct loot table. Crafting: Increased Material cap for Standard and Specialized crafting materials to 400 (with all perks). Increased Material cap for High-End crafting materials to 50. Materials required for crafting weapon mods does not scale as aggressively and has much lower values in endgame. Removed a small increase on materials required for crafting weapon mods after upgrading the crafting bench quality. Changed the upgrade blueprints for exotic weapons Lullaby and Ruthless to not show up on the vendor until you are level 30. Increased the power for the wandering vendor so her inventory has a narrower Gear Score range closer to the top of the World Tier Gear Score Range. Set all exotic upgrade blueprints to award you the upgraded weapon on the max gear score of the current tier. Removed a tiny increase on materials required for crafting weapon mods after upgrading the crafting bench quality. Exotic weapons are now pre-equipped with lore text mods. These mods do not have stats and cannot be equipped elsewhere. Talents: Blind Justice – Modified the Buff that increases damage to your next shot now expires at end of combat and when out of combat First Blood – Updated Normalized MMR Talent First Blood Text to correctly explain that the first shot after reloading from empty is the enhanced bullet. NPCs: Decreased damage of all NPC Automatic Shotguns Decreased damage of all NPC SMGs Hey agent! Staff in the Base of Operation will now shout at the player less frequently than before. Main Missions Difficulty: World Bank – Invaded – Server Room Increased the time which the Black Tusks needs to complete the download in the Server Room from 200 seconds to 250 seconds. Reduced the difficulty in the Server Room by setting the Enemy group composition to light, light, medium – Instead of medium, heavy, medium. DCD HeadquartersMission level has been changed from 17 to 18. Roosevelt Island – Invaded – Quarantine Docks Reduced the difficulty of the first wave of enemies encountered in the last beat of the mission by lowering the amount of Elite and Veteran enemies. Enemies in this part of the mission can only use mounted weapons if there are 2 players or more.This should make it less punishing for solo-players attempting this mission. Open World: Removed death of civilian squad as a failure condition for Control Point takeover.The Officer will now remain in downed state until players complete the takeover or wipe. Black Tusk presence has been increased in invaded Open World zones. New Ambusher NPCs now roam the streets of DC. Social: Added a “Friends & Clan” option for Call for Backup that only shows calls from friends and clan members. Added a “Do Not Disturb” group privacy option that blocks all incoming invites. PC Added a Field of View slider PlayStation 4 Fixed an issue that could cause players to be stuck in the Specialization tutorial Bug Fixes: Fixed an issue that could cause undesired appearance changes to agents after login in or using the barber.Players that have been permanently affected by an appearance change will unfortunately not be changed back with this fix. We want to apologize for any inconvenienced caused by this and we’re looking into options to allow players to fully customize their agent in the future, but we do not have a timeline for this feature. Fixed an issue where the Cluster Seeker Mine could split up more often than intended. Fixed an issue where the Defender Drone could have unlimited uptime. Fixed an issue which prevented players from finishing the Unite cypher riddle.We’re confident this is not bugged anymore. Fixed an issue that would cause the Stronghold activation animation to always play when entering the Base of Operations. Fixed several instances of Audio logs not playing automatically when picked up. Fixed an issue that could cause players being unable to finish the Side Mission Worksite Community. Fixed an issue where players were unable to update their crafting bench after reaching a new World Tier. Fixed an issue with NPCs sometimes not reacting properly to cooked grenades Fixed an issue with Hunters not always appropriately despawning if a player flees a combat space Fixed rare issue where NPCs could get stuck when attempting to melee a player in cover Fixed issue with the Explosive Seeker Mine occasionally failing to path to its target Fixed bug where players could fast travel to non-friendly Control Points Fixed bug that made encounters with friendly NPCs requesting resources too rare Fixed bug where underground enemies would come to the surface during the day Fixed an issue where players were able to obtain gear with a higher gear score than intended Any owned High-End items will be lowered to Gear Score 500. Any owned Superior items will be lowered to Gear Score 490. Clan caches no longer award items higher than the maximum loot Gear Score. Recalibration still allows Gear Score to increase slightly past the maximum loot Gear Score. Fixed a bunch of weird stairs and invisible walls. Source: Official forums The post The Division 2 “Invasion: Battle for D.C.” ft. World Tier 5, Tidal Basin, Gear Sets, Exotics, Raid & Much More appeared first on The Division Zone. View the full article
  7. Great article, Sandi, thank you for the recap! Statistics: Posted by Smallcorners — Sat Apr 06, 2019 9:12 am View the full article
  8. The following is an excerpt of a blog article. Read Full Article I took a little hiatus and returned recently to so many updates and additions to an Empire in Flames. I started to compile the list and realized I likely wasn't the only one who would like to know what EiF has been up to! It was a lot of fun turning the devs loose on the list I started. I was able to see which areas were important to each staff member. EiF is blessed to have gathered a diverse group of people who give so much to the community. Contributing to this article was Halyn, Anishor, Jeil, Kelta, Phoenix, ... Statistics: Posted by Sandarie — Fri Apr 05, 2019 2:34 pm View the full article
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    It's been a minute! So I present to you an entire playlist of 90s shit. I call it "90s Shit." The only rule: no fucking nu-metal. EDIT: I recommend opening the playlist in a new window since it's limited to 200 videos when embedded but there's actually almost 290 videos in the list.
  10. The following is an excerpt of a blog article. Read Full Article The Sith Shrine is the newest, hottest content on Empire in Flames. Set in a Sith temple buried deep on Coruscant, adventurers are asked to investigate…in spite of the disappearance of previous teams. Up to five players can venture into the Shrine to confront danger and potentially emerge with previously-unacquirable loot!The Sith Shrine starts by speaking with a very grumpy Dug in a diner in the Collective Commerce sector on Coruscant.Ultimately, there are six boss encounters along the way, though two of them are relatively easy. Players should be prepared in advance with equipment, food, and drink. Some suggestions are ... Statistics: Posted by Halyn — Mon Mar 25, 2019 11:45 am View the full article
  11. As stated in today’s State of the Game episode #113 from March 20th, the developers are now focusing on fixing remaining bugs as the game’s health state is one of their highest priorities right now before new content like World Tier 5 and the Stronghold Tidal Basin gets unlocked. The developers were already able to fix a couple of critical bugs during the last maintenance downtimes, where one, for example, was partially fixing the Skills cooldown issue. Also, most of the audio problems have been resolved which why the audio team is now also looking into further improvements such as more recognizable Headshot sounds or silencers not impacting gun sounds. Known Issues An upcoming server patch will be rolled out soon that will fix some of the here listed known issues, including the ones below, whereas a client-side patch is needed to address some Skill related and group-scaling issues. It should also address an issue where a player’s character could suddenly look differently as well as return lost skins from sold weapons. Progress: “Talk to the Division Coordinator” / “Talk to Person X” Daily and Weekly Projects are not resetting. (currently only when you are online) Several issues tied to contributing Clan XP and CXP in general. Group scaling issues between players with different character levels. The first step will be to reduce the NPC damage, while issues with item scalings need an additional client-side patch. Every kind of feedback is highly appreciated by the devs (see official forums). As a result, the following features will get added/addressed soon: Autorun on consoles Clan member color change (not yellow anymore) Strobe lighting issue Field of View slider option Stats with Yannick In-game stats since the launch of the game. Headshots: 5.5 Billion Bullets Fired: 123 Billion XP Gained: 4.2 Trillion NPCs Killed: 3.9 Billion Birds Shot: 1.3 Million The post State of the Game: Known Issues, Patch Roadmap & In-Game Stats appeared first on The Division Zone. View the full article
  12. The Division 2 is currently plagued by a small, but a very annoying bug when trying to deploy a Skill. The developers seem to have identified several issues that were causing the Skills to go on a 15 seconds cooldown immediately after this kind of player interaction and one part should be fixed with the upcoming maintenance in a few minutes. There will be a short server downtime on March 18th at 10:15 PM CET / 5:15 PM EST / 6:15 AM KST / 8:15 ACT. The servers should be back in 15 minutes, and you shouldn’t run into these issues anymore that often. The developers are planning to roll out an additional patch later this week to fix the remaining issues, but until then you can try to avoid the talents EXTRA and OVERLAP which seem to be the culprit. Stay tuned! Source: Official forums The post The Division 2: Maintenance 18/3; Skills Usage Fix (Part 1) appeared first on The Division Zone. View the full article
  13. The servers are currently down for maintenance which has started around 50 minutes ago, at 11:00 AM CET / 06:00 AM ET / 03:00 AM PT. They will be back up in approximately 40 minutes. The downtime is used to apply a server-side patch which fixes stability and progress synchronization issues; also the Supply Drops loot exploit will get fixed. Implemented a fix that should reduce occurrences of client crashes when using skills. Fixed an issue where players could be stuck in the wrong World Tier if they completed Strongholds without meeting the required Gear Score while in a group. Fixed an issue where players wouldn’t be able to talk to agent Kelso at the Castle Settlement. Fixed an issue where players could obtain multiple Ivory Keys from the same source. Fixed an issue where map progress would not be saved when completing Open World activities and Side missions in another players’ instance. Fixed an exploit that allowed players to loot Supply Drops multiple times. Fixed a bug where players could buy blueprints repeatedly at the vendors by logging out and back in. Fixed an issue where combining the Dialed in talent with the Emet Mask could lead to greatly increased Accuracy and Stability. Source: Official forums The post The Division 2: Maintenance 16/3; Patch for World Tiers & Loot Exploit appeared first on The Division Zone. View the full article
  14. Ubisoft has published a new video to explain what it takes to recreate a city in a 1:1 post-pandemic format and what it means to bring something like this to life. IP Researcher Cloe Hammoud and Lead Environmental Artist Chad Chatterton talk about the work that went into this process, how real-life disaster planning was incorporated and what map adaptions of Washington, D.C. have been made for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. If you would like to see more of this kind of real-life comparisons, be sure to check out these two videos from earlier this week. The post The Division 2 vs. Real Life appeared first on The Division Zone. View the full article
  15. Today’s State of the Game episode #112 was relatively short given that Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 had been released some hours ago (early access versions), but the development team is of course currently very busy with monitoring everything related to the game. Maintenance There will be a scheduled maintenance tomorrow on Thursday, March 14th, where the The Division 2 servers will shut down at 09:00 AM CET / 04:00 AM EDT / 01:00 AM PDT. Estimated downtime is approximately 3 hours. Please note that this maintenance will be held from now on every week as it was already the case for the first game in the past. Weapons We removed a work in progress weapon that was not properly named and balanced. Crossbows now deal explosive damage to multiple objects as intended Exotic weapons equipped with silencers will now produce the sound they’re intended to make. NPCs engaged in combat will now react to grenades as intended. Missions The ropes will now deploy properly to allow for extraction at the end of the Beekeeper Jeff side mission. Players should no longer be able to unlock Castle prematurely. This issue would block progression in some instances. Fixed a loot exploit that involved repeatedly killing bosses in some Invaded missions. In Jefferson Plaza, the NPC scene can no longer be interrupted during a boss fight. PC specific PC players playing together while connected to the same network were meeting a number of issues when interacting with each other. This has now been fixed. On PC, FreeSync 2 HDR can now properly be selected in game regardless of your PC’s configuration. Other Stopped “SHD CPU V.2” and “Cyclone Magazine” skill mods from dropping as loot. Player’s who already have the items can use them once they unlock the corresponding specialization perk. Players will no longer get stuck on black screens after watching introduction cinematics. We have updated XP rewards for all end game activities, so that they will scale to the player’s level, instead of being flat values. Several corrupted audio issues have been fixed. You can follow the maintenance progress here. A router related net-code issue was already fixed at the beginning of this week. Known Issues The developers have highlighted two specific bugs they are currently working on, but there is a whole list that is currently getting compiled by them in the background. Selling a weapon with skin could result in the skin being permanently lost. Affected players should contact Ubisoft Support to resolve the problem or use the in-game buyback option if possible. Progression blocker when upgrading from World Tier 3 into World Tier 4. To avoid this from happening, avoid grouping up with people of other/higher WTs when playing a Stronghold mission which would rank you up. In case you are already experiencing this, a possible, but not guaranteed workaround is to group up with someone in the same WT (World Tier 3 in this case) who is currently trying to complete it. Make sure that you meet the Gear Score requirements. Ensuring a healthy gaming experience is the developers’ current top priority, but they are also already looking into numerous Quality-of-Life improvements and last but not least and if their time allows, possible easter eggs in the future. Community Highlights Furthermore, they appreciate all the creations from the community and are so amazed by them that they would like to give something back, in the form of monthly rewards for people who are participating and contributing. The rewards are Brian Johnson figurines as well as Phoenix Shield Editions. Agent Highlights has been there since the first game where people can submit content of all kinds, be it cosplay, artworks, songs, whatever you have in mind that is The Division related. Be sure to use the #AgentHighlights hashtag on Twitter for better visibility. The second one is #TheDivision2Photos, where, as its name already says, people can submit their images that have been taken via The Division 2’s Photo Mode. The post State of the Game: Maintenance on March 14th & Community Highlights appeared first on The Division Zone. View the full article
  16. Is it still worth trying to complete The Division’s Shield challenges in order to unlock some unique rewards for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, or was it worth it at all in the first place? You might be able to answer this for yourself in a second by looking at the following four Shield Tier rewards down below, but we think it was worth the additional effort for sure! All of the twelve Division Shields can still be completed in The Division 1 to unlock the vanity items in The Division 2 (even after its release). Once redeemed through the Ubisoft Club or Uplay, you will be able to find them in your in-game mailbox. Weapon Skin Division Shields Tier 1 Requires 1 Shield unlock Outfit + Patch Division Shields Tier 2 Requires 4 Shield unlocks Shush Emote + Gear Dye Division Shields Tier 3 Requires 8 Shield unlocks Fist Pump Emote + Backpack Trophy Division Shields Tier 4 Requires 12 Shield (all) unlocks We have also included a video with all 12 audio logs from each Shield in case you are still waiting for The Division 2’s release in your region and don’t know what else to do. The post The Division Shields: All Audio Recordings & Rewards Unveiled appeared first on The Division Zone. View the full article
  17. Today, we are excited to announce the launch of the verified Discord server for all things The Division 2! As a hub dedicated to the community, we encourage everyone to make themselves at home. Ask questions about your build or let everyone know you are looking for a clan. Share raid tips and tricks or relax in one of the gameplay channels. There's even an "Off-Topic" section to socialize on all things outside of Washington, D.C. We want to support additional chat options for our players, and Discord is a new opportunity to do so. The team will also be sharing official announcements to the server to keep everyone in the loop on what's new in The Division 2. Intelligence Annexes, Agent Highlights, and maintenance notifications are just a few examples of the content you can expect to see on our side. Members of the team might be lurking about too! We hope to see everyone there: /The Division Community Team View the full article
  18. Agents! We are excited to announce the return of the State of the Game livestreams! With the launch of The Division 2 right around the corner, now is a better time than ever to discuss upcoming news, share community content, and chat with the community! Going forward, State of the Game will be hosted on Wednesdays at 5 PM CET / 11 AM ET / 8 AM PT on the following platforms: Following this schedule, our next State of the Game is this Wednesday, February 27th. We hope to see everyone there! /The Division Community Team View the full article
  19. Greetings Agents, We have been away for a while with Agent Highlights, but we are back with full throttle! We had lots of activity and we can't wait to share with you what the community has been up to. You probably know how it works by now: all featured Agents will receive an in-game gift of 1000 Phoenix Credits. First of all, let us set the mood for this Agent Highlights with Sonic Clang's cover of "Precinct Siege". Now that the tunes are set, let's jump into the Fan Art section. We have a very cool anime style interpretation of The Division Agent, by Nian. We are always happy to see how The Division world would look in different settings and styles. Next, we have a couple of drawings by Kapo. These Agents seem to be on top of things! We have one more brilliant art piece to share with you. The Agents' air band by Dazeroyuu. Let us take a look at what SHD_Umbra has been up to with his diorama project. Can you recognise these Agents? If you are looking to update your social media profiles with The Division banners, then check out this one by Cheshire Cat. We have always been big fans of community members' collaboration on fan creations. Having said that, we have an awesome piece by LaraNecro, featuring Foxxie, Mab and 6Golf3Bravo. We are all familiar with the saying "the more the merrier", well, it also applies to The Division Agents! Thank you Agents Sebastian, Frostie, LowMex, Skumy6661, Gianni_P, DarkyMoony and Apples003. We have no doubt that D.C. will be rescued! As a Division Agent, you are not only required to restore order, but you are also expected to help the needy. Yes, including the Hunters, as Agent Nadya and Hunter Moonlight show us. Make sure to check more of their amazing work here. Next we have The0Pro in a typical Agent situation, or is he? Careful Agent, there seems to be a Hunter down there! It's Moonlight! This doesn't look good... No Agents were harmed in the scenario above. You'll get him next time. We believe in you Agent! We are blessed by a love letter to The Division and the city of New York from the one and only Agent Mab. We just wanted to thank you for this heart-warming video, Mab. We can't wait to see you in Washington D.C. That's all for Agent Highlights! Remember Agents, if you would like to be featured in next month's Agent Highlights article, don't forget to tweet your creations with the hashtag #AgentHighlights. ATTENTION: Agents, please follow @TheDivisionGame on Twitter so we can get in touch with you for the rewards. Until next time, /The Division Community Team View the full article
  20. Agents, This weekend there will be an in-game event where players will receive twice the normal amount of rewards for High Value Targets. Starts at: February 15th, 08:00 AM UTC Ends at: February 18th, 08:00 AM UTC As a reminder, High Value Target contracts are acquired from the Daily and Weekly HVT Officers in the Terminal. Each contract requires Target Intel to get started, which players can earn through Search and Destroy missions obtained at Safe Houses. The greater the Intel cost for the contract, the deadlier the operation. Eliminate those targets! / The Division Team View the full article
  21. Agents! We are happy to announce that the Open Beta for Tom Clancy's The Division 2 will be running from March 1st through March 4th! More information is coming soon, but for the latest news about the Open Beta, please visit our Beta page. Huge thanks to everyone that took part in the Private Beta. We are grateful for all the feedback, all the bug reports and all the suggestions that you gave us over the course of those days (and after!). Thank you and see you all again soon in Washington, D.C.! /The Division 2 Development Team View the full article
  22. Agents, Starting February 1st, there will be an in-game event where players will receive twice the normal amount of field proficiency caches. ⦁ Starts at: February 1st, 08:00 UTC ⦁ Ends at: February 4th, 08:00 UTC As a reminder, Field Proficiency Caches are automatically rewarded for every level earned after reaching level 30. Head over to the Bundles section of your inventory to see your rewards! /The Division Team View the full article
  23. This weekend there will be an in-game event where Agents will receive twice the normal amount of rewards for Dark Zone Supply Drops, followed by Supply Drops every 30 minutes. Twice the normal reward for Dark Zone Supply Drops for the first 36 hours. Supply Drops every 30 minutes. As a reminder, Agents in the Dark Zone receive periodic alerts announcing Supply Drops touching down in the Dark Zone. Guarded by Elite enemies and a Named NPC, players have a limited time to claim drop rewards. Starts: January 25th, 08:00 AM UTC Ends: January 28th, 08:00 AM UTC Enjoy and see you in New York! / The Division Team View the full article
  24. The third Global Event, Strike, is returning to The Division! Start: January 14th, 08:00 AM UTC End: January 21st, 08:00 AM UTC The following modifiers will be live during Strike: Strike—Always active. Enemies explode when killed. Pre-emptive Strike—Strike behavior, plus sustained incoming damage triggers a small explosion on Agents. Tactical Strike—Pre-emptive Strike behavior, plus enemies are marked using Strike explosions. When killed, they damage remaining enemies. Ally-to-Ally explosion damage is increased. Agents will have another opportunity to earn the following Classified sets: Classified Path of the Nomad Classified D3-FNC Classified Predator's Mark Classified Banshee's Shadow The event works the same way Strike has in the past. The Classic, Rider, and Jungle masks will be available alongside vanity rewards. Please note if you've already earned Strike's weapon skins and vanity outfit, leaderboard caches will not yield new rewards. /The Division Dev Team View the full article
  25. Agents, This weekend there will be an in-game event where players will receive twice the normal amount of rewards for High Value Targets. Starts at: January 11th, 08:00 AM UTC Ends at: January 14th, 08:00 AM UTC As a reminder, High Value Target contracts are acquired from the Daily and Weekly HVT Officers in the Terminal. Each contract requires Target Intel to get started, which players can earn through Search and Destroy missions obtained at Safe Houses. The greater the Intel cost for the contract, the deadlier the operation. Eliminate those targets! / The Division Team View the full article
  26. With ten Shields already released, we are back with number eleven! Today, we are introducing the Marshal Shield! Marshal inspires the looter-shooter in every Agent, requiring players to collect all Exotic armor and weapons in the game. These items are orange/red in quality in your inventory. If you need a refresher, a full list is available below. Ferro’s Oxygen Mask Barrett’s Bulletproof Vest Shortbow Championship Pads NinjaBike Messenger Bag Skulls MC Gloves Colonel Bliss’s Holster Bullfrog Caduceus Liberator Warlord Urban MDR The House Midas Thompson M1928 Tommy Gun Eir Hildr Pakhan Hungry Hog Big Alejandro Historian Tenebrae Devil Heel Cassidy Medved Showstopper Centurion Damascus Defiler Golden Rhino Some Exotics are available at the Terminal’s Special Equipment Vendor, while others can be farmed from the same sources as Classified Gear (hyperlink Prime Shield). Do not forget about Assignments either—Weekly, Underground, and Survival Assignments all award one Exotic Cache per week, per character. If you have already collected these Exotics, Marshal will automatically unlock! If not, get looting, Agents! MORE ON SHIELDS Found in the first tab of the Dossier, Division Shields are a group of unique commendations that reward both long term and new players for completing very specific challenges across The Division. Remember to check back in, since an additional Shield will become available every month for you to unlock. CURRENT SHIELDS New! Marshal – Acquire all Exotic armor and weapons Prime – Collect three full Classified gear sets Fang – Complete every available mission on Legendary difficulty Rebel – Get to wave 15 in Resistance Talon – Attain a Commendation score of 3,000 Phoenix – Extract 5 items, survive for 5 hours, and kill 5 Hunters in Survival Sacred - Complete 10 phases, get to level 10 and kill 10 Hunters in the Underground Shepherd - Unlock the Base of Operations Avenger - Eliminate 10 Named bosses in Manhattan, 10 in the Dark Zone, and 10 in West Side Piers Deadeye - Complete all weekly High Value Targets Hazard - Clear 25 landmarks in the Dark Zone THE DIVISION 2 REWARDS As Agents collect Shields, you will be placed in a tiered system. The more Shields earned in The Division, the higher the tier you reach, the more rewards you will receive in The Division 2. A higher tier grants players more rewards: Tier 1 - Weapon Skin Tier 2 - Outfit and Patch Tier 3 - Emote and Gear Dye Tier 4 - Taunting Emote and Backpack Trophy /The Division Dev Team View the full article
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