Operations Night A [DIVISION]


Unit Calendar

This event repeats every week on Thursday until 03/17/2020

Event details


1. Situation

Weekly scheduled activities for the 47th Legion.

2. Mission

During mission time officers and NCOs will organize group activities for the unit as a whole, coordinate the participating legionaries, and enforce uniform standards.

3. General Instructions

a. Special Teams/Task Organization

  • Officers & Carians: Organize legionaries for the following activities:
  • Dailies/weeklies;
  • Incursions;
  • Survival;
  • Last Stand;
  • PvP.

b. Common Uniform/Equipment

  • The color scheme for your armor will be "dark grey and blood red."

c. Special Weapons/Ammo/Equipment

  • None

d. Commo

  • Legionaries are to muster in the "Barracks" channel in Discord.

4. Special Instructions

Legionaries will muster at the base of operations.

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