Day #394

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Vault 79.

Who knew?  Who knew it would all start with a lousy pawn shop in Grafton?  Grafton?  I haven't been there in weeks... maybe months.

But word had started circulating among wastelanders about another vault out there and that it all centered on Grafton.  They weren't wrong.

To keep it short, found a pseudo-hidden room in the pawn shop which led to some crazy black light hidden messages and a helluva scavenger hunt which took me all across Appalachia.

But I found it; I found it all.  And, allegedly, there's a hundred tons of gold in that vault.

Haven't gone it yet.  Wasn't sure how.  The terminals weren't responsive and I couldn't hack them (and I'm a pretty good hacker btw).

I do plan to keep returning to the site.  We'll see what I can make happen.



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