Day #387

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It's been a minute; lots to catch up on!

The wasteland has been getting livelier lately and we've taken on two new legionaries.  Both were fresh out of one of the vaults and are a married couple.  Was kinda the usual pitch: flash some power armor and lasers and all of the newbies get excited and want their own.

But the 47th is definitely very happy to have Atomic_Candyman and Miss_Atomic_Candyman on board.

For some practical matters I've learned how to tweak and install some great enhancements to the T-60 armor.  Specifically, I can increased the leg strength drastically, I was able to install some enhanced optics into the helmets which makes targeting tangos way easier by highlighting them, and I found some cool armor plating that reflect certain types of damage.  Combine'em all and you've got some dope upgrades.

Dralzen kinda figured out the same thing for the excavator power armor so now the amount of crap we can lug around with them is preposterous but awesome.  No complaint there.

Unfortunately, Vexillarian Odin seems to have fallen off the grid.  Last sightings of him were out in the Savage Divide but we've had no radio communication for weeks now.  Pretty resilient guy, I'd be surprised if he was in any type of big danger, but I still worry.

Should hopefully get back to my normal schedule of journal entries.  

Uploaded a pic of a scorchbeast queen that was getting hit with a cryolater.  That was amazing and super effective.  Gonna have to keep my eyes peeled for one of those things.

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