Day #365

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Been helluva  few days!  

Got the T-60 power armor up and running which was been nice in the nuke zones since it's so much better at filtering out radiation.  T-51b is still superior in all  other aspects but still; nice to not get fried.

That being said, I'm still incomplete on my T-45d.  I'm close but not quite which is a damn shame; I love that armor.  I fought all the way through Alaska in it and then some.  It's where I feel at home.  Soon... I can feel it.

Now, the real news.  I managed to link up with both Optio Campbell and Vexillarian Dralzen.  This is fucking huge.  We have a significant part of our chain of command back together.  Word on the street is that Tesserarian Kolya is out there still.  He's the last piece to the puzzle...

So my work has taken to me a Free States bunker where I stumbled across some scorched detection network.  I guess the scorched beasts have a unique radiation signature that can actually be detected.  There's far more moving pieces than I initially understood.  This goes as far back to the Responders and then all of the way to the Brotherhood.  I think they were all working together and I'm pretty sure they were super close at getting this shit figured out.  I just don't know what ultimately happened to them.  I think if I keep pushing through what Abbie left behind I might be on to something.

We'll find out.  Like I said, helluva a few days but it's been so great finding those whom survived.  Just a few more to go...

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