Day #359

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Took the plunge today and relocated my C.A.M.P..  The original monorail site I chose didn't work out, unfortunately.  That pylon was too unstable.  I walked the track east a bit more and found a better section of track and began construction.

Can't believe I actually ran out of wood!  Got a lot of the hard work done.  Just a few decisions left to make regarding some structural stuff and then on to some interior decorating.

In major news, I helped take down two scorchbeast queens today.  Makes a guy wonder how many of those things are out there.  Still hard to believe, and terrifying to know, that other wastelanders are out there launching nukes.  Still.

I kinda get it and have put enough of the Firebreathers' and Brotherhood's story together to get a picture of what they were attempting to do.  I get that the nukes lure out the scorchbeasts and controlling the fight is what matters with those things but still; something really damn weird about the world being destroyed by nukes and then a little slice of dirt being saved by nuking itself.  

In super major news, I finally scavenged everything I need for a working set of T-51b.  Reminds me of my Army days.  My set is functional but absolutely beat to shit.  I've gotten good at maintaining the T-45d and, of course, the T-60, but the T-51b is the most complex.  Kinda realized how badly I took for granted all those armorers, warrant officers, and a working logistical supply chain and shit.  Man, keeping myself in fusion cells has been such a pain in the ass...

Appalachia is getting a little easier to live in and I no longer spend every second terrified of the next absurdly mutated monster.  That reminds me, I saw a fucking megasloth today.  And not even a normal one; a glowing one.  That was fucking weird.

And in the most major news Vexillarian Odin and myself actually linked up with Carian Dragonsoul.  He had been off the grid for a long time up near Vault 94 but finally picked up our beacon.

It's strange how everyone has been popping out of random vaults.  Seems that most everyone I come across got thawed out sooner than I did or even grew up in a vault. 

Eh, whatever.  I gotta roll; need to get crackin' on that T-51b.

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