Day #354

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Found that perfect build site I had been looking for.  Someone else, long dead, had built some stairway and ladders to get to the top of the monorail support but the track is intact between two of the supports so it's perfect. 

I'm currently trying to source the appropriate building materials.  I'm thinking this time I'm going to have to go all metal.  It needs to be really structurally strong.  And I mean really structurally strong.  I will be six or seven stories above ground.

Also, I came across Fort Defiance for the first time today.  I had heard and read about it through the Brotherhood of Steel notes and holotapes I've found laying around (I still think they're fucking LARPers and Taggerdy was high as fuck on psycho when she signed up for that shit-show but w/e).

Improving on my last encounter against scorched beats, I managed to get the AA missile battery up and running and wrecked me some scorched beasts.  Three kills in two days!  It wasn't too long ago the mere site of this things sent me running for cover.  Hell, it was a coupla weeks ago that Snow and I were getting wrecked by a scorchbeast and we even had a goddamned sentry bot on our side!

All I can say is what a difference a set of T-45d power armor has made in my life.  Well, that and a very trusty AER-9 laser rifle.

Tomorrow I'll break down my current C.A.M.P. and start construction in the new location.  Really looking forward to the move!

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